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  1. I saw every single one of them. I'm 34. Ferguson was an excellent player, I don't dispute that. His performance at Wembley as a 21 year old was amazing. Mctominay is already performing at a level comparable with Ferguson and has so much room for growth. Remember Ferguson played for Blackburn and Birmingham. Lambert was a good player, personally felt he was a steady Eddie without being outstanding. Fletcher was a cracking player as well, probably the most similar of the 3 to mctominay
  2. You don't think scoff mctominay comes close to those 3? Seriously? Ferguson in particular seems to have become a better player since he retired as he was persona non grata for a lot of Scotland fans for years. McTominay is top notch and will get better and better in years to come.
  3. RE Cooper you're probably right just not been impressed by him any time I've seen him. Matt Smith? Wouldn't dismiss him out of hand as I'd think he be a big threat from set pieces but don't think he'll really be on the radar.
  4. We certainly don't have any top class centre halves, that's why it's so important we get the right shape and formation to protect the defence whilst still being a threat going forward. Clarke is renowned for sitting deep so hopefully being nice and compact will protect our centre halves. I think Gallagher and McKenna are our best, yet to see anything from Cooper other than he captains Leeds therefore must be good. Centre forward, less worried about as we should have goals from the middle so we probably need our centre forward to link play and press from the front.
  5. You are right to be cautious as we are completely unproven against any side of a decent calibre. We do though have a number of players playing at a good level who could actually get better which is quite encouraging. Think back to the days of Craig levein or Burley, we would have loved to have the level of potential that we currently have. Cautious optimism.....
  6. Can't disagree with your 2 deeper midfielders, just can't believe for a second mctominay won't play. Not a chance robertson is getting dropped for Tierney For the missing centre half, Gallagher was solid
  7. Marshall Palmer Gallagher McKenna Robertson McTominay McGregor Christie McGinn Fraser Griffiths
  8. Would not like to see either of those teams being selected. Calum Paterson is a poor right back, worse than Palmer. No Christie is weird especially playing McLean in the position Christie has played really well in the last 3 games. Fraser in the hole is a new one and although in sure he would do well there, McGinn has that position nailed down and rightly so.
  9. As an option, fine. I struggle with his lack of technical ability but appreciate he is an athlete and has his uses. No way should he be starting though. Johnston as you say looks like a great prospect and we have Forrest, Fraser and Christie for wide position. Iā€™d also look at Armstrong as a sort of wide left midfielder as an option.
  10. Listen mate, you genuinely think matt Phillips should start for Scotland. If that's not BS I don't know what is
  11. And has the game intelligence of a small child. No thanks
  12. He probably did put them first. We really shouldn't be taking such a hard line on our one and only player who plays at the elite level. Mo salah missed Egypts recent games with an ankle injury but then played for Liverpool, I wonder what the Egypt supporters forum were saying about that? "Get him hunted, I'd rather play some random who plays in the Egyptian Premier league, at least he is committed and sings the anthem!" šŸ˜œ
  13. I got my order wrong but was meaning the recent cyprus / Kazakhstan double header which I was assuming what the beef was over. If we are going back to the guy having a pretty genuine dental issue in the first Kazakh game then I'm equally as miffed. Andy Robertson is everything we want our players to be, yet even he isn't good enough for some people.
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