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  1. Cheds


    At least his actions bring more benefit than many of his peers who are splahin it oot on Bobby Moores in fancy hotels.
  2. Cheds


    Fair point on the politics from a number of folks. That splits opinions probably aboui used t 50/50. Someone else made a good t point that what I was getting at was his work for disadvantaged children ... spot on. I was too lazy to come up with a decent thread name so just lumped it in with BLM. There was suggestion that the TA charity activity somehow link with his work as a bit of recognition. Certainly won't be clapping him once the game kicks-off. In fact wi a bit of luck he'll still no be fit.
  3. Cheds


    I'm sure there are no issues with the Black Lives Matter initiative but thinking if mibbies the TA could do something to recognize Marcus Rashford's work this year. Me thinks it would really get under the skin of a good portion of their support as well as recognizing the lads work ... I am ready to be carpeted for extending credit to a player from the one nation we don't indulge. Any thoughts?
  4. A couple of late call offs so I have 2 tickets for section 36 behind goal and one for section 27. Will be in Trnava for about 18:30 tomorrow in restaurant "Pizza Kitty" if anyone is interested. It is on Zámočnícka Ulica, which is about 200m from main square (Trojicne Namestie) and another 400m to the stadium should anybody need a ticket.Obviously gies a shout on here. If anyone is in Bratislava this evening i could probably drop them off tonight.
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