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  1. I'm gonna take a stab at Aberdeen v Kilmarnock/Rangers, Hibs v Celtic on premier sports with the other 2 on BBC.
  2. theweestevie

    2020 Qualifying

    I think it is a good idea. It prevents people buying just single tickets for the good games in decent seats which would then stop people buying season tickets for those seats.
  3. And if you know their address it's easy enough to post them something that would be very difficult to trace.
  4. Tbf I heard that was the real reason behind the boycott of the semi final 😛
  5. Murphy will be a regular when he's back from injury imo and Dorrans will feature heavily when he's back fit again. I think it's sensible to keep Foderingham or Alnwick as back up keepers and just get rid of one of those. Beerman and I think could have a future at the club but Doherty will almost certainly be a useful player for us in the next few years. Hopefully the others get bought by the club's they are loaned to, but I don't think they can have much longer left on their contracts so we could punt then on loan again and let their contracts run down.
  6. It's an 18-month loan with options for it to be called short in the summer and next January
  7. I'm not sure how Defoe will work out. Just thinking back to Barton, Kranjar etc. At the very least Morelos and Lafferty will be able to learn from him.
  8. theweestevie


    We've just had our accommodation cancelled and had to book elsewhere. I guess they just realized there was a football game on so could charge more.
  9. theweestevie

    The Mighty Rangers

    It's getting ridiculous now
  10. I think he was referring to Killie and St Johnstone..
  11. Someone needs to have a word with the refs, this is just embarrassing. When the memo came round from the SFA saying to help the team in blue they didn't mean St Johnstone!!
  12. Lafferty was booked for the same thing (or at least it looked similar from where I was which was a bit away and through blue tinted specs). Mental eapecially when the same ref didn't think this was a foul at the weekend