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  1. He has a few but I don't think it is 5. He hasn't been playing great overall and looking quite tired imo so I think he will struggle to keep that up.
  2. I assume they are expecting/hoping for a bigger demand from the Killie fans with it being the last game of the season and them pushing for European football.
  3. If you're banned don't you have to sign in at a police station when games are on? Or is that only if it's a ban enforced by the police rather than just by a club?
  4. It was a not proven rather than a not guilty because they attached religious motivation to the charges which couldn't be proved.
  5. That would work out to be roughly one game per season which is on the high side I think. Since I started going to away games in 2007 I can only remember there being 1 away game at 3 on a Saturday and that was when Rangers were coming up through the leagues. I have to admit I actually prefer earlier kick offs as it gives you more time in the afternoon/evenings.
  6. I thought that this was the womans top?
  7. They also said they people with ticket stubs for the original game would get in for free then changed their mind.
  8. Often a side that people seem to forget in situations like these.
  9. Morelos? If people can't make out the players involved from the videos kicking around then they might not be the best angles to show the offence.
  10. I'm gonna take a stab at Aberdeen v Kilmarnock/Rangers, Hibs v Celtic on premier sports with the other 2 on BBC.
  11. I think it is a good idea. It prevents people buying just single tickets for the good games in decent seats which would then stop people buying season tickets for those seats.
  12. And if you know their address it's easy enough to post them something that would be very difficult to trace.
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