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  1. Yeah, as much as he's had a great season Ralston was howling defensively tonight. Turnbull was fine I thought but Mikey Johnston offers little at this level for me.
  2. We fucked it again 😂 The drop off in quality when we changed the front 3 cost us. That and a bit of a shocker defensively from Ralston tonight. I see BT sport embarrassing the huns live on air there. I wonder what response that will draw? 🤔
  3. Grievance junky bingo complete. Business decisions one and all just like your plastic pitch abomination. You don't want us there but your chairmen want our money. As I recall the stay aways were unhappy with the board charging for a game they felt should have been on the season book, but I suspect you knew that. This, I don't care a jot about. Its a 'tradition' that's evolved over the years. It can't be that important to the other clubs as they've done nothing about it. I will say this though, I didn't hear any moans about it when the east end of the ground was undeveloped. A dust bowl in the summer and a toilet in the pishing rain. It was like that for years.
  4. I've now explained to you in some detail how I think the decision has been arrived at. I've also explained that I don't give a shite. Take your diddy club grievance mentality somewhere else 🙄
  5. To do what you suggest the tickets need to be sold a certain way, section by section. Hibs did not comply with this in 2017 and someone in the SPFL hasn't forgotten. I wish you lot would avail yourselves of the facts instead of fostering a diddy club grievance culture. Aberdeen & Hearts have both had 50% allocations recently and Motherwell have twice managed a lesser allocation perfectly. You need to look a bit deeper here instead of jumping on the usual '2 cheeks, duopoly' pish 🙄
  6. Yeah they don't want to hear the reasons for it though.
  7. Its not in the spirit of a cup final agreed. If you're asking do I have sympathy for a few Hibby cunts being denied the chance to take their girlfriends for a day out at the fitba over guys who go every week, then no I dont. None whatsoever.
  8. We don't need to dress anything up. It's fuck all to do with us. 😂
  9. I've already said I don't give a fuck about the 50/50 split. I'm merely eulogising the likely reasoning of the decision makers. Your tragic patter about the GB/board being up in arms is a further irrelevance.
  10. You're having a fuckin mare here Dd. It's nothing to do with what Celtic want. It's a business decision by the governing body pure and simple.
  11. Irrelevant. Covid protocols fannybaws. Hearts & Rangers did similar with away fans I believe. The logistics of doing otherwise were ridiculous. If you want to bang the drum for Hibs fans batter in, I won't be partaking. Someone in the SPFL obviously remembers when they were given their 50/50 split and cost the organisation circa £350,000 in lost gate receipts. In this difficult financial climate they are within their rights to take a pragmatic decision. If it upsets a few Proclaimers tough. I couldn't give a fuck personally, I'd be there regardless 👍
  12. Most likely a business decision by the SPFL in the same way Kilmarnock & St Johnstone give away 3/4 of their stadia to the Glasgow clubs. Last time we played they Hibby cunts at Hampden there were 10,000 empty seats, so fuck them 😂
  13. 'The reformation' 😂😂😂 Nice wee tribute to the new boss with the Orange kit, even better tribute to the old boss by getting fucked oot as usual 🤣
  14. I had the misfortune to catch some of the build up to today's game on Sportsound. I couldn't work out whether Billy Dodds and Kenny Miller were taking about the Rangers or Real Madrid. 'They're going to be some team' apparently 😳 I won't be tuning in again if that's standard fare. What did the huns ban them for? Going overboard with the gushing tributes. The final should be a cracker! 👍
  15. Fantastic tribute to Bertie Auld was the highlight of the evening. Genuine Celtic legend 💚
  16. Really poor stuff from Madden sending off Ojo there, fuckin abysmal. I think the fan thinks he's barged or clipped the ball boy unnecessarily but I'm making excuses for him now, fuck him!
  17. I find it bizarre that his most recent job in football management is irrelevant but hey ho, that's just me.
  18. What? To the extent that nobody questions what he was doing last year? 😂
  19. Exactly 🤣 I find it a little odd that he quits Feyenoord 'for a new challenge', does nothing for 6 months then rocks up in China at Guanzhou? Won 7 out of 23 games in China and finished 11th before quitting last December. Now I'm not saying any of that makes him a bad coach but Postecoglu's record was subjected to minute scrutiny (and ridicule). There's already a marked difference here 🤔
  20. Van Bronckhorst 's season in China seems to have been airbrushed from history, I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere. 🤔
  21. They have to be, full time fuckin job on the skag 😂
  22. A bit more tricky for him then especially if the buyers aren't lining up. As you say though, this is the perfect opportunity for them to 'get real' financially.
  23. Stolen from twitter 'there's a junky up our way taking people's jags fur them. He's taking £150 a time, done about 16 so far' 😂 I'd love to believe that this is true 🤣
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