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  1. In fairness to him he is just applying what is without doubt the most ridiculous law in the game. I would perhaps question whether Broon’s celebration was particularly over exuberant but given a few idiots came over the barrier then he probably had little option. No idea what Weah got booked for, just seemed to be celebrating the win to me unless I missed something. A couple of Kille players did seem to take exception to something though and their reactions to Weah could’ve been worth a yellow too, but surely Madden could’ve just calmed them all down a bit? Its a ridiculous rule though. He’s just scored a last minute winner in a tough game which his team were barely worth the win. Same thing happened yesterday to Forestieri who got a very late injury time equaliser for Sheffield Wednesday in a derby match. If these guys can’t celebrate in those curcumstances then we may as we’ll just take all the fun out of football and just ban any type of goal celebration. It’s a nonsense.
  2. DaveyDenoon

    World Cup 2030: British and Irish

    At present Wales could only provide one stadium. CCS only holds 33.5k so would need a further upgrade and add another tier to the stands behind each goal like was done with the Ninian stand. There are no such plans at the moment as it’s is easily big enough for current purposes. Further west, the Legodome is a million miles away from being anything like a World Cup stadium, as is Wrexham. Both would need significant and extensive redevelopment. I think we would be looking at two stadia at the most from Wales.
  3. DaveyDenoon

    Is Alex Salmond sex pest?

    Nothing other than a state sponsored stitch up. Salmond put his head above the parapet many years ago and has been a thorn in the side of WM ever since. Now they’re taking aim. He got us far too close to independence for their liking and WM know that many still see him as the face of the movement and need to close him down, smear him and turn people against him. What better to achieve this than a sex scandal? Salmond is not stupid enough to behave in this way and present an open goal. All the hard work he has done, to do something like this which could bring it all crashing down? Not a chance. We are witnessing the nastiness and evil that WM is more than capable of. I’d history tells you anything (and I mean actual history not the shite you are fed in school) it is that Britain/The UK will stop at nothing to achieve its aims. Nothing is considered unethical or too far. Nothing at all. We are getting ever closer to independence with every passing day and any sniff of independence being delivered must be stopped at any price. Salmond is paying that price. The UK is corrupt and rotten to the core.
  4. What an utter crock and none of it actually achievable. Most of it not even true. The fact is that nobody on the Leave side ever truly thought they could win and so were happy to spout any old xenophobic and made up shite that came into their heads. After they did win you could see the colour draining from their faces as they though “oh shit, now we have to somehow deliver that load of utter bollocks we promised even though we know it’s not possible.” Their reaction? To slink off into the background and put their fingers in their ears until it all dies down. The rest of us can live with and clear up their mess. Eventually they’ll resurface when they think the coast is clear and pick up the reins of what they’ll call “an inherited shambles not of our making”. Cretins the lot of them.
  5. DaveyDenoon

