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  1. It was very good, would have prefered mash but beggars can't be chosers, could add my own gravy and there were doughboys as well. Back to making my own tonight, which will struggle to be anywhere close.
  2. Canny wait for tea time, Seemly tonight its lentil soup followed by homemade mince pie with chips and roast sweet potatoes, pea's and extra pastry. Pudding is Apple Crumble and Mackie’s vanilla Ice cream. Followed on by a big fart then some beers to watch Chelsea v Man Utd.
  3. I'm with giffgaff but they don't cover Israel. Last time I was there it cost me a few quid. So I checked up with Vodafone, EE etc and Israel is not part of usual EU roaming packages. The network Three includes Israel, so I got a one month contract with them for £16. You just sign up then cancel the next day. This gives 4GB data & unlimited calls & txts to any number back home or your mates mobiles. Maybe save a few heafty bills when you get home.
  4. Eventually got tickets but friends bit didn't work, we had to login individually and book each ticket so our seats are near enough each other. But after the shambles for the Hungary game at least we've got tickets.
  5. http://fsf.org.uk/blog/view/israel-v-wales-european-championship-2016-qualifier
  6. Just back from Lanzarote (puerto del carmen) and it shit, windy as fuck and full of mingers, crap beer, food and its like the '80s so if you can imagine a more shitty holiday resort then its it here...don't waste your money.. Need a recommendation where is good? Sick of going to crappy places so any advice is appreciated..
  7. Hi Davy, Can you reserve me a seat on one of your buses. Once confirmed I can send payment through PayPal. Appreciate your work... Cheers. John
  8. For the money we pay to the SSC I think they should have done more to help their members, especially as there were serious website problems that caused 8 point members to miss out. Establishing how many wanted to travel, with the feedback they should have realised earlier their email ask for numbers didn't hit the all the group they wanted it to. Whatever the numbers of fans that renewed say 10,000, that is at least £400,000 and it's a significate about of money that should ensure there was more clarity of what they 'tried' to do. My impression was they knew the problems but choose to ignore it. Also the silence about how many didn't pickup, that's also a joke...
  9. Email reply from Hungary FA say 'no more tickets' and SFA are responsible for selling them. I get the feeling they would have release more tickets if asked, as they mention that they don't know how many have been sold. Which leads me to think, maybe wrongly, but if more tickets were requested this would mean more work for the Travel Club staff they don't want, or cant cope with the extra work. So maybe the lack of fans renewing or joining up has reduced the budget for the number of staff available to deal with this to the detriment of the fans, who wish to travel. So unless ticket-less fans let in another section or they sell tickets over there, we're stuffed. According to the international regulations we have allocated the tickets for the guest supporters. In every cases the guest team’s association manage the guest supporters’ tickets. So the official way to secure tickets for Hungary-Scotland football match is to contact the Scottish Football Association. According to current information we have no any confirmation how many tickets were sold to the Scottish supporters. Thank you for your understanding. Best regards, Hungarian Football Federation Customer Service Tex Hungary Kft. P: (+36 30) 508 0999 e-mail: mailto:mlsz@tex.hu https://www.meccsjegy.mlsz.hu
  10. since its nearly Friday: My grandad said "it's going to be a nightmare this winter with this flu outbreak"I said "tell me something I don't know..."Grandad replied "Your nana's arse can take my whole fist".
  11. It was closed last week because of 'issues... hopefully open when your are there.
  12. kizzy


    Just back from a week in the three cities area of Malta and the mozzys are totally mental, bitten to fcuk and been told they get worse later in the month, just glad I didn't have the kilt on. You have been warned!!!! Its the Asian tiger mosquito's thats the culprit so take some spray especially if you have kids with you. http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20110511/local/No-escaping-the-Tiger-mosquito.364750
  13. Q - How do you circumcise a whale --- A - Send down four skin divers....
  14. We got a fine for drinking a bottle of beer out side the collection hotel the last time we were there...it wasn't too much though..
  15. Had a few good nites in here, hope its still open. Bavarian Beerhouse near Old Street tube station.
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