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  1. I'll be travelling on my own on the Turkish Istanbul to Astana TK354 Tuesday arriving at 03.35 Wednesday, heading to Grand Park Esil hotel if anyone wants to cab share.
  2. Travel safe mate, we'll see you out there!
  3. looks like a few of us on the early flight back Sat for some Turkish delight
  4. FLIGHT 1 Toronto Pearson (YYZ) - Astana (TSE) Mon Mar 18, 2019 Turkish Airlines TK18 FLIGHT 2 Astana (TSE) Bologna (BLQ) Sat Mar 23, 2019 Turkish Airlines TK355 FLIGHT 3 Bologna (BLQ) Toronto Pearson (YYZ) Mon Mar 25, 2019 Austrian Airlines OS536 crap flight times but heyho cheap
  5. temp = #scorchio beer prices = #cheapio chicks in bikini's = #everywhereio You'll have a great time mate. I may just fly in for game day as i have a shit ton going on that month.
  6. True statement that mate, every game is an away game for me so happy for home game points having to fly 8k just to see a home game n usually 18k for double headers
  7. keep us posted mate. ill buy you a beer over there!
  8. great spot for a holiday mate, just back from wee trip myself. Misses wouldn't let me stay till game day so had to come home!
  9. And who owns the load data pertaining to the BA flight? BA ya muppet! Consequently BA were on the ball, so many people wanna argue for the sake o typin on a keyboard.
  10. prices went up on BA (bastards but fair play to them for being on the ball) looking like transavia for me. were decent for Slovenia although they don't fly Sunday.
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