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  1. Enjoyed a brilliant round today in the sunshine..... well it would have been brilliant but I tired badly the last few holes and the two sixes and and a seven I came home with messed my card up a bit. I seem to have developed a wee fade to the right off the tee which is new, but I didn't mind too much as I was hitting the ball well. All in all for the first round of the year I was quite happy 👍
  2. I don't really get the pessimism I'm hearing from Rangers fans at the moment. The gap is only 3 points which is nothing. All these games in the run in are going to be tough so it's not hard to imagine some slip ups 🙅‍♂️
  3. First round of the new season on Tuesday for me. Looking forward to it 👍⛳
  4. I've asked you a fairly simple question. Your reaction is a bit ott. Why not dial back and indulge me rather than resort to insult?
  5. Worst Tav pen effort yet from Madhun today. Incredible work for the cause 👍
  6. ........... and yet you want to be taken seriously 🤔
  7. Great, so in the spirit of transparency what's your name and where do you come from? I'm James from Holytown pleased to meet ya 👍
  8. I don't have a goal other than the truth 👍
  9. I haven't ventured an opinion other than its only the innocent who suffer. I think the justification from the Russian side is paper thin although I don't doubt there has been agitation from the west.
  10. So, what has happened to Mr Outsourcing? Called into active duty? 🤔
  11. Mr Outsourcing & plinth have been sacked I think but they'll be back, tag their new names here when you recognise them. Ps not sure why I care 🤔
  12. Dont start! Unless you want to join the list 👊
  13. Fuck that, I'll leave that caper to Rolling Hills etc 🤣
  14. Awrite, I'm a dick! (not for the first time) Now, how do I get one of these flag planter boxes? 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  15. Someone is going to miss the top 6 by a baw hair. The shepherds goal difference might work for them even though they are still 10th. We looked better again today and with Kyogo imminent optimism is high but all these games are going to be hard, every single one of them.
  16. Explain it to me then? If someone has knowledge of this then it would be remiss of them not to share. I'll be the first to apologise if necessary.
  17. West Ham celebrations were a complete fuckin embarrassment imo. I mean, I get the emotion from Yarmolenko but the pundits were painting this as some sort of triumph against the odds. Fuckin ridiculous nonsense considering the budget the cunts have 🙈
  18. Not sure if serious, but if so yer a fuckin basket case fella 🙄
  19. Am I the only daft cunt that is going to say that this is all a bit weird?
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