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  1. borojock

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    I agree the lad just turned 20 so right at the start of his career, had a couple of decent games recently so he's certainly got potential but needs to put a lot of hard work and get a good run of games to turn that potential into being a good player. He's certainly at the right club with the right manager to give him the best opportunity to make the grade. I really hope he does as there doesnt appear to be many decent young RB's around at the moment
  2. borojock

    Jensen Weir

    Each to there own etc However this guys dad was a Scottish international footballer and captain, i cant get my head around this how he would even consider thinking about playing or even supporting England I was born and raised in England but my dad made it fully aware that if i ever wore an england top or even talked positively about the team i was out the house This feels just like another kick in the balls after a few very bad days
  3. borojock

    Israel Match Thread (11/10/2018)

    This and very much this Formation doesnt work and hopefully he's learnt this we dont actually get the real Robertson or Tierney when playing this we get a very much waterered down version of this Need to play back 4 - personally id play Tierney at right back Falling out with players we dont have a big enough or good enough squad to do this - hopefully hes back on the phone to Griff
  4. borojock

    SFA cut yer losses

    link completely irrelevant as most of those managers wont be interested & we couldnt afford Do you have a bargain bucket list available maybe something that includes a Jimmy Calderwood or Howard Wilkinson
  5. borojock

    10 years ago today...

    heres to the the next 21 years, cheers
  6. borojock

    Teesside TA?

    I grew up in Eaglescliffe right next to Yarm. Tartan Don's right about the England flags hard place to grow up being a Scotland fan However i dont know of any TA clubs really think you'll struggle to find one in Teesside to be honest
  7. borojock

    Team for israel

    I was being sarcastic i would have thought that would have been obvious when i used the words Lee & Erwin in relation to a scotland national squad
  8. borojock

    Team for israel

    Go on then what has Naismith done at International level - i must have missed that As a striker which both are employed as you cant argue that Naismith is better in that position then Griff, surely
  9. borojock

    Team for israel

    If you think about it who would you call up as a replacement, scary thing is i dont think there is anyone you really could who is fit and in any shape of form Anyone know how Lee Erwin is performing in Iran?
  10. borojock

    Team for israel

    I think we'll miss him massively, he's a class above McBurnie, Nasiy and Russell, he can make a real difference. Most worrying thing for me is 1/ Statement gave me no confidence that he wants to be back i may be reading too much into this but possibly a bust up with Big Eck 2/ Where is this trend of players choosing which games they can attend. McArthur (i backed his decision originally but looking back on it i may have been wrong), Snodgrass trying to duck out before (he wouldnt make it in my squad anyway) and now Griff - is this players not fancying playing for Scotland or Big Eck
  11. borojock

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    After pushing him so hard last year and giving him buckets of praise and chances its been a polar opposite this season no real opportunities in CM and then this strange pushing in at CB last 2 games
  12. borojock

    Team for israel

    i see the Isreali striker scored against Celtic twice tonight didnt watch the game so dont know if he had a good game but hopefully someone in the Scotland camp has had him watched as hes scored a few goals this season will be a threat a week tonight
  13. borojock

    Team for israel

    Jock has had a cracking start to the season formed a great partnership with Hamish "old timer" McSporran Get them both called up
  14. borojock

    Team for israel

    Im not saying the info below means anything but just thought it was interesting Out of the current squads selected this week the % of players born outside of the country they are representing is Wales - 48% Rep Ire - 43.75% N.I. - 32% Scot - 13%
  15. borojock

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    i see no Oliver Burke again, dont know if injured if not hes looking well out of the picture at the moment