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  1. Given Dundee fans seethe about Jordan Jones' dive/non dive what are their thoughts on Darren ODea(r)'s play acting yesterday?
  2. And you confirm all I thought about you😀
  3. Shinnie. Captain Courageous my arse. Fuck off Willie Miller. And while we're at Kenny McLean isn't woooooooorld class. Sheep shagging cunt
  4. ODonnell is covering the bloke with the ball and indicates with his arm that the guy that puts the cross in needs covering. Mc Burnie is pish. Can talk the talk but can't walk the walk.
  5. Miller and Gordon fit your cosy pro Aberdeen stance. At RP in March Dons fans were openly goading older Killie fans leaving the Rugby Road end. I'm talking Killie fans some of whom were OAPs. As I said shower of shite.
  6. You stick to listening to Willie Miller and Richard Gordon then. As for Aberdeen fans. I had a lot of time for them, but their antics post match at Rugby Park last season, after the cup replay, were a disgrace outside the ground. Shower of shite.
  7. Utter pish from you. People don't like Boyd because he's hurt them on the football field even though he's a "fat Hun bastard" allegedly. Scored a rake of goals in the SPL and and great goals to games average for Scotland too. Yeah he's not the quickest but he knows where the back of the net is. As for his mouth he's called it correctly on numerous topics despite being ridiculed at the time. Cathro at Hearts, Aberdeen players only in a squad for a Pittodrie international. We'll see if he's right on the split in Celtics dressing room. From what I hear from Celtic fans he's bang on. If you've got a fuck wit of a manager like Burley then why work for him? At least he wasn't associated with all the shite that followed under Burley. I get you don't like him and a lot of people don't, but don't ignore facts.
  8. When you're a goal down at home to Norway in a qualifier and you bring on Iwelumo instead of Boyd, who at least was proven at international level, then you reap what you sow. No wonder Boyd said he wasn't available after that debacle. Burley was a shambles of a manager who looked off his tits in interviews.
  9. Criticism is water off a duck's back to the SFA. Ticket prices have been an issue for a while now. Their response? £35 for a friendly. It's a gravy train for the blazers and their hangers on. McLeish as manager. The car crash nearly everyone said would be. An old boys handshake act after a very public and fruitless pursuit of Michael ONeill. The will they/won't they Hampden/Murrayfield debacle. The unbelievable outcomes of players appealing decisions to a panel. A panel that no one knows who is actually sitting on it. The inability to come out and publicly acknowledge that most of their top referees are not very good. Ian Maxwell. Another patsy. Done zilch since he took over bar pocket a big wage for sitting on his arse. The SFA are corrupt and incompetent to the core and have been taking the piss out of Scotland fans for years. We're a cash cow to them and nothing else. So you go on criticising. I'm boycotting. Hit them in their pockets.
  10. Hitting the nail right on the head. Well said. Start by boycotting matches and the SSC.
  11. No fan of Celtic or Rangers but at least the condemnation of what took place today is gaining attention. Green Brigade trashed around 70 seats at Rugby Park last week and not a mention about it. Mind you, as we gubbed them I'm not holding my breath. Last time it happened at RP was when they clinched the title and Lawell claimed it was just "over exuberance" before eventually coughing up to repair the damage.
  12. So despite similar comments from other managers, as it stands, Steve Clarke is the only one that has been charged up to now. Utterly corrupt SFA c##ts
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