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  1. They've already said it will be used to continue to fund their 'freebies', e.g. no tuition fees, subscription charges, dental check-up charges etc..
  2. I hope he's withdrawn for a good scrub followed by appointments with a barber and decent tailor. Always looks like he has spent the night upside down in a hedge.
  3. I never thought I'd be pleased to find out Derek Mackay was in charge of anything but long may he reign as SNP election campaign director.
  4. I'm sure I read that Whyte's lawyers have had to pay that (or possibly their PI insurers, dunno) - don't think Ticketus have been left out of pocket - just very red faced.
  5. I'm not socially responsible because I haven't visited someone in hospital, crossed a toll-free bridge, had a free prescription or visited my local A&E (I have no idea where it is - could by the Vicky but I think the A&E there was closed - possibly Hairmyres...)?
  6. I work for a large financial services company - the vast majority of our customers are based in England - our office in Glasgow would have closed (for a variety of reasons, but regulatory divergence being the main one).
  7. Anyone can cherry-pick certain areas. Sturgeon said education would be her number one priority - new literacy statistics show that only 49% of S2 now performing well in writing.
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