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  1. Hard to disagree The investment needs to be made before the rewards are realised. Penny pinching and appointing old mates is something that hasn’t worked for over 20 years. The rest of the world seems to have realised this way before our backwards inept naive board who still don’t appear to have cottoned on. The world of international football is an entirely different place than the one we inhabited when we were qualifying for tournaments. Giving the manager’s job to an SFA favourite, a mate, for a cheap salary and free supply of Irn Bru is about as relevant today as the magic sponge full of water and sliced half time oranges. Open the chequebook and get in someone who can get us qualified in the current age. Bilic for me, whatever he costs.
  2. Sadly your post contains many accuracies and you’re probably right. If bigwigs at the SFA have the opportunity to sign up a top manager that would really excite the nation, such as Bilic, and pass it up then they should be hounded out for good and never forgiven. Surely they can’t afford NOT to go for him if he declares he wants it? Surely even they’re not THAT thick and useless?
  3. Bargain. Get the contract over to him for signing today.
  4. Get him. Ask him to name his price and get him in ASAP.
  5. Malky McKay did the same with Cardiff. Fits the bill just as well as Clarke. But the PC brigade won’t hear of it.
  6. Not sure Brazil or Hansen would be interested to be honest
  7. Given the way that game was going and th rotten refereeing decisions we suffered, playing for and securing the draw wasn’t such a bad result at the time. Obviously with hindsight we’d have gone all out for the win. The real damage was done by losing in Georgia, Poland beating Germany for the first time ever and then Ireland somehow beating the Germans in Dublin. Any of those results going the way most would’ve expected would’ve seen us in the playoff.
  8. The SFA made a complete hash of hiring the new manager and now they can’t even sack him properly. Double incompetence. For all we might be pissed off with McLeish dragging us down to depths which we have never before plumbed, this situation should not be dragged out the way it is and he should’ve been put out of his misery yesterday, particularly if his health really is an issue. This is really unfair on the man and even if his health is fine then this is a very undignified way of ending his contract. We all know the sack is coming coming sooner or later, whether it be next week or if he somehow hangs on until the June games. There’s nothing more undignified than watching the public humiliation of a failing man clinging to his job whilst continuing to fail. So for the good of all concerned, including McLeish himself just pull the trigger now, get it done and move on.
  9. They’re making no attempt to adjust. The party are going to remain on UK time throughout the trip meaning the game ko will effectively be the same as the 3pm ko it is back home. Even going to the lengths of removing the clocks, having blackout blinds in the hotel rooms so they’ll be able to sleep till the afternoon without the daylight waking them up and disabling the auto time adjustment on their phones. Good idea in theory - hope it works!
  10. Hopefully the last couple of games will put paid to any talk of Lenny getting the gig full time at the end of the season. Did well first time around but I’d much rather see fresh ideas and the real boost a top class (relatively speaking) appointment would give us. Let’s go forward not back. Thanks for holding the reins Neil, but it’s a no from me.
  11. If Labour trust May on this then they’re in even more of a mess than we thought. I can however see her bribe to the DUP working. If we can’t have a second ref on either Brexit or independence after 3/4/5 years then how the hell can we have a third vote on her rotten deal in a matter of weeks?
  12. May now resorting to the good old fashioned tried and tested method of unashamed bribery to try and get her rotten deal through. The magic money tree seems to have sprouted a spare couple of £bn to once again buy the bigots across the Irish Sea who will doubtless find it within themselves to now support a deal which just days ago they publicly stated they couldn’t possibly vote for on the grounds that it was terribly bad for Northern Ireland. Who needs principles eh? There will however be something quite fitting about bribery and corruption, which was largely responsible for giving birth to the Union in the first place, being the very thing that finally kills it. And not a day too soon.
  13. Simple answer to the problem would be to offer this to all fans. Nobody would ever encroach an a pitch again.
  14. Two dreadful decisions against Caley from the officials there. How they could see a penalty and an offside where none existed is a disgrace.
  15. In fairness to him he is just applying what is without doubt the most ridiculous law in the game. I would perhaps question whether Broon’s celebration was particularly over exuberant but given a few idiots came over the barrier then he probably had little option. No idea what Weah got booked for, just seemed to be celebrating the win to me unless I missed something. A couple of Kille players did seem to take exception to something though and their reactions to Weah could’ve been worth a yellow too, but surely Madden could’ve just calmed them all down a bit? Its a ridiculous rule though. He’s just scored a last minute winner in a tough game which his team were barely worth the win. Same thing happened yesterday to Forestieri who got a very late injury time equaliser for Sheffield Wednesday in a derby match. If these guys can’t celebrate in those curcumstances then we may as we’ll just take all the fun out of football and just ban any type of goal celebration. It’s a nonsense.
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