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  1. DaveyDenoon

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    He was excellent today, didn’t stop for 90 minutes in horrendous conditions. Wasn’t a pretty goal but to have the determination to chase that down, win it and slot it home (especially when there would’ve been a free kick awarded had he not) is exactly the kind of energy, work rate and attitude we need on the field. Armstrong played okay too, although he can’t be expected to have a massive amount of influence in such a poor team. Could’ve earned his side a spot kick but I think the ref probably got it right.
  2. DaveyDenoon

    Team GB

    I can think of one very very good way...
  3. Awful decision to disallow the second Celtic goal I can live with it if referees miss something, or even adjudge an incident as being a foul when it is soft, as they are only human. But when they go just making up fouls that simply don’t exist that’s unforgivable. What on earth Clancy thought he saw I have no clue, but there was simply nothing to see.
  4. DaveyDenoon

    League cup final thread

    I don’t think that was a penalty But it did seem that another Aberdeen player was having his shirt pulled in the box at the time the head clash happened (at least I think it was during that incident, memory not great!) and probably should’ve been a penalty. Overall I think Celtic edged it and we’re worth the win but Aberdeen will feel unlucky and believe that they could’ve won it too. Sign of a good game in my book.
  5. DaveyDenoon

    League cup final thread

    Totally unacceptable in my view. Did you get all your club asked for? If not then that’s a disgrace. If you did then I’d be pretty pissed off at the board if I was a Don. A cup final should always be 50/50. If, and only if, one club cannot shift their allocation then the remainder can go to the other. Aberdeen should’ve had half the north stand and sold from the corner towards the centre. Once they sold all they could then by all means let us have what’s left but not before.
  6. DaveyDenoon

    League cup final thread

    To be fair I think he’s just bad. Very bad. But not a cheat. Aye it’s a complete mystery 🤔
  7. DaveyDenoon

    League cup final thread

    Dallas making a right twat of himself now. Fair enough booking for Rogic, but Ball?
  8. DaveyDenoon

    League cup final thread

    Terrible decision by the ref there. Never a handball and outise the box too. Justice probably done and a good save by Lewis. I don’t want to win by decisions like that.
  9. DaveyDenoon

    League cup final thread

    Lovely touch. Keeper did well with the initial shot but no chance with the second. Christie really coming on really well last few weeks. Great news for both Celtic and Scotland.
  10. DaveyDenoon

    League cup final thread

    Okay, just wondering what the ticket allocation has to do with Celtic apparently being hammer throwers.
  11. DaveyDenoon

    League cup final thread

    Was there a square go to see who got the most tickets?
  12. DaveyDenoon

    League cup final thread

    Ooyah that looked nasty. Hope both players can carry on. GMS looking in a bad way though, hope he’s alright.
  13. DaveyDenoon

    League cup final thread

    Yes, he stood on Lowe’s ankle. Deliberate it certainly wasn’t.