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  1. Maybe the huns should have thought better of spunking £ on Aaron  ‘the tampon’ Ramsey (in one week out for three) or Amad ‘global superstar’ Diallo?

    Of course Ramsey might redeem himself in Spain next week but failing that those two look like a very poor use of resources.

  2. Shameful opportunism from NLC. No surprise that they jumped aboard this bandwagon in the run up to an election. I see that despite losing they are trying to cobble together another grubby coalition with the Tories and wriggle into power again. 

    Hopefully Clyde get sorted with a short term lease at Airdrie or Hamilton before finding their way back to their natural habitat in the Southside @glasgow jock 👍

  3. 2 minutes ago, ErsatzThistle said:

    Thanks for your version of events.

    It’s not a version, it’s what happened. I had an important meeting at work when I got back so wasn’t caning it. I had literally had 4 pints when that kicked off. One of our company lived in Valencia and he told us later that the hooligan unit were basically drumming up business and had used the excuse of the odd punter straying beyond the perimeter of the pub and a couple of people on the road to attack.

  4. 7 minutes ago, ErsatzThistle said:

    I think just being quiet and moving along would have been a more sensible action.

    Call me mad, but getting battered by polis over a daft fitba match really is not on my list of things to do before I die.

    Even after they’ve beaten a family along a road including two young girls who clearly didn’t understand what they were demanding? After they beat an old man to the ground who walked towards them arms outstretched asking what it was they needed?

    There was no problem until two vans appeared opposite the pubs and after a short time specialist cops emerged to antagonise people for nothing. Yes people reacted but are we supposed to allow cops to knock fuck out of people just because they are cops? Not where I come from!

  5. 1 minute ago, ErsatzThistle said:

    It was quite extensively covered online by a wide variety of Scottish, Spanish and wider European news sources.

    I accept that the majority of fans behaved themselves and maybe one or two got caught in the crossfire.

    The uncomfortable fact still remains that a couple of hundred pissed/coked up neds in Celtic colours embarrassed their club and their fellow supporters who had behaved themselves.

    That’s not what happened. Tell me if provoked and attacked by a foreign police unit or any established force of authority is it our duty to take a doing?

  6. 17 minutes ago, ErsatzThistle said:

    Alright, what was your version of events ? I'm interested to hear your side.

    There are quite a lot of Celtic fans who will freely admit that in recent years, a significant ned element has latched onto the support for European away games.

    So, you post absolute lies on what basis I don’t know but I have to explain it? Fuck off you utter cockwomble!

  7. 29 minutes ago, ErsatzThistle said:

    Spanish polis don't arse about when it comes to hooliganism, they make Police Scotland look tame by comparison.

    They won't be afraid of some middle aged, overweight, Scottish males acting like hard men.

    When Celtic played Valencia (over there) a few years back, quite a number of their travelling support acted like fannies and were taught a painful lesson by the local polis.

    Rangers fans travelling to Seville would do well to remember that.

    See if you don’t know the facts don’t post fuckin shite to try and make a point, I was actually there.

  8. Heading to Madrid the weekend we play Ireland at Hampden. Unusually for me, it’s a city I know next to nothing about. We’ve booked a tapas/wine tasting thingy and one of our group fancies a flamenco show but that’s about it. Any thoughts about good districts to visit plus the usual bar/restaurant/activity recommendations appreciated, oh and of course somewhere good to watch the game! 

  9. Rangers are a very good side, they’ve proven that consistently in Europe over the last few years. It’s almost as though the squad has grown and evolved to be competitive at this level culminating in this particular run. Van Bronkhorst has been particularly adept at getting a tune out of some of the fringe players over the last few ties.

    To be honest it makes our impending title win all the more noteworthy. Hopefully Rangers run to the final will encourage the complacent cunts in our boardroom to keep standards high. We have the makings of a good side but there’s still much to be done.

    Any of our resident currant buns heading for Seville will have a fantastic time, it really is a beautiful city. If any of you are intent on travelling by train from one of the costas I’d be booking seats now (if any left) . The Spanish don’t do ‘standing room only.’ No ticket, no seat, no seat - no travel. I’m sure there will be plenty of supporter busses from the likes of Benalmadena, Torremolinos etc.

    As for the game itself I think it’s 50/50. Eintracht are a beatable but dangerous opponent. Of course I can’t extend to wishing them good luck, but I hope any of our resident tambers travelling are able to enjoy what will be a fantastic experience win or lose, without it being ruined for them by cretins as Manchester was.

  10. 33 minutes ago, Auchinyell Sox Change said:

    I ve a vague memory of bottles thrown on pitch at european tie in Scotland

    Game replayed , and closed doors following season

    anyone ?

    It’s vague because it was nearly 40 years ago where that mentality belongs.

    Hun response at its best, whataboutery, deflection and denial and when all else fails just ignore it cos no one in this country will do anything about it 😏

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