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  1. Good tae see Fraser back playing. He was on for just under an hour; hopefully he gets some time off the bench at the weekend and by the play-off has a few starts and plenty of minutes under his belt.
  2. Apologies if someone’s already posted about this, but it passed my by that a 17-year-old Kirkcaldy lad had moved to Fulham in the summer. Striker Kieron Bowie scored 10 goals for Raith Rovers with five assists in 33 games last season in League One. Apparently he can play second striker and right wing as well as main striker. Good luck tae the laddie: https://www.fulhamfc.com/news/2020/july/02/kieron-bowie/
  3. I would take that every time, right enough 😄
  4. It’s a reasonable discussion to say Robertson might not be the best pick as captain, but he’s our most successful player and is an intrinsic part of Liverpool’s success. It’s also reasonable to suggest a flat four gets the best out of him rather than playing him at lwb. It is complete drivel, however, to suggest Taylor or Hickey should play ahead of him. Utter nonsense about his ability and the same tripe a few ignorant fans said about D Fletcher. Imo Robertson and Tierney both have to start in a flat four, probably with Tierney as rb rather than ch.
  5. Warburton was probably bigging him up to QPR fans by introducing him as an international. It’s also in his and QPR’s best interests he plays for Scotland as they wouldn’t want him regularly travelling to the other side of the world for qualifiers, and, given the Aussies are in the easiest qualifying region, pretty much always playing deep into Asian Cup knockout stages and also playing in WC finals.
  6. Dykes picking Scotland is certainly a positive imo. We are lacking a striker who can hold it up well for our attacking midfielders in exactly the way Steven Fletcher used to do - the away 4-0 win in Albania being a recent example. Griffiths isn’t playing for Celtic, has injury and mental health challenges and hasn’t played for Scotland since we beat Albania at home in September 2018, so, sadly, isn’t a realistic option right now. He has only scored four goals in 19 caps, so he’s hardly been prolific. Nisbet is untested at top-flight fitba let alone international level and Shankland is als
  7. That’s really disappointing. Does anyone know how bad the injury is?
  8. Fingers crossed Morrison really is that good. I agree with you that it would be great to see our CHs playing at a higher level than they currently do. We have lots of quality in the squad in most other positions and if we improve in the middle of our defence, it would make a big difference.
  9. Both Morrison and King are exciting prospects, but we know many young Scottish players who stand out at that age - for whatever reason - don’t fulfil that potential, although it’s obviously hugely encouraging that Morrison is at such a huge European club and has been elevated to Bayern’s U-19s at 17, and that King is so highly regarded at Rangers. Even if they do progress as we hope, they’re still a few years away from being in contention probably as very few CHs play at a top level as teenagers. Having two solid CHs at international level is crucial for our hopes of regularly qualifying
  10. I also really like Christie and think he has to start. Clarke does have some nice problems to solve in midfield finding a system that can accommodate (including subs and tactical changes for different games) Christie, Armstrong, McTominey, McGinn, Fraser, and soon to be joined by Gilmour, who looks very likely to be soon an automatic pick for us imo. Add in McGregor, Forrest, Jack, Fleck, McLean, Burke, Phillips, Russell, Morgan and Johnston, it’s clear we have good international quality players to choose from in all the central midfield areas and on the flanks plus strength in depth to
  11. Tierney was MoM again playing for Arsenal against Leicester tonight. He’s back fit and playing well. When both fit, Tierney and Robertson simply both have to start and it’s up to Clarke and his coaching team to find the best blend. Tierney left in a back three with Robertson lwb? Both playing on the left, one lb and the other left mid? Personally, I’d play Robertson lb and Tierney rb. In previous games at rb, even though it’s not his preferred side, he’s shown he’s by far and away better there than Palmer and O’Donnell. Imo, they’re currently our two best players.
  12. I was hoping to be at Hampden and in Prague for the September double-header, but this isn’t promising from Jason Leitch and I’m worried that lots of us will be unable to be at the play-off semi and (hopefully) final: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/scotland/53242516
  13. Aye, great to see. OGS really rates him and says he’s been one of their best players this season, so he’s one of the first names on the team sheet.
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