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  1. Thanks Davy, but change of plan so we don't need seats on bus: "Spicey x6 Train Station" Cheers, Spicey
  2. Hi Davy, Please book me 6 seats on bus returning via railway station (for Bologna train). Many thanks, Spicey
  3. Spicey

    Davy Bus

    Hi Davy, Can I book 5 seats please. Cheers, Spicey
  4. Scotland Supporters‏ @SFA_Supporters 4m4 minutes ago More Replying to @SFA_Supporters Tickets go on sale to members with 7-10 points from 12 noon today. Our allocation is now 2567 tickets #SLOSCO
  5. check with MacGregor Croatia, but told this on booking bus... macgregor@net.hr "We are planning start the bus by 11am, two hours drive to Ljubljana, and for return we will arrange that we will return immediately after the game or we will stay on a couple of drinks after the match"
  6. aye, exactly, and there's more than five (5) weeks between Lithie away and Slovenia away matches, so plenty time to update everyone's points & sell the away tickets in good time
  7. 1 more seat paid for (and email sent), cheers
  8. Post below "Pipers Bar" seems to be the place... Posted Yesterday, 23:24 just had a few beers in the old faro in an Irish bar well Portuguese it's about Irish as me and you it's called pipers there are showing the game the morra night there must have been say about 30 ta in there the night a lot of guys from Fraserburgh and 6 guys from Belgium with all the gear on so if your looking for some where to watch the game then this is the place see you there
  9. The word is the Bus travel is from the Marina Area to the Stadium and back... Don't be rush on heading to the stadium too early... The area is a huge car park away from any town or pub... Probably just the usual food and beer trucks...more expensive than in towns.
  10. This is being organized by local Farense (football club) fans together with the City Hall, some beer sponsor and a local bus company
  11. Buses going from paaaarty at Marina on Sunday afternoon - should be €3-ish e/w - keep an eye on the "Faro Party Sat and Sun" topic or, even better, just turn up...no gonna be a problem
  12. Anyone staying Friday (party) night in Lisbon and needs a lift to Faro on the Saturday let me know...2 seats going €25pp
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