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  1. Definitely guaranteed a home semi. The final is reliant on the luck of the draw so straight 50/50. If there does happen to be any jiggery pokery surrounding the draw for this (it’s not as if UEFA doesn’t have form for ensuring a “preferred outcome” when it comes to “random” draws....) then let’s hope it is that they would prefer as many hosts as possible to qualify....
  2. If Broon had anything to do with it, I’ll assume he must’ve kept his good eye shut. Worst Scotland shirt ever.
  3. In all seriousness, I think he could do a good job in a role within the grass roots and structure of the game. Academies and such like. Project Brave or whatever it is called. But nowhere near the A Squad coaching team please!
  4. The SFA have to take the blame for the shambles we’ve become squarely on the shoulders. Without reopening the whole should Strachan have been sacked debate, what can’t be argued is that to sack him without a cohesive plan of action that they’d already checked out was feasible was dreadful decision making. To then compound that by appointing an outdated out of work has been who we could all see was never going to be a success simply because his boozy buddies wanted to get him a gig was nothing short of criminal. The Strachan side was hardly our finest vintage, yet if is still pretty accurate to say we’re not a shadow of even that. You never saw them cave like tonight, never saw the confidence visibly draining out of them before your very eyes like that under WGS. We are paying the price of SFA incompetence at the time Strachan was sacked (in fact long before if we’re honest here) and we will be for a long time to come. The damage to the lads’ confidence that was done during McLeish’s time in charge is going to take years to put right. Im not suggesting Clarke should go for one second, but if I were him I’d be out of there before my reputation got trashed. I don’t doubt he knew it was a big task he was taking on. I doubt he knew quite how big though nor quite how dreadful and fragile we have become.
  5. Sorry but if you have the opportunity to assassinate Trump and don’t take it then I’m gonna get fucking humpty. OK?!
  6. Cannot believe nobody has mentioned Trump. Presumably because that’s just a given and it would be more appropriate to mention it if you didn’t want to empty him to the big fire? And as much an annoying snivelling wee cunt as Piers Morgan is, do more people really want to see the back of him than Boris Fucking Johnson? What a strange lot we are...
  7. You’ve hit the nail on the head. If we get 9 it’ll be despite Lennon not because of him. We won’t get 10.
  8. Some of their banners make me cringe tbh. That particular one was pretty accurate.
  9. I just don’t think he’s a very good manager and without suggesting Rodgers was some kind of Guardiola figure, Lennon is without doubt a step down the way. He’s tactically naive and his man management is less than stellar. It was clear back in May that when Celtic won the Cup and the bar I was in (when the local CSC meet) was bouncing then when the news came through it took seconds for the place to become as flat as a witch’s tit. Something which, as I understand it, was repeated in Celtic bars up and down the country. In addition most Rangers fans I am friendly with were pretty happy and immediately feeling confident about the forthcoming season. There must be a reason for that and for me the appointment was made in the same vein as that of Solskjaer at Man Utd - knee jerk and made with emotion rather than with the head. The board made a massive mistake appointing Lennon and the GB banner about gambling 10IAR to save a few quid was spot on.
  10. It is becoming increasingly obvious why Celtic fans felt like the wind had been taken right out of their sails on the day the treble treble was secured and why Rangers fans were boosted on the same day. On a day in which Celtic fans should’ve been over the moon and Rangers fans hiding from the world, only the Celtic board could’ve created the opposite feeling for both. I said it then and I will repeat it now - Celtic will not win ten in a row with Lennon at the helm. Whether it is it’s season (very possibly and looking increasingly more likely each week in my opinion) or next, Rangers will win the title. And it won’t be genius management from Gerrard or wondrous decision making by King that will be the chief cause. That will be the reserve of the Celtic board. Its plain for all to see.
  11. Such a terrible awful disease. To see a man who was so fit, healthy and strong become such a shadow of his former self and succumbing to this is heartbreaking. RIP Fernando, whilst your physical strength left you your strength in character never did. An inspiration to many, your suffering is now over.
  12. Since we’re on the Northern Ireland theme... Michael O’Neill’s last job was Brechin City manager. Let that sink in. Who Clarke previously managed is immaterial (but he did a bloody good job at Killie)
  13. Correct But don’t forget O’Neills first ten or so games as their manager were on a par with what we’re churning out this weekend. We have to believe in Clarke to get it right. We can’t keep sacking or changing managers. That’s part of the problem lot the solution. I think he’ll get there but it won’t be a particularly comfortable journey. Perhaps we have to suffer this to get to where we need to get to. Strap yourselves in boys, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.
  14. He’ll have to go some to overtake Kenny Dalgleish
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