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  1. DaveyDenoon

    Israel- Albania

    Yes, you are right and this is HUGELY important Two wins will likely see us as Hampden for the playoff semi. A draw in Albania coupled with a win over Israel and we’d probably be away for the semi. If we are to even hope to win the playoff semi then a home tie is an absolute must. Although I don’t fancy our chances much with McLeish in charge, a home tie and we could just about do it. If we can find some kind of form between now and the playoff I’d quite fancy us at a packed out Hampden at home to Serbia or Romania for example. Over there? No chance. Not a chance in hell. It’s that clear in my mind and we all know our habit of failing to win crunch away games. I really hope McLeish realises this and goes for the win accordingly.
  2. DaveyDenoon

    Ian Crocker - why have sky not replaced this guy

    I think a crap commentator is the least of our worries right now
  3. DaveyDenoon

    SFA cut yer losses

    I’m no more an expert than you are. I’d prefer not to, thanks.
  4. DaveyDenoon

    Portugal match thread

    Agree. McLeish has to go. He is totally incapable and way out of his depth. The only time I ever want to see him in the Hampden dugout again is if he gets the Queen’s Park job. That’s about his limit - at a real push. Apologies to all spiders fans...
  5. DaveyDenoon

    Portugal match thread

    And if they’d wanted more they’d have got more. Could be double this easily. We were never this poor under Strachan. Not even close.
  6. DaveyDenoon

    Portugal match thread

    What worries me is that Portugal haven’t even got into first gear from neutral. If they were anywhere close to half interested in this match I shudder to think what the score would be.
  7. DaveyDenoon

    SFA cut yer losses

    I guess it’s an interesting debate but in reality whether Georgia are better than Israel or not is kinda not the point. Or whether it was our worst performance ever - according to bbc poll it was but that proves little. For me the point is that we were so bad and so shambolic on Thursday that it’s very clear McLeish almost certainly can not and will not lead us to the euros in 2020 - even if we do win our NL group. We won’t win the playoff with him in charge and unless we’re exceptionally lucky with the draw (and even then we’ll be up against it) we can forget top two in the qualifying proper. For that reason, the number of competitive games he has had in charge is pretty much irrelevant. Comparatively speaking that’s no less than Stubbs had at St Mirren but they recognised their error and fixed it. He needs to go now. Before it is too late and a very realistic qualifying opportunity is wasted.
  8. DaveyDenoon

    SFA cut yer losses

    Having watched both Georgia and Israel it seems clear to me that Georgia, particularly at home, are a better side than Israel. According to the rankings we are much better than Israel. We’re certainly not, on Thursday’s showing at least. Both Germany (whilst world champions) and Ireland made heavy weather of beating Georgia in the euro qualifiers both home and away, and Ireland dropped points over there in the World Cup qualifiers. Both those sides would’ve beaten Israel comfortably.
  9. DaveyDenoon

    Israel Match Thread (11/10/2018)

    This is a complete red herring of an argument and we really need to stop using it. For almost every one of us on this board we work because we need the income. If offered a massive pay rise with another company yes of course most of us would take it. Football is different. Football managers have riches beyond our wildest dreams. A massive pay rise would significantly change the lives of most of us in a positive way. Not so for McLeish so to compare his walking out for a higher paid job to one of us doing the same is like comparing apples with kebabs.
  10. DaveyDenoon

    Nations League

    Indeed We were honking in the first half against Albania and slightly better second half. If Albania weren’t even more honking than us (some say the worst visitors at Hampden in decades and it’s hard to argue) then we’d have struggled to win. Any half decent team would have beaten us that night. I can’t see them being anywhere near as bad at home next month meaning we need to be far better than we were last time we played them. Given what I’ve seen over the past twelve months I don't think McLeish is capable of getting anywhere near the level of performance we are likely to need out of the players. We’ll be doing very well to get a draw over there as things stand.
  11. DaveyDenoon

    SFA cut yer losses

    Sorry this just isn’t the case We started ok v Georgia and looked quite positive, but went downhill after they scored. It was a poor performance certainly wasn’t the shambling embarrassing pathetic display we saw on Thursday. And Israel are considerably worse than Georgia were then.
  12. DaveyDenoon

    SFA cut yer losses

    Georgia 2015 was nowhere near as bad. We actually started ok and played well enough for the first half hour or so, and there was at least some kind of discernible plan although ultimately we performed and executed it badly. But it wasn’t an all out shambles. The context of the game also made it more disappointing and obviously carried heavier consequences but the raw performance/shambles was nowhere near as bad as Thursday.
  13. DaveyDenoon

    Time for Eck to go already!

    Yup there’s another good reason 😂😂
  14. DaveyDenoon

    Time for Eck to go already!

    Was my number one choice too. I’d have him tomorrow. And for those saying he did a poor job at West Ham, in actual fact statistically he was their best ever premier league manager. And towards the end of his tenure West Ham’s problems ran way deeper than whoever was manager.
  15. DaveyDenoon

    SFA cut yer losses

    It really was. It was as dire as you could fear seeing. A poor, even terrible, performance is one thing but Thursday was beyond that. It was a group of lads sent out with no shape, no credible plan and no clue what they were meant to be doing. In addition to that, when it was obvious that whatever half-arsed attempt at a plan wasn’t working (after about 5 minutes) there was no attempt to change it, in fact he actually said he thought it was working ffs. Thursday would've been embarrassing for a pub league side. For an international side it was excruciating and simply unacceptable. I will repeat, Thursday was easily the worst performance most Scotland fans will EVER have seen .