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  1. Echo, echo the previous comments. A great job done.
  2. Always good to go and see the lavish pickup point that the 2 SSC Reps were staying at ... www.corinthia.com/hotels/malta/malta_stgeorgesbay/ Only £500+ for 3 nights, but no single rooms for the male and female Reps.
  3. Just the 2 bites, but recovering well. Thanks.
  4. Thought the same thing last week and emailed SSC. They never answered the question!
  5. 30 May - 07 June Official or Friendly Matches (Non UEFA Confederations) This must mean that this meaningless friendly away to Italy on 29 May in Malta must be an unofficial/unauthorised game ... and therefore be free entry and no points required or deducted?!
  6. Dont do it! ... www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowTopic-g274707-i96-k8472795-Prague_dolls-Prague_Bohemia.html
  7. 12.25 from Edinboro on the Sat. Tight but done trip before and know where am going. Quick hotel check in and off to game. Late flight back Sun.
  8. Bit of a farce. Cards were so big the other end of stadium were able to shout higher/lower before the girl got them fully out!
  9. WTF ... when was the sale?! 8 pointer never got a chance to buy! :0(
  10. Another sig added. Keep up the good work and spread the word.
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