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  1. RabtheBruce

    Scottish player transfers

    I’ve read previously that it was Chris McCart, although that could have been completely wrong and I’m doing a disservice to him by repeating it!
  2. RabtheBruce

    Centre Backs.

    I think Big Harry Souttar is doing quite well at County. He’s a really big unit who is composed and knows how to play out fae the back. Aye, if Stoke do go down he’s probably more likely to play regularly, so it may help him.
  3. RabtheBruce

    Centre Backs.

    Hendry was cup-tied. McKenna and McCrorie will be in Scotland squads for years. Yes, McKenna wasn’t great on Saturday but was still probably the best of a very bad bunch of Aberdeen players on the day and he’s been impressive this season. McCrorie has been out injured for over three months and had only played 60 mins since returning for Rangers’ first team, so was clearly rusty and I agree that he’ll be able to play CH or def mid. We have far better defensive options than we’ve had for years, albeit most remain inexperienced. Get Lindsay and Souttar involved as well for the friendlies and test them all out. Bates too. Now is the time to blood them.
  4. RabtheBruce

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Liam Lindsay now seems to have established himself for Barnsley in the English Championship. He's another potential Scotland player.
  5. RabtheBruce

    Scottish Players in action 17/18

    Apparently Burke missed out at the weekend with a hamstring injury, but he was close to being fit. Hopefully it's nothing too serious. Strachan probably won't have him in the squad anyway. He should be in as an impact player coming off the bench and using his pace and power.
  6. RabtheBruce

    Can we come up with some new Chants/Songs

    That's a bit homophobic, isn't it?
  7. RabtheBruce

    Can we come up with some new Chants/Songs

    Squirrel Humper, you're spot on about that shite English "everywhere we go" song. I've always thought that Dignity would be a guid song to belt out. The verse starting with "And I'm sailing up the west coast, through villages and towns" and then after "that ship called dignity", bouncing about singing "nanananananananana yeh set it up again, set it up again, set it up again!"
  8. RabtheBruce

    Slovakia - October 5th

    In further good news, I've just realised that Milan Skriniar is suspended against us. He's started the last six games for Slovakia, either as Centre Half of just in front of the defence, which is where he played for them against us in Trnava. He is at Inter Milan, so that can only help us.
  9. RabtheBruce

    Slovakia - October 5th

    Aye, I'm really looking forward to that game. Should be a sell out, I would think. I'm currently checking out flights to Slovenia, and fingers crossed we beat the Slovaks to ensure it isn't a dead rubber.
  10. RabtheBruce

    Only 2 games left for us...

    I remember Griffiths started against Belgium at Hampden a few years back and worrying that he was never going to be quite good enough at international level. Obviously, the Belgians have imposing, very physical and good defenders, but he was like a lost wee boy in comparison. However, he has improved a lot, now has more experience of big matches and his pace, movement and link up play is a danger to the opposition. Hopefully, he'll go on to score a shed load of goals for us. I don't like a striker taking corners, generally, but you can't complain with his delivery in the last two games!
  11. RabtheBruce

    I just had a crazy mentle dream

    The dream's still on, Stuzo!
  12. RabtheBruce

    2nd Place

    So we need to try and batter Malta and win by a cricket score in case we beat Slovakia then draw in Slovenia. That said, we'll all take going to Slovenia knowing that a win ensures second place in the group. It's possible we can do it.
  13. RabtheBruce

    2nd Place

    Aye, Reevesy, it's points then goal difference then goals scored then head-to-head.
  14. RabtheBruce

    I just had a crazy mentle dream

    You'd get good odds on that. All of us want your dream to come true!
  15. RabtheBruce

    Tonight not a must win

    No, BRL, you're spot on: anything other than a win tonight and we're out.