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  1. You weren’t unfairly relegated. You weren't even relegated. You went bust, ceased to exist, had to reform and start again and do so, rightly, from the bottom. But yes we all knew you’d be back one day. Except, it seems, the Celtic board which has failed miserably to prepare for it.
  2. Absolutely pathetic again from Celtic against Rangers. Lennon hasn’t a clue. Celtic have far superior players but yet again he cannot get them to perform against a little more than decent, organised and determined side. I said it after the cup final and I will say it again - the board appointing Lennon on the cheap will hand the title to Rangers. We need to get rid of him now and get in a tactically aware manager who can get the best out of the quality we have. Lennon clearly cannot and Rangers will win the title if he remains.
  3. If that is the case then you can call him a cock for being wrong about the amount of speed and force. But to suggest speed and force are irrelevant is nuts.
  4. Possibly and as long as the tackle was made and the ball won without using excessive force then it would be wrong to send him off. If however excessive force was used then whether he wins the ball or not is irrelevant and the red would be correct. I haven’t yet seen it so cannot comment on this actual challenge. But the reporter would not be wrong to refer to speed and force (assuming he believes they were excessive) yet you seem to suggest that these factors aren’t relevant. They very much are.
  5. No I’m not, as I haven’t yet seen it. I am making the point that it is unfair to call a reporter a cock simply because he referred to the speed and force of the challenge and that to suggest these factors are irrelevant is plainly incorrect. I'm talking generically and saying that speed and force are very much relevant.
  6. You said the reporter stating that the speed and force probably made it a red was a cock for saying so. I am saying that’s nonsense as speed and force are clearly relevant - whether you make contact with the ball or not. Now you are saying force and speed in a challenge is irrelevant if the ball is cleared? With all due respect, and I’m sure you’re a decent bloke and all, you are categorically wrong.
  7. You are seriously suggesting that when assessing a challenge, and particularly whether or not a red is merited, neither speed nor force carry any degree of relevance whatsoever and should be wholly ignored?
  8. Excessive force is a red card under the laws. Combine force with speed and you could well be looking at a red. My point is you said speed doesn’t make it a red and you’re right. But speed and force may well do. So the reporter isn’t necessarily a cock for his comments.
  9. I read “speed and force”, from which you conveniently left “force” out to suit your agenda. Now I haven’t seen the challenge so I can’t comment on whether it should be a red or not but you’re not doing your argument any favours by missing out key information.
  10. Yeah I quoted the wrong post 😂😂🤦‍♂️
  11. Is it “free advertising” though? You might not be getting paid, but your club is. Isn’t that kinda the point? The sponsor pays the club big bucks (according to level of exposure which would include shirt sales not just the players wearing them in games, on TV, etc and the fact that you might wear it out and about) in exchange for that exposure?
  12. VAR would have helped out with a couple of them - he'd not have been on the pitch to miss them!
  13. You’re right, but I was referring to us not bidding again for 2012 when nobody seemed to really want to host it. We’d certainly struggle now I agree. So sadly our opportunity has gone for good.
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