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  1. theweestevie

    The Mighty Celtic...

    How about an orange card? You get to play the rest of the game like a yellow card, but still get the suspension like a red card?
  2. theweestevie

    The Mighty Celtic...

    Just in case anyone did miss it here's the video: He did similar against us a couple of timea last season. Once against Holt and once against Miller and got away with it both times. I suspect no further action will be taken this time as well as any ban will mean he will miss the game against Rangers in a few weeks.
  3. theweestevie

    Europa league qualifiers

    Mate the Luxembourg league is one of the best leagues in Europe these days with many quality sides. The fact the are in the qualifiers is a joke. They should have at least 7 teams automatically qualifying for the knockout stages of the champions league....😉
  4. theweestevie

    Europa league qualifiers

    I think we can nick a goal over there. There defence at times looked shakey and we intercepted them a couple of times (and if we knew the offside rule then we could have been in an even stronger position). There keeper looked a bit shakey when put under pressure as well. We just have to make sure we take any chance that comes our way as we will likely spend the majority of the game on the back foot. It's going to be a long 90 minutes.
  5. theweestevie

    Morelos Red Card

    Tbf I did say on a different thread that imo if you kick or attempt to kick an opponent it should be a red. I wasn't aware until yesterday that there was a specific rule a out kicking or attempting to kick an opponent which is only a yellow card.
  6. theweestevie

    Morelos Red Card

    It was downgraded from violent conduct to "B1d - recklessly kicks or attempts to kick an opponent" which is a cautionable offence. So it turns out either the ref or the linesmen doesn't fully know the rules and it should never have been a red. The ref is reffing a championship game this weekend while the linesman is down in league 2 so that suggests to me the SFA think the linesman was more at fault.
  7. Not my tweet i was just using it for the video to highlight the similar incidents
  8. TBH I think it should be.
  9. It is actually consistent with similar incidents last year where David Bates was kicked off the ball against St Johnstone and hit in the balls against Falkirk where they both got yellow cards (actually not even sure the Falkirk player got any punsihment). It appears the majority of people have flipped their opinions over the summer break as Gers fans who were wanting red cards for the above incidents are now saying Morelos was never a red and fans of other clubs who were saying there was nothing in the incidents above are now claiming that this was as blatent a red card as you will see.
  10. It has been downgraded to a yellow
  11. theweestevie

    Europa league qualifiers

    Was just meaning that it would be easier to go to and get the process started rather than having to travel to London.
  12. theweestevie

    Europa league qualifiers

    The Russian Visa place is right next to Easter Road so they might be able to process the applications quite quickly. My mate said it took him a week to get his for when he went over for the Celtic-Zenit game.
  13. theweestevie

    Europa league qualifiers

    1-0 Rangers
  14. I think we have, just that it goes to Sports Direct instead of Rangers.