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  1. Gordon Marshall McLaughlin Robertson McKenna O'Donnell Tierney Gallagher Palmer replace with Hendry Cooper Taylor REMOVED Considine REMOVED McGinn McGregor Armstrong McTominay McLean Christie Jack Griffiths Paterson - replace with Turnbull McBurnie Burke - replace with Forrest if he is back fit Dykes Shankland - replace with Fraser if he starts getting starts I would go with this above unless theres a miracle and gilmour starts getting
  2. hickey hasnt had a game for ages and in the highlights i saw when he was playing he was often at fault for goals and getting bullied, i cant see him being an international player for a few years
  3. taking sentiment out of it you would expect mclean to drop out for him. he really has to be in the squad though, I would hope he would come in for burke or paterson but then there is forrest to come back and also fraser who could come in for them. i wouldnt be surprised if clarke drops players from the euro squad for the wc qualifiers and replaces them with the likes of turnbull but takes them back for the euros out of gratitude for the part they have played in getting scotland to the euros. maclean, burke, paterson, shankland for instance
  4. at least Harper has been able to score a professional goal. had a good run in the malaga side all be it in the second division and is still giving football a crack. its been said enough on here but its really remarkable how feruz managed to completely wreck any chance he had of a career and has retired in his early 20s, probably a mullti millionaire from his chelsea days mind you.
  5. disagree he should be a playmaker not a number 6, totally wasted there with his passing ability and vision
  6. I think the change of manager might actually be good for his development, if tuchel is impressed with him but concerned about his physical attributes then maybe he will be more inclined to play him further up the pitch, i think he has been wasted playing in the def midfield role, i think we (scotland) would get a lot more out of him in the number 10 position.
  7. dailly record reporting that all the italian stars have already left italy unfortunately
  8. pretty dire squad that, be lucky to get 3 full internationals out of that
  9. nothing in the press about the game being closed doors. i'm sure they would have got hold of it by now if this had been decided over the last couple of days. its 2 weeks tomorrow to the game so if it is going to be played behind closed doors you would think they would do so tomorrow rather than allow people to be making plans to be in attendance from all over and call it off last minute
  10. I can remember the last time we took a chance with a young player that had a glowing reputation who had played a handful of first team games. fletcher in the squad for the lithuania game who came on to score the winner! gilmour has already made more of a mark on the premiership than fletcher had at that time
  11. if maclean or shinnie, 2 players that will never likely to be first picks again, get called up ahead of him then its farcical and will put everyone on a downer. finally we get something to be excited about, just calling him up would give us a boost and who knows he could be so amazing in training that clarke feels he should play a part at some stage. drop a squad filler and put him in ffs.
  12. Boyle spoke to McLeish after austalia made their interest known and was told he was way down the list of players for getting game time as we had strength in the wide areas although he would have bee. Called up for the shit show tour of he hadn’t been injured. Why would he not take The call for international football and be able to retire in the sun at the end of career. Sputters car is different as he is of a younger age. Boyle is 26 not exactly young for a player whose game is built on pace, good luck to him
  13. the standard from both sides has been appalling, none of the scotland players look like they could make a step up right now.
  14. mcarthur is no loss at all, there is no way he would be getting in the side if he was still available with the other options we have, armstrong who is a far superior player would be lucky to start just now. Souttar is still to prove himself capable of playing international football.
  15. no fletcher or mcburnie suggests to me that oli burke could be leading the line. brophy and russell are pretty much like for like, suprised to see mcnulty still in the squad as hasnt been great for hibs for a while but he is a different option also surprised mcburnie isnt in there for his height but not disappointed as he has been poor for scotland
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