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  1. DaveyDenoon

    Russia 2018

    Indeed. It might not have been the deciding goal, but it was absolutely pivotal. Had the ref got the decision right we might well have had a totally different outcome. Then again we might not have, but we’ll never know. And it definitely leaves a sour taste.
  2. DaveyDenoon

    Russia 2018

    You and about 1bn others
  3. DaveyDenoon

    Russia 2018

    Only FIFA could manage to make the World Cup final a complete farce and then no doubt come out at the end of it and say they’re delighted. A downright joke. Totally ridiculous. If that decision decides it then the entire tournament will have been tainted and turned into a complete circus. FIFA are not fit to run the game.
  4. DaveyDenoon

    Croatia support thread

    A small country we beat both home and away in the 2014 qualifiers. We could be emulating them if we really put our minds to it, got a governing body that gave half a shit about our game instead of themselves and hired the right coach/manager. There’s no reason why we can’t.
  5. He thought it shouldn’t be a penalty as “Ronaldo had clearly lost control of the ball”. WTF planet is he on? And WTF rule book has he been reading? His whining and droning during last nights game was extreme even for him. An utter twat.
  6. My own views are that whilst the North American bid makes sense, I am not looking forward to the format. 48 teams is debatable, I can see the argument that it could dilute the quality but I can also see the argument that expansion ultimately helps the game grow. Doubling the slots available to CONCACAF from three to six is utter madness and South America definitely doesn’t need a 50% increase either, but at least that’s in line with the jump from 32 to 48. Increasing Africa's quota from 5 to 9 is also a pretty big leap. FIFA politics seem to be at play again. However my main gripe is the 3 team group format. This in my opinion will ruin the tournament as it is getting ever closer to a straight knockout format from the off. A result such as today’s and you are effectively looking at one team virtually certain to go through and the other almost certainly out. A four team group still means a big winner in game 1 could still lose games 2 & 3 and go out with the losing team winning games 2 & 3 and making it through. An opening defeat in a three team group and your tournament is all but over. This needs a rethink IMO.
  7. There is only one stadium in Wales that could host a group match and there aren’t three cities that could realistically provide another two via an upgrade of some kind. I’d genuinely love to see the World Cup come here to Cardiff, but it’s not realistic. 2030 should be England alone or England/Scotland joint bid.
  8. Kinda like West Ham you mean?
  9. Peter, Bjorn and John - Young Folks No idea how to link a YouTube clip on here so you’ll just need to find it for yersels!
  10. DaveyDenoon


    Sorry but I have to take issue with this. The SPFL is not a diddy league. It might be run by a less than competent idiot and lack the excessive finances fand the English, Spanish, French and Italian leagues (artificially fuelled by nothing other than BT/Sky Sports’ vast resources which could collapse any time as football may not be the flavour of the month forever) but it compares favourable to just about any other league in Europe and indeed many across the world. Attendances per capita are very high and the two big clubs (let’s leave the Rangers/Sevco thing to one side for now) are massive clubs in not just Scottish but world terms. Why does everything Scottish have to be shite, pish, diddy, etc? Why can’t the good stuff in Scotland be good stuff? As a nation we really are a pathetic bunch and it’s no wonder we shat it in 2014. It’s a sad indictment of our attitude and our (serious lack of) confidence in ourselves when it takes a less than popular figure from south of the border to talk up our game. Why can’t the SPFL be considered decent? Why should all our best players leave to go to eg some tiny wee club on the south coast of England who just happen to have punched well above their weight for a couple of years? Wise the fuck up and let’s talk ourselves up a bit. We’re pretty fucking decent you know.
  11. Folk that refuse to dress down purely to avoid the quid to charity. Worse still the folk that do dress down but “forget” to take any change with them also to avoid the quid to charity. You didn’t forget to put your jeans on you tight prick. Same people that “forgot” the week before, and the week before that as well.
  12. DaveyDenoon

    Callum Paterson

    Fantastic day at Cardiff City Stadium yesterday and brilliant to seal promotion back to the PL. Patterson again was superb in midfield and great to see him going up. He deserves his shot at the PL as he’s been arguably Cardiff’s best signing this season. I think he’ll do well. Also got voted City’s young player of the year last night to cap off a tremendous season. Colin is definitely getting the best out of him.
  13. That statement could legitimately apply to any of the last three regimes. Its deja vu.