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  1. It was ridiculous that there wasn't a card shown until the 90th minute. I've seen refs be too card happy and give a yellow card for nothing in the opening minutes of these games, but to let McGregors go set the tone for the game. Jones was worse for me, Jack wins the ball but studs were up and makes contact at speed with the player, but at least there was an attempt to go for the ball. Jones was a shitebag tackle, no attempt to get anywhere near the ball. I hope he gets fined for that, it's embarassing.
  2. I think they get there stats from a centeralised source so I don't think it is the BBC's fault. Sofascore has it 60% in Rangers favour so could be just the case of someone put it in the wrong way https://www.sofascore.com/st-mirren-rangers/bXsjX
  3. Not sure where the possesion stat game from that had it 60% is St Mirrens favour. I was following the game on bet365 and they never had Rangers having under 60% possesion
  4. The Rangers game is on Rangers TV worldwide. Not sure about the Celtic game.
  5. That's because as a Rangers fan I am still waiting for a dodgy decision to go in our favour 😋
  6. Hopefully it there is another embarrassment its at least a couple of weeks. I have concerns about the Rangers game. They looked a decent team and an early goal would make the Ibrox crowd very nervous.
  7. When you have mounted police right behind you telling you to move forward and get off the road you tend to shuffle forward a wee bit
  8. While there is no doubt that there were some instances of this there were cases where codes which hadn't been used before wouldn't scan. This resulted in the stewards having to enter the numbers from the bardcodes manually. For codes which hadn't previously been scanned this worked and the code was accepted, for those that had been scanned before the manual entering of the code didn't work and the code was flagged up as having already been scanned.
  9. Just seen that there are 2 to the left used for Killie fans but also 7 for the chadwick stand
  10. I think the left 2 are used for Killie fans, or at least they were the times I have been in that stand
  11. I wasn't at the game but have had issues getting into that stand previously before the new ticket system (the other stand in my experience is much better). Part of the issues I have had when I have been there is that there are only 5 gates for 4200 people to get through. You have Kille fans entering through the same set of turnstiles at one end so there is speration there and then cops keeping the queue in line with the turnstiles on the other side so you are forced into a quite a small area. The road behind is also open and the Police urge you to move forward to get off the road. If the situation was the same and there were extra delays with searching and issues with the new ticketing system (which are expected, it is a new system, there will always be teething issues, I expect issues at Ibrox on Sunday as it is the first game with our new system) then it is easy to see how things can become quite tight, especially as kick off comes and goes and you are stuck in a queue outside the stadium people will be eager to get in. Opening the gate was not on, if things were really that tight and people were getting crushed then it would be easier to spill to the side past the gate rather than go through it. While the set up of getting into that stand is not ideal, it is not Killie's fault. For me it is the over agressiveness of the cops trying to keep the crowd moving and into the game. I have had the same at other grounds where they tell you to move and you physically can't go anywhere. Celtic Park for Scotland v Ireland is the example that comes to mind.
  12. Aye, they have had the UK rights to the home games so far as well. 9.99 a pop but at least the 'blue pound' goes to Rangers. And as crap as the commentary is it is better than Premier Sports attempt of the Progress game where they missed the start of the game and then didn't have any audio for a while.
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