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  1. I dont know if anyone watches Open Goal on Youtube with Simon Ferry but he recently did an interview with Gordon Smith which gives an intriguing insight into the role of Chief Executive and the board of Directors. I cant imagine things have changed much in the decade or so since he left but the process sounds so slow which has been perfectly demonstrated with this big Eck sacking. Why has it taken them almost 6 weeks to be in the position we are in today it should have been done in a fortnight at most and then we would have maybe had a permanent manager in for our next double header. By the looks of it Ian Maxwell makes recommendations based on costs and then the board choose based on what we'll never know as they are accountable to themselves and no-one else.
  2. I read an article about him this morning and the more i think about it as the day goes on the more im warming to the idea If were thinking in real terms (wages on offer, attraction of the job in the market place, money the SFA would pay to get someone out of their current contract, who would actually be interested in the job etc) i really think the recruitment pool is really small a lot smaller then most of us think I think he would bring a fresh, forward facing and different perspective to the role that we havent had in a long time, he knows our current player pool well, he seems like he's got his head screwed on etc There is a lot of risks associated with him though significant lack of managerial experience, not a massive name so could turn out to be a Cathro If he got it and got some really good assistants you never know. I dont think he's the best candidate out there but could be the best candidate out there who would be interested in it for the long term and be committed
  3. Ideally these types of players would be getting 100 first team appearances to learn their trade, get the experience, get the confidence etc before making the next move to a higher level. Hastie only has 16 appearances for Motherwell so very little 1st team experience at the highest level in Scotland I really hope im wrong but cant see this being a good move for him or his international hopes
  4. I agree with your point massively, i think the manager can have a big impact but its definitely limited by the constraints to which our game finds itself in at this point in time
  5. Agree with this massively In terms of player football ability (apart from Old Firm) we have a domestic league which is equatable to League 1 or at best relegation Championship. A player like Soutter or McKenna has a good few games some of us then get fooled into thinking they are much better then they really are but in reality until they are tested against quality players week in week out for a few seasons we'll never know how good they are. Defending well against Cosgrove, Brophy, McNulty, Main, Ikpeaza means nothing in preparation for International football The majority of teams are flooded of journeymen foreigners who really aren't that great as alluded to by a few posts on this message board Hearts are demonstrating that perfectly this season. There seems to be very little want or will by many teams in the league to promote and give Scottish youth players a chance to develop in the long term There is no competition to winning trophies players and teams it feels like are happy to secure a top 6 place or get to a semi final, i see very few interviews with Scottish footballers where they exhibit any sign a real need to be a winner like the Man Utd players had under Fergie. I get the feeling they are happy enough being a pro footballer in our league and there is no real desire to push their talents further to take themselves out of their comfort zone We have people running the league and national team who are antiquated in thinking and dont have the ability to think outside the box and look a new and revolutionary ways that we breathe some life into a failing, and in my eyes, a dying game. The fact so many are staunchly against the colt idea without even trying it for a few seasons sums the top level management thinking in our game
  6. Sam Cosgrove, i dont think i need to say anything more
  7. I get the point that you make and i think there would be a strong chance he would have been in a job if we got a draw For me it felt like there was something going on behind the scenes - there was the health rumors, it felt to me like there was a lot of players picking and choosing which games to turn up to, it didnt feel like the commitment levels from players were there, he didnt seem as a strong a person as he was first time round as well
  8. I agree the lad just turned 20 so right at the start of his career, had a couple of decent games recently so he's certainly got potential but needs to put a lot of hard work and get a good run of games to turn that potential into being a good player. He's certainly at the right club with the right manager to give him the best opportunity to make the grade. I really hope he does as there doesnt appear to be many decent young RB's around at the moment
  9. Each to there own etc However this guys dad was a Scottish international footballer and captain, i cant get my head around this how he would even consider thinking about playing or even supporting England I was born and raised in England but my dad made it fully aware that if i ever wore an england top or even talked positively about the team i was out the house This feels just like another kick in the balls after a few very bad days
  10. This and very much this Formation doesnt work and hopefully he's learnt this we dont actually get the real Robertson or Tierney when playing this we get a very much waterered down version of this Need to play back 4 - personally id play Tierney at right back Falling out with players we dont have a big enough or good enough squad to do this - hopefully hes back on the phone to Griff
  11. link completely irrelevant as most of those managers wont be interested & we couldnt afford Do you have a bargain bucket list available maybe something that includes a Jimmy Calderwood or Howard Wilkinson
  12. heres to the the next 21 years, cheers
  13. borojock

    Teesside TA?

    I grew up in Eaglescliffe right next to Yarm. Tartan Don's right about the England flags hard place to grow up being a Scotland fan However i dont know of any TA clubs really think you'll struggle to find one in Teesside to be honest
  14. I was being sarcastic i would have thought that would have been obvious when i used the words Lee & Erwin in relation to a scotland national squad
  15. Go on then what has Naismith done at International level - i must have missed that As a striker which both are employed as you cant argue that Naismith is better in that position then Griff, surely
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