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  1. True, wasn't intentionally singling out one club team, the idiots are everywhere unfortunately.
  2. Those people aren't real football fans. I even wish we didn't have to share a country with them. Sadly such idiocy is trendy in some circles these days.
  3. Today's Daily Record has the spin "great for Celtic/disaster for Scotland" on not one but three different pages. The media has always been at the forefront of pushing "club v country" nonsense although usually they are more subtle.
  4. Why are they 'hilarious'? Are you not so bright? Wait, are you one of those deranged 'political' pretendy football fans who hate their own country/national team and loudly claim to do so while representing the club team they say they support even though that club team is of the same country you hate (and so are you)? Whether it's Old Trafford, Anfield, Ibrox, Celtic Park or Aberdeen Mad you cretins are one of the absolute worst things about modern football.
  5. That's what I was going to post. Lack of energy and sharpness, lack of urgency until the end then no composure and blindly hoofing the ball up when there was time for a touch or quick side pass to a better positioned player. Lack of creativity and link-up play in the final third, lack of attacking options/movement so players were resorting to long shots. Something about the shape of the team/players picked was wrong. Hardly any chances created. Too slow to get forward; midfield not at the races; shite v shite in the first half but in the second they were good and we weren't. A sluggi
  6. My first impression was Coventry City rather than Rangers.
  7. Another pair of prats on that today. The fact that the Record always prints them is interesting. And I haven't read their sports pages for months, yet almost every time I do they are printed. The first one said Scotland should be called...wait for it..."Scot-tic" because so many Celtic players are picked. Comedy genius. Imagine the cheek of trying to inject some of the winning mentality of an in-form, Champions League group stage team into the national team. Criminal, I know. The second one says he calls the Tartan Army...again, wait for it..."the Bampot Army" because "they have mor
  8. That place is a joke, parody of itself. So-called Aberdeen fans driving everyone else away and posting anti-national team garbage worthy of the very worst of other clubs they supposedly hate.
  9. Challenge the players to score before England did.
  10. Ugh politics and football. Or just politics in general. No need. Sadly this kind of 'supporter' seems to have become more prominent in recent years. They're all over Twitter too.
  11. So voting UKIP to get your country out of the nation-destroying "European" Union is ray-thitht is it? Imagine being that bigoted. Perhaps even worse than still believing you can still bully people by invoking "racist" in 2017.
  12. TBF that decribes many fans behaviour at club games these days, especially at big clubs and more especially at big clubs in big leagues (EPL - Man Utd, Liverpool). They think the game should all be about them and SSN hysteria 24/7.
  13. stactuso85


    True. I don't believe any Scotland supporter doesn't want us to be top class and competitive. We get told we can't compete with big nations and must be realistic or we are told we celebrate and accept failure.
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