    Indy Ref 2

    Much like is equally vile colleague Douglas Ross then.
  6. The EU has clearly and categorically stated it does not want and has no intention of pushing further political integration. The line people continue to trot out about the EU becoming some sort of United States of Europe or Superstate are a complete and utter falsehood. It is made up of (soon to be) 27 independent nations and will remain so, bar the numbers.
  7. First things first, we lost on Saturday because we were pish. Correction - we were abysmally pish. It had nothing to do with the referee and nothing to do with the SFA’s lack of retrospective action against Morelos. John Beaton is not the reason we lost. 100%. Morelos should in my view have been sent off, but allow me to be clear - it would've made zero difference to the outcome. Rangers could’ve played with 10 or even 9 players and still beat us, of that I have little doubt. I can understand how Beaton may not have seen the incidents (I don’t swallow the line he saw them and “dealt” with them) and other than that I think he actually had a pretty good game and tried his best to let the game flow. He was on the lenient side for some incidents (for both teams) which is often the best way especially in a game that can explode at any time. It can be a dangerous thing too though, as we have seen players let the ref (and themselves) down when he is trying to show leniency and understanding of the situation but on Saturday I felt both sets of players, Morelos aside, responded well to Beaton’s style of refereeing and concentrated on playing the game. As a result we saw a decent game (our performance aside, it was still a decent game and better than many OF clashes of the past) and credit to Beaton and both teams for that. Morelos will never change though and his antics could ultimately let his manager and team mates down this season. He’s only ever a baw hair away from it. Maybe it’s part of what makes him effective? My concern is that the SFA, SPFL or whoever has failed to deal with the incidents correctly and it isn’t the first time. I don’t believe Beaton saw them and didn’t feel them worthy of action, simply because if he saw Morelos kick Brown in the baws then it is a free kick at least, even if he didn’t deem it worthy to send him off or caution him. I think this is what we have sought clarification on. Overall - notwithstanding Beaton’s decent performance last week - the standard of refereeing in Scotland has been poor again this season and is showing little sign of improvement. At least four managers/clubs have openly expressed genuine concern and this says much. It’s not really of much relevance which clubs are involved in my eyes, poor refereeing is poor refereeing. They are not biased, just not very good. Beaton is far from the worst. My last point - whoever leaked Beaton’s details online is an absolute cretin and anyone using them to threaten or intimidate the man is equally as bad. Scum, the lot of them and I hope they are traced, arrested and punished with the utmost severity.
  8. Agreed. Ultra clear. What we have learned, very clearly, is that it is okay to kick an opponent provided that a) you don’t kick the opponent too hard, b) you are being petulant and c) the opponent doesn’t get injured by the kick. I look forward to the above being applied evenly and consistently from here on. Crystal clear.
  9. I find that nowadays you get a lot of kids/young adults who are overwhelmingly self entitled and simply don’t like being managed. As soon as you pull them up on something, out comes the “bully” card and all hell breaks loose. Whilst the accusation obviously needs investigating meaning there’s currently no way of knowing what happened, I would imagine there is an element of this in football too so it’s quite conceivable that Bellamy is innocent of any bullying claims. Of course it is equally possible he isn’t.
  10. Hard to argue Difficult to tell how good rangers were today given how atrocious Celtic were. I think Rodgers made a massive mistake setting us up to play calm and trying to take the sting out of the game. This gave rangers the initiative and with such a small travelling support this was always going to allow the atmosphere to drive them on. Often it is the “sting” which is the launchpad to playing well and rangers definitely made the most of it. With so many individual errors in the Celtic side today, which I think was a result of our attempts to play the style we did ie far too slow, calm and languid, we were never going to get back in the game. Sinclair’s pathetic half arsed attempt to win a winnable ball which would’ve seen him clear in on goal in the last couple of minutes kinda summed up the entire performance for me today. The board need to open the chequebook in January or I can genuinely see rangers winning the title.
  11. DaveyDenoon

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    He was excellent today, didn’t stop for 90 minutes in horrendous conditions. Wasn’t a pretty goal but to have the determination to chase that down, win it and slot it home (especially when there would’ve been a free kick awarded had he not) is exactly the kind of energy, work rate and attitude we need on the field. Armstrong played okay too, although he can’t be expected to have a massive amount of influence in such a poor team. Could’ve earned his side a spot kick but I think the ref probably got it right.
  12. DaveyDenoon

    Team GB

    I can think of one very very good way...
  13. Awful decision to disallow the second Celtic goal I can live with it if referees miss something, or even adjudge an incident as being a foul when it is soft, as they are only human. But when they go just making up fouls that simply don’t exist that’s unforgivable. What on earth Clancy thought he saw I have no clue, but there was simply nothing to see.
  14. DaveyDenoon

    League cup final thread

    I don’t think that was a penalty But it did seem that another Aberdeen player was having his shirt pulled in the box at the time the head clash happened (at least I think it was during that incident, memory not great!) and probably should’ve been a penalty. Overall I think Celtic edged it and we’re worth the win but Aberdeen will feel unlucky and believe that they could’ve won it too. Sign of a good game in my book.