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  1. "It’s very easy as Rangers fans and unionists to take the flack and to lie down, but our cry has been since 1688 and always will be ‘No Surrender’." Putting the entire Sevco/2012 debate to one side, it’s certainly news to me that Rangers have existed since 1688! Where do Rangers drag these utter morons from and, perhaps more puzzling, why on earth do they do it? Surely the decent Rangers fans, who in my view are in the vast majority, are acutely embarrassed by these idiots and just as puzzled as I am as to why their club continue to have the likes of this guy involved? People like that with openly bigoted views just besmirch the club’s good name.
  2. A good thing to be fair God knows what damage the SFA could cause if they were encouraged to think
  3. DaveyDenoon


    You’d be forgiven for thinking so...
  4. You can be absolutely certain Liverpool fans will celebrate, it’ll be their first title in 30 years. Celtic fans too as doing nine in a row again is a big thing, but would’ve been even bigger if this was the one for ten. Especially for “the” game which could secure the title. Much preferable to complete the season once this is over and we can safely get fans back in the stadiums again. You’re right in that the “behind closed doors scenario” is riddled with problems not just connected with health but also financially - clubs are even less likely to survive a total lack of income from these games than they are from them being delayed. Also factor in refunds for tickets already sold plus partial refunds for season tickets and it really is a non starter. Looks like that is now the case. Wisely. This would be the nuclear option and hopefully given short shrift immediately. It’s easy for clowns like Karren Brady to come out with shite like this when West Ham are sitting two points above the drop. The fallout would be huge and the game would be embroiled in all sorts of legal action for years. Ending the season prematurely and using average points earned so far is also a very undesirable outcome but marginally better than effectively declaring that the season never happened. 80% of it has been completed and you can’t just wipe it all from the record. Similarly that would potentially trigger massive refunds for season tickets, match tickets, Sky, BT, BBC as they would argue with some merit that if the season never happened they never got what they paid for. Now that the Euros have been postponed surely the only feasible answer now is to resume when it is safe to do so, with perhaps a small handful of warm up mini pre-season type matches to get players up to fitness as it could be dangerous to their health and fitness to pile straight back in after weeks maybe months off. Next season can be truncated to accommodate if necessary. In Scotland we could have two sets of games H&A (22 each) then a split then two more sets H&A (10 each) making 32 total thus freeing up 6 match days (which is only a couple less than we are currently needing to fit in from this season) with the added bonus that every team plays the exact same set of fixtures as those they are directly competing with.
  5. Not officially from UEFA, but from the Norwegian FA instead. No reason to question it though and so almost certainly this will be true. Also, the fact that it is probably the most sensible solution would reaffirm that view further.
  6. Boris Johnson or Donald Trump would be an improvement on Traynor. The bar isn't very high.
  7. Aye yer buggered if you and your Mrs have four kids. Do you have to sacrifice one to the corona gods?
  8. I wouldn’t hold your breath on this one bud
  9. If the Norway Serbia game is off then there’s no point playing ours. Better to postpone it than to play it in an empty ground.
  10. Great advice from Duncan about getting into the stadium early. Two years ago we queued for a good 45 minutes to get in and almost missed the anthems. Been to a few games at the Millennium Stadium since and there has always been healthy queues. My advice would be to start heading to the stadium at least an hour before ko time at the absolute minimum and that’s assuming you’re in a city centre boozer relatively near the stadium. I’ll be making my way there a good 90 minutes beforehand and since you can get a pint inside anyway there’s no reason to leave it much later. Also try and avoid taking any bags as that will slow you down and rucksacks are a no-no. Ladies’ handbags are about your limit!
  11. You weren’t unfairly relegated. You weren't even relegated. You went bust, ceased to exist, had to reform and start again and do so, rightly, from the bottom. But yes we all knew you’d be back one day. Except, it seems, the Celtic board which has failed miserably to prepare for it.
  12. Absolutely pathetic again from Celtic against Rangers. Lennon hasn’t a clue. Celtic have far superior players but yet again he cannot get them to perform against a little more than decent, organised and determined side. I said it after the cup final and I will say it again - the board appointing Lennon on the cheap will hand the title to Rangers. We need to get rid of him now and get in a tactically aware manager who can get the best out of the quality we have. Lennon clearly cannot and Rangers will win the title if he remains.
  13. If that is the case then you can call him a cock for being wrong about the amount of speed and force. But to suggest speed and force are irrelevant is nuts.
  14. Possibly and as long as the tackle was made and the ball won without using excessive force then it would be wrong to send him off. If however excessive force was used then whether he wins the ball or not is irrelevant and the red would be correct. I haven’t yet seen it so cannot comment on this actual challenge. But the reporter would not be wrong to refer to speed and force (assuming he believes they were excessive) yet you seem to suggest that these factors aren’t relevant. They very much are.
  15. No I’m not, as I haven’t yet seen it. I am making the point that it is unfair to call a reporter a cock simply because he referred to the speed and force of the challenge and that to suggest these factors are irrelevant is plainly incorrect. I'm talking generically and saying that speed and force are very much relevant.
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