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  1. Like I said I'm not aware of the ins and outs of what Aberdeen have done this summer. I was just going on your post where you mentioned that those three had left but didn't mention anything about replacements.
  2. Tbf, without knowing the ins and outs of Aberdeen's activity this summer, you mentioned losing Christie (42 appearances, 8 goals, 15 assists), MacLean (47 appearances, 11 goals, 6 assists) and O'Connor (49 appearances, 2 goals, 3 assists) they all seemed to make a significant contribution and without replacing them there is an argument that their departures have weakened the Aberdeen team?
  3. theweestevie

    Europa league qualifiers

    There were 3 Macedonian teams drawn to play at the same city on the same day, I believe one fixture was reversed, the Rangers game was brought forward 2 days and the other goes ahead as scheduled
  4. theweestevie

    Annual New Kit Thread

    Missed that, cheers
  5. theweestevie

    Annual New Kit Thread

    When did we stop that?
  6. After being rejected from the Walking Football episode of Still Game he decided that maybe Scotland isn't for him
  7. theweestevie

    Annual New Kit Thread

    So everyone who buys it is a bigot?
  8. theweestevie

    Annual New Kit Thread

    Do they need a reason?
  9. According to STV Rangers are close to getting Umar Sadiq on a year long loan from Roma.
  10. theweestevie

    Europa league qualifiers

    Aberdeen have Burnley
  11. theweestevie

    Europa league qualifiers

    If Rangers win their first round they face NK Osijek of Croatia or CS Petrocub of Moldova.
  12. theweestevie

    Europa league qualifiers

    The Rangers fixtures might be switched as all 3 Macedonian teams were drawn to play at home on the same day and they all play out of the same city.
  13. Jason Holt to Fleetwood on year long loan