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  1. In many cases you are probably right. The smaller European nations however suffer from a degree of snobbery when it comes to scouts from the top leagues. They view our league as being of a quality where they are unable to ascertain whether an outstanding player here would be as good in a top league and are often not willing to take the risk on these sorts of players. This is why guys like van Dijk, Sadio Mane, erling haaland and countless others have to take a small step forward to clubs like Southampton or Salzburg before their big moves despite probably being good enough for that big move in the first place. This could be affecting shankland as well. Everytime I watch him I see a strong boy, with good feet and a natural finisher with both feet. It's blatantly obvious and he's shown it in his fleeting international appearances too. Scouts will see this too but lower end championship and down probably can't afford him and clubs above that may think he's too big a risk at £2-3m.
  2. "International football" covers a wide range of levels of team. Hanley, McKenna Gallagher and Cooper are all more than capable against Israel, cyrpus, Norway or Serbia. Probably not against Belgium.
  3. Possibly but yet they knew mcintyre and Lindsay played. Just get excited about him, it won't hurt!
  4. Slightly exaggerating here are we not? More than capable of playing at Israels level. The general point I was making had more to do with people on here's propensity to be negative. Billy Gilmour is showing his huge potential and there is one post on him but multiple posts about two complete nonentity centre halves.
  5. He was really good. Unbelievably composed. Lacks stature but makes up for it in technique and tenacity. People have said he should go to championship on loan but he's ready for a top league now.
  6. We have better players than them. McKenna, Hanley and Gallagher may not be top class but they are still decent enough. Who cares that Tom mcintyre got a second yellow, seriously! Clutching at straws? On the flip side we have this blatantly obvious exceptional talent on the horizon and we'd rather talk about guys playing at Reading and Stoke. A midfield of gilmour and mctominay with options further forward of mcginn, Christie, Armstrong, Fraser and forrest is pretty exciting
  7. Folk on here debating two pretty average defenders in Liam Lindsay and Tom McIntyre and completely glossing over the fact we have an absolutely outstanding 18 year old who played and excelled today for Chelsea 😒 A generational talent, who we are so fortunate to have!
  8. So Fleck plays half a season in the Premier and that is enough to say he has proved himself at a higher level than McGregor? Mcgregor the player who has scored goals against Zenit, Bayern Munich and ajax and was excellent away to lazio recently in the Europa league? There will be more examples than that in sure. You just need to use your eyes sometimes to see what a player offers, it's not necessarily the case that the better the league the better the player. I'm not even the biggest mcgregor fan in the world, sometimes feel he flatters to deceive but Fleck will never have the same level of footballing ability and so isn't a better "attacking" midfielder. Fleck versus Jack is more of a fair comparison.
  9. Never said anything about mcgregors goalscoring did I? Mcgregors function in the celtic team is not to score goals its to build play and dictate the game. He is a central midfielder, I just don't accept Fleck is anywhere near him as a footballer. As you say though, Christie is the attacking midfielder in the celtic team and hopefully also our team.
  10. Fleck isn't a better attacking midfielder than calum mcgregor, come on man! Yes he plays in the Premier league and yes he has done well in a great start to the season for Sheffield United but he is a decent workmanlike midfielder. Calum mcgregor is a superb footballer of a far higher technical level who can dictate games and if he played in England I'm sure he'd be doing equally as well if not better than Fleck. Fleck and Jack are far more alike. Decent footballers but their game is mainly based around being grafters.
  11. Bit of a poor crop. Still think Craig Gordon has some life left in him yet, hopefully gets a loan in January. Hearts would be a good move for him and Hearts
  12. I see David Marshall has been dropped at Wigan. Surely there is a suitable alternative out there?
  13. Naismith played for killie on s/d form from under 14 onwards. He may have been at Rangers before that but he was never signed to be released.
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