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  1. DaveyDenoon

    Nations League

    No. Strachan was making progress, we had momentum and were winning games we previously wouldn’t have. We were heading in the right direction. He had the players playing for him and they wanted him to stay. That says everything for me, the players know a good manager when they’re playing for one. McLeish is/was a backward appointment and we’ve stalled at best since Strachan got the heave. The attempts to replace him with O’Neill were acutely embarrassing. Like I said I think continuity is key, we had that and threw it away. But it needs to be the right manager and I don’t believe that’s McLeish. Same as continuity under Levein would've been wrong. If we’d have made a daring, brave and imaginative appointnent and it took time to start working then fair enough, give the guy a chance. But we didn’t. We went backwards and appointed an out of work failure (he’s failed in all of his recent jobs) and as far as I’m concerned with McLeish if it starts badly it simply won’t get better. The incompetent SFA has put us in the position where a large section of the fans will have little tolerance for a poor start, whereas a better appointment might’ve seen the manager have some leeway. As I’ve said ill be absolutely delighted to be proved wrong and if so I’ll humbly eat my words. That’s a promise.
  2. DaveyDenoon

    Nations League

    Normally I’d agree that sacking a manager after a failed campaign is not the answer. Continuity is vital imo which is why I was against Strachan going. But McLeish was the wrong appointment and I will be very shocked and surprised if he is ever successful. I’d be delighted to be proved wrong but if he screws up the first Nations League fixture I can’t see any way he’ll lead us to a major championships. I hope I’m wrong.
  3. DaveyDenoon

    Nations League

    I’d go as far as to say if we don’t win our opener in the Nations league then McLeish should go. His appointment at best was uninspired and his tenure so far has been at best uninspiring. I accept a lot of the fixtures probably haven’t been his choice and he was hamstrung by withdrawals etc but even so. There I’ll be little recovery time if we don’t get off to a winning start and our best chance to qualify for a major tournament in 20 years would disappear if we didn’t react quickly to a bad opening result.
  4. DaveyDenoon

    Morelos Red Card

    Beckham in 98 was no worse. Little more than a petulant kick/flick. FIFA backed the ref100%. Enough said.
  5. Spot on. I’m not coming up with any wonderful new theory when I say it’s all for the benefit of UEFA and the top few clubs making as much €€€€ as possible and nothing to do with sport any more. Or sporting integrity, if you like. We all know this. Even the fans of clubs who gain from this format think it’s a joke. But fans are only slightly less important than the dog shit they clean up outside the stadia. But it’s no use moaning about it. They’re not going to change it because a few Scottish fans don’t like it. Its like having a shite ref who gives everything to the other lot. Spend your energy moaning about it and you lose. You just have to find a way to get past it and win despite the obvious disadvantage. However you do it. And this is what our clubs must do in Europe - find a way. Do enough to qualify and do more than what should be enough to get where we want to be. Only then will it get a wee bit easier and when that happens we need to take advantage to avoid sliding back to this situation. It can be done, we just need to focus on what we can control and stop moaning about what we can’t.
  6. DaveyDenoon

    Europa league qualifiers

    Good luck to the dons tonight. Hope they show everyone that thinks our league is a joke that they are very much in the wrong and we actually have a very decent, proper league in Scotland.
  7. DaveyDenoon

    Liam Miller

    It’s called common decency and respect to a guy from the area who did well for himself. There’s no good reason not to allow the stadium to be used instead of forcing it to a venue which holds around a third of that stadium. It is entirely pathetic and very much a jobsworth response.
  8. DaveyDenoon

    New jerseys?

    Nice one cheers!
  9. DaveyDenoon

    New jerseys?

    There seems to be a number of options/different sellers or origins for these on DHGate which ones did you choose, which are the best?
  10. It should be, but given the astonishing levels of arrogance he has shown since the event and the lies he has told I doubt it is. He thought he was fireproof for years, decades in fact. The only remorse this evil scumbag will be feeling will be the realisation that he is no longer fireproof and will be called to account for his actions. The man has no conscience.
  11. DaveyDenoon

    Liam Miller

    Utterly disgraceful. They should hang their heads in shame. Pathetic jobsworths with no sense of decency.
  12. DaveyDenoon

    Russia 2018

    Indeed. It might not have been the deciding goal, but it was absolutely pivotal. Had the ref got the decision right we might well have had a totally different outcome. Then again we might not have, but we’ll never know. And it definitely leaves a sour taste.
  13. DaveyDenoon

    Russia 2018

    You and about 1bn others
  14. DaveyDenoon

    Russia 2018

    Only FIFA could manage to make the World Cup final a complete farce and then no doubt come out at the end of it and say they’re delighted. A downright joke. Totally ridiculous. If that decision decides it then the entire tournament will have been tainted and turned into a complete circus. FIFA are not fit to run the game.
  15. DaveyDenoon

    Croatia support thread

    A small country we beat both home and away in the 2014 qualifiers. We could be emulating them if we really put our minds to it, got a governing body that gave half a shit about our game instead of themselves and hired the right coach/manager. There’s no reason why we can’t.