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  1. A trip to Wales for Killie to play Connah's Quay Nomads. Rangers will play the winner of FC Prishtina v St Joseph's
  2. I think he was found. I will delete this post now since it is no longer needed.
  3. Your wallet and ticket are at Dynastie bar/restaurant if you are on here
  4. Clarke pretty much confirmed he's leaving, not that it's much of a surprise
  5. I'd rather they got the decisions right, or at the very least consistent rather than making wrong decisions to even out other wrong decisions. Maybe I ask too much though
  6. It was more for the consistency that he showed during the game. Exact same happended up the other end and was waved away.
  7. Good on Killie. Great couple of seasons for them and a good result in front of a big home crowd.
  8. Willie column showcasing the high standards of Scottish refereeing once again
  9. I think there's still tickets for sale if you are a member of you want to join
  10. Pretty good I think. There were 1741 left as of 4pm today according to the Supporters club in Twitter
  11. Apparently even though it shows that on the main page you can get through and buy the tickets
  12. Anyone on 6 points had any luck getting a ticket yet? Still showing as needing 7 points
  13. I think the issue was there is a big concert a couple of days after the game and they had a contract that said they would have the stadium for 5 days before the game so they could get everything prepared. I think the Beligian FA had to go to them and rengeotiate the contract which is why there was speculation.
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