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  1. Morning Davy, £25 transferred by PayPal friends and family for two seats. Many thanks.
  2. Morning Davy, can l please book two seats, thanks.
  3. Aye, if you can believe the papers today the head of the Russian fa says he wishes to move games around the country to Nizhny Novograd, Saransk, and Volgograd only hosting Belgium in Moscow. Probably like most TA really hoping for St Petersburg but as the beautiful St Petersburg is hosting some group and quarterfinal games in 2020 then hosting qualifiers maybe a long shot??? Volgograd could be favourite of the other 3 being further south with milder weather. All 3 could be a challenge for travel so let us all hope it will be St Petersburg.....
  4. Tuesday 18th, BA Gla - Heathrow. Wednesday 19th, Heathrow to Astana with Turkish, change at Istanbul and return same way Saturday 23rd. Heathrow to Bologna with BA. Monday 25th Venice Treviso to Edinburgh. £620 plus train Bologna to Rimini and Rimini to Treviso. Looking forward to double header.
  5. Prefer a Scottish manager and Mcleish seems to be favoured although l have concerns that he previously walked out on us for a better deal (was it Bitmingham City?). He may however be unlikely to do that again as he seems to be out of the EPL Manager merry go round at the moment and has for sometime. Of course he may want the Scotland job as a stopgap till something better comes up again and this perversely might happen if gets the job and turns our performance around making himself attractive like Michael O’Neill has. My bigger concern is Stewart Regan. Following on from his performance in attempting to appoint Michael O’Neill it’s difficult to have any confidence in him to get this major decision right. In fact his performance as leader over our failed campaigns in the past few years does not inspire much confidence. And unrelated to the manager position, is the outrageous decision to have friendlies in Peru and Mexico City. Not a thought for the fans but l’m sure Mr Regan and his cronies will enjoy fine flights, hotels and hospitality at no personal expense unlike TA troops. Surely there may have been a couple of European countries willing to play us?
  6. Looking for 3 home end tickets if anyone has spares to sell.
  7. Cannae see confirmation games is in Ljubljana. Is this on Slovenian FA website?
  8. Got two emails asking for £170 each. I would have expected by now an official email from the SSC to all members acknowledging their security breach plus a warning not to open the link. I would expect there are many members unaware of this thread and will innocently open the link. An apology would also be appreciated and an note of the extent of the security breach.
  9. 2 tickets in 13 and 2 in 14 ?⚽️?
  10. Hi Killiersco, looking for 7 seats. Are there any remaining.
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