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  1. Toasters. Why can’t they make them just a couple of inches deeper so that they will accept your average piece of bread and toast it in its entirety? Instead we have the top inch or so left white and untoasted. Surely this isn’t beyond the wit of man?
  2. This is definitely true. Winning penalties is going to be a legitimate tactic from next season. Make contact with an outstretched foot/leg, flick the ball into an opponent’s arm, bump into a player attempting a legitimate challenge, etc. Penalties will now be something to play for instead of being fairly awarded having been the victim of a foul. And there will be little or no tackling or challenging in the box as it’s now simply too dangerous. It will be a case of trying to shepherd an attacking opponent away from danger. It’s going to become very boring.
  3. Clumsy, aye possibly. Soft, yes absolutely but surely that’s not a foul? It’s not basketball and there’s always going to be contact in football. Given the nonsense that VAR has already caused in this World Cup, then having such a major impact on the final, well it’s certainly appropriate.
  4. The ball was there to be won, the challenge was wholly within control and the American lassie clattered into her foot. That’s not a penalty in a million years. It’s certainly not a clear and obvious error not to award it. VAR has had way too big an impact on this tournament and has decided things which are at best highly debatable and far from clear. The system is going to completely run the game.
  5. Appalling penalty decision. If this is the future of VAR in football then the game is fucked.
  6. The decision not to award a penalty in that incident was 100% correct.
  7. Nobody should think they’re guaranteed a ticket for a home game at Hampden because we aren’t guaranteed tickets for home games at Hampden.
  8. Offside. How come these never go our way when we need them?
  9. You said well all be happy with it you’d bet. I’m saying that’s ridiculous.
  10. Who would ever take a defeat before a ball is kicked? Crazy. We’re not San Marino or Liechtenstein. We may not be the best, hell we’re not even the best Scotland team there’s ever been, but Jesus Christ we’re surely always in with a shout of snatching even a draw against anyone? No doubt it’s going to be tough and they’d beat us 8 times out of 10, but why can’t tonight be one of the 2? I suspect a few on here would’ve taken a 2-0 defeat in France before Faddy got involved. Never accept defeat until you’re defeated.
  11. Except he is none of those things. You knew that already though and you’re doing your usual boring wee routine.
  12. 7.45pm, but your point still stands Its pretty desperate
  13. Agree completely. Make it a tenner and get a decent crowd. That’s more important than making a few quid. Im not bothered that I paid for season ticket already, just do whatever it takes to get bums on seats on Saturday.
  14. We were only ever guaranteed tickets for games played at Hampden anyway. But now that guarantee has been removed, so we’re guaranteed nothing any more.
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