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  1. Rangers thoroughly worthy winners today and barely got out of first gear. Difficult to know if they have another gear because we were so pathetic they didn’t need one. That’s what’s hard to swallow - I don’t think Rangers are particularly good but our performance was so weak, team selection so wrong and tactics so far wide of the mark that to they didn’t have to be and won’t need to be to stop 10IAR. And it’s not even the worst we’ve played this season. I’ve said a number of times, including the day he was appointed when instead of celebrating a treble treble most of the bar we were in we
  2. Unlikely to be this season I fear
  3. Frankly I’d can football altogether until we can fill stadia again.
  4. That's a fair point, actually. Although it was much different back then and a win nowadays would trump it enormously (which we know will never happen again) that will likely always remain the clubs biggest achievement. But there's no question TIAR would be up there and not too far behind. So let's call it the clubs second greatest ever achievement - if it happens. But my point about Lennon jeopardising it still stands. 👍
  5. “You’re right, it’s not a dumb question, it’s a downright fucking ignorant one.” along with suggesting my head is “so far up” my own arse wouldn’t exactly be described as complimentary. Both sound fairly abusive in my book. But I’ll accept you didn’t mean it to come across as abusive, on account of the fact you’ve generally come across as a fairly decent poster over the years. But please remember not all Celtic fans live in a wee green bubble (and not all Rangers ones live in a wee blue one either) and many of us football fans have a lot more going on in our lives than football - I f
  6. Okay, steady on. I’d forgotten about Motherwell being in Europa league this season and I hadn’t seen any of the Europa League games results this week due to being otherwise engaged. My world doesn’t revolve around football and I’ve seen precious little, barely even results, apart from trying to keep tabs on the Celtic and Ross County games. No need for personal abuse.
  7. Christ I hope so. Otherwise I genuinely believe that Rangers will stop 10IAR.
  8. Well the second half has shown that this no striker business is nonsense. If he’s changed it at half time on Wednesday we might still be in the CL. But you’re right, it’s Lennon we’re talking about and he’s thrawn as fuck.
  9. I’d say it’s 2-0 despite his selection rather than because of it. Since the strikers came on it’s been far better. Please can he bin this Levein-esque nonsense once and for all now?
  10. Maybe this is a dumb question but if the game isn’t live on TV why was it scheduled for Sunday? Was it practice for Europa league games?
  11. I said it when he was appointed, I said it halfway through last season and I’m saying it again now. He is not the right man for the job. If Lennon is not binned then 10 in a row will not happen. Lennon (or more accurately the board’s continued penny pinching) will cost Celtic the biggest achievement in the club’s history. If there’s unrest at any club on the verge of the biggest moment in their history, as club that has dominated and won the last ten domestic trophies then you have to ask why. Something is not right and it’s highly likely to be down to the manager. He has got to
  12. Hearts v Dundee in the Championship opener. Whatever you think of the SPFL's ability to run the Scottish game, there's no denying their top trolling expertise.
  13. I have no doubt we would. But will the official result reflect that?
  14. And when did goal difference become relevant in knockout cup competition?
  15. They have now. At the time of my original post that wasn’t the case. So I will stand corrected on that point and say that maybe Thistle haven’t been quite as magnanimous as I first thought. My overall point still stands though. Unfairness (which was a reasonable moral argument, but that ship has now sailed as they failed to convince enough of their cohorts of their case) does not always equal illegality (which is now the only argument which can be progressed as it seems to be going to court and I cannot see what rules or laws have been broken here).
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