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  1. theweestevie

    The Mighty Rangers

    It's getting ridiculous now
  2. I think he was referring to Killie and St Johnstone..
  3. Someone needs to have a word with the refs, this is just embarrassing. When the memo came round from the SFA saying to help the team in blue they didn't mean St Johnstone!!
  4. Lafferty was booked for the same thing (or at least it looked similar from where I was which was a bit away and through blue tinted specs). Mental eapecially when the same ref didn't think this was a foul at the weekend
  5. theweestevie


    We're on the 6am flight but cheers for the offer. We can save you a seat in the pub if you want though.
  6. theweestevie


    Flights from Edinburgh, out Monday and back wed. £170 return.
  7. theweestevie

    The Mighty Rangers

    I think Arfield has been playing too much no rules mode on FIFA
  8. theweestevie

    The Mighty Rangers

    Being honest I've no idea when the rules are reviewed and what say the club's have on them. I was just genuinely curious as to what other avenues were available after reaching out to the SFA directly twice. I agree the appeal was pharsical but then again nobody knew what he had been sent off for until after the appeal had been dismissed (and possibly even after Rangers released their statement).
  9. theweestevie

    The Mighty Rangers

    What is the right way to raise a concern? The statement was made after and the appeal was dismissed and after submitting a formal complaint, what avenues are left?
  10. theweestevie

    Scottish Cup

    If it's anything like the old deal they used to take turns. Sky used to get first pick then Bbc picked their game then sky picked their other game
  11. You're a cruel bastard if your feeding your dog the same quality of food that's at Ibrox. That'd be bordering on animal cruelty.
  12. Not sure, i have never experienced queuing issues at Ibrox and have at almost other stadiums so I'd think they'd be able to handle it. I was also thinking that that side was similar to the corner at the other end of the pitch that I go in but the turnstiles up the away corner are more isolated so they should be able to use all of them.
  13. They'll shut off the same part outside of the Govan stand and probably the last 1/3 of the area behind the Broomloan (with Gers fans using the other turnstiles of the stand). Celtic fans will use the road in that corner that goes direct to the away car park area. At least that's the way I'd do it.
  14. Hey it's not our fault if other teams miss penalties. Haven't St Johnstone miss 3 pens in their last few games? If anyone's wanting non Twitter stats: https://www.transfermarkt.com/scottish-premiership/topErhalteneElfmeter/wettbewerb/SC1
  15. It looked like the first booking was for speaking back to the ref rather than the challenge itself from where I was, but I was a bit away.