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  1. Aye, great to see. OGS really rates him and says he’s been one of their best players this season, so he’s one of the first names on the team sheet.
  2. I’ve been worrying aboot the travelling being banned and kiboshing the trip to Oslo or Belgrade (assuming we beat Israel).
  3. Thanks. That’s welcome that there’s another young CH with potential. Hopefully he’s playing at a higher level next season and really kicks on.
  4. I’ve not seen or heard much about him. Please tell me he’s not another left back!
  5. Great to see McTominay back on the bench for Man Utd today. Hopefully he’ll have plenty of game time and be back up to match fitness for the play-offs.
  6. It’s reported that John McGinn has been running on an anti-gravity machine and will be training on grass this weekend. Sounds promising and hopefully he’ll have a few competitive games under his belt plus a couple of under-23 games before the play-offs.
  7. Chripper/TDK/Dohadeer, look, I don’t care if you’re the same person or not, but please stop writing essays on the vast majority of your comments. Verbosity is not a great look on a forum and that’s why people become frustrated and bored of your comments. Less is sometimes best. Fans have wildly different views as it should be but most of your comments are interminably long and lose any impact you’re hoping for. Merely a friendly, helpful suggestion from me, that’s all.
  8. I watch most televised Scot Prem games and EPL & EC games involving Scotland squad players as - no doubt like many on here - I like to keep a close eye on their form and imo the EC is awful; most games are just a physical slog, technical deficiencies and teams utterly incapable of keeping the ball for longer than three passes. We’re very quick to belittle the Scottish league but I think most of our top flight clubs would beat most EC clubs.
  9. Careful with that upbeat and positive appraisal, Boomtoon; plenty will gie you a roasting for that approach. Out of your five CHs, I’d personally go with two from McKenna, Hanley and Gallagher, but would be alarmed if Cooper’s involved. The English Championship is not a good standard at all and practically every time I’ve watched Cooper he’s been abysmal. He and Devlin shouldn’t be near the team imo.
  10. That’ll be cos we huvnae qualified for 22 fuckin years.
  11. Burke starts and scores for Alaves against Eibar. He also started their last game which ended 1-1 away at Seville 👍
  12. Ffs. That is a pish allocation. I agree with the point made that UEFA should have stipulated the away teams in the play-offs should have been given a much bigger allocation (say 25%), and if they didn’t sell them then reallocate to home fans. Does anyone know how many we will get if we go to Belgrade?
  13. Armstrong has been a huge part of Southampton moving from relegation spot to mid-table in recent weeks. With McGinn a big doubt for Israel, it’s great news that he’s being playing so regularly and so well.
  14. Cooper isn’t good enough. Souttar and Gallacher are both much stronger right-sided CHs imo. I’d have McKenna left side and then either Souttar or Gallacher. I’d be inclined tae go with Gallacher as I thought he looked really solid and composed against Cyprus and Kazakhstan. Someone on a TA Facebook page is saying that Tierney is back in training. If so, and he gets a few games under his belt, I’d absolutely put him in at RB, if I were Clarke (assuming Robertson remains fit). Aye, Palmer has been decent in the last couple of games, but Tierney is way above his level. Hopefully Griffiths is getting more game time in the run- up to the play-offs as he’s our best striker, but Naismith usually plays well for us, links up with runners fae midfield, holds it up well and gets a lot of free kicks in dangerous areas. He’s experienced, which is useful, given we’re so inexperienced in most areas of the pitch.
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