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  1. I’d like to see a second 6N tier set up involving the likes of Georgia, Romania, Portugal, Spain, Russia. Instead of a straight one up one down, perhaps a 2 leg playoff between the winners of this group and the bottom of the top tier. Might be worth finishing bottom now and again for a cheeky wee trip to Tbilisi!
  2. The only thing that would improve your post would be to demand the removal of that clown Lawwell with immediate effect. Not only is he ultimately responsible for this season's utterly pathetic attempt to retain the title, he has also caused the club to be dragged through gutter this past week and given everyone with any interest in Scottish football an easy target to (rightly) have a real go at Celtic. All the criticism that has been aimed at the club is entirely merited. He has made the club look stupid, ignorant, arrogant and pathetic. His behaviour is simply inexcusable and h
  3. Johnson is a triumph of British stupidity and wholly unfounded delusions of superiority.
  4. I believed at the time and still firmly believe now that there was every chance United would’ve/could’ve beaten Liverpool in the final had it not been for that glaringly obviously bent ref. Imagine that happened now? There would’ve been absolute murder yet it was all swept under the carpet. Again in parallel with Clough I seem to recall a similar thing happening to Forest in a European semi final in the early 80s (v Anderlecht springs to mind but that could easily be wrong). It was great to see the whole of Scotland right behind United during those European runs, just as they were wi
  5. Whatever Forster wanted they should’ve given him double. I’ll go as far as to say his absence is what’s made the difference between winning the league this season and not. The defence is shaky in large part due to their obvious lack of confidence in Barkas who has yet to make one single save of note. Forster in goals would’ve turned many of the draws into wins. Wouldn’t have made much difference against Rangers right enough unless he went up the other end and actually tried a shot on goal but at least Celtic would be in a fairly close title race still. If they really couldn’t get Forster
  6. Rangers thoroughly worthy winners today and barely got out of first gear. Difficult to know if they have another gear because we were so pathetic they didn’t need one. That’s what’s hard to swallow - I don’t think Rangers are particularly good but our performance was so weak, team selection so wrong and tactics so far wide of the mark that to they didn’t have to be and won’t need to be to stop 10IAR. And it’s not even the worst we’ve played this season. I’ve said a number of times, including the day he was appointed when instead of celebrating a treble treble most of the bar we were in we
  7. Unlikely to be this season I fear
  8. Frankly I’d can football altogether until we can fill stadia again.
  9. That's a fair point, actually. Although it was much different back then and a win nowadays would trump it enormously (which we know will never happen again) that will likely always remain the clubs biggest achievement. But there's no question TIAR would be up there and not too far behind. So let's call it the clubs second greatest ever achievement - if it happens. But my point about Lennon jeopardising it still stands. 👍
  10. “You’re right, it’s not a dumb question, it’s a downright fucking ignorant one.” along with suggesting my head is “so far up” my own arse wouldn’t exactly be described as complimentary. Both sound fairly abusive in my book. But I’ll accept you didn’t mean it to come across as abusive, on account of the fact you’ve generally come across as a fairly decent poster over the years. But please remember not all Celtic fans live in a wee green bubble (and not all Rangers ones live in a wee blue one either) and many of us football fans have a lot more going on in our lives than football - I f
  11. Okay, steady on. I’d forgotten about Motherwell being in Europa league this season and I hadn’t seen any of the Europa League games results this week due to being otherwise engaged. My world doesn’t revolve around football and I’ve seen precious little, barely even results, apart from trying to keep tabs on the Celtic and Ross County games. No need for personal abuse.
  12. Christ I hope so. Otherwise I genuinely believe that Rangers will stop 10IAR.
  13. Well the second half has shown that this no striker business is nonsense. If he’s changed it at half time on Wednesday we might still be in the CL. But you’re right, it’s Lennon we’re talking about and he’s thrawn as fuck.
  14. I’d say it’s 2-0 despite his selection rather than because of it. Since the strikers came on it’s been far better. Please can he bin this Levein-esque nonsense once and for all now?
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