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  1. Horror stories about driving are mainly put about by car hire companies who will do their utmost to scare you into taking out additional insurance. Suggest you avoid Gold Car Hire for these reasons, we took out an annual policy for excess car insurance in advance of going. We drove Livorno airport to Lucca , nice area but beware driving inside the walled city as there is a zone that whacks you for a 100 euro plus fine if you enter it. From Lucca to San Gimignano then down the coast to a seaside resort called Porto Ercole then back up to Livorno My own horror story was following satnav when trying to find our hotel in San Gimignano and getting caught inside the walled city in the pedestrian only streets scattering tourists right, left and centre. We stayed in the Relais Santa Chiara which was about a 5 minute walk into the walled city and it had parking outside. We took a bus to Siena and it dropped us right down town, I wouldn`t fancy driving in Siena as parking is scarce and what I saw seemed miles outside where you want to be
  2. I had a trawl through the Welsh fans forum regarding their visit when they took 3,000 fans and there was no mention or post match feedback on passport inspections or delays getting into the ground. Also found this https://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/news-archive-1/apoel-v-spurs-advice-for-fans-travelling-to-cyprus-updated/ from Spurs 2017 visit and noted the advice on rucksacks and back packs ( don`t bring ) and on flags
  3. Davy, we are at The Josephine Hotel, Zenonos Kitieos and Mitsi Corner, 6022, Larnaca how much time should we allow to walk to the bus pick up point ?
  4. SSC put up a message on twitter yesterday that there were still about 600 and a thread on the Tartan Army facebook page where members have been buying today and reporting numbers left
  5. Not doing too badly on predictions, here`s an update SSC announce allocation of 2,400 as of this morning about 1,800 sold with 600 remaining Davy has approx 1720 booked on his buses and I`m going to assume that everybody who is planning on going to Cyprus has booked up, flights, hotels etc, what I don`t know is how many who will be going to the game are making their own way there so I`m going to guess at 300 = total of 2020. Davy has estimated a demand for a further 250 tickets for non SSC members and SSC members covering all bases. As of today ticket sales are open to 6 plus pointers and I`m going to assume all 7 point plus have already bought so todays sales will be to 6 pointers only. The tickets available at start of play were 600 and 30 were sold. I`m going to assume majority of sales would have been in the period noon to 2pm and I`m going to assume that the day will finish with 550 available.
  6. Davy, can`t see us x 7 on the list for Larnaca
  7. Thanks, we live near Watford ( yes that 6-0 Watford but it was a great day out - until about 5.15) so Stansted is a zip round M25 for us
  8. Based on this https://footballtripper.com/gsp-stadium-nicosia-cyprus/ the writer mentions the away allocation being 2,000 of the south stand which has a total capacity of 4,953. Total stadium capacity is 22,859 A 10 minute trawl through here https://www.11v11.com/teams/cyprus/tab/stats/option/attendances/season/2013/ and it tells us that over the last 5 seasons Cyprus have never sold out a home game, highest attendance being v Israel in October 2014 19,164 Perhaps a comparison to ourselves would be September 2015 Cyprus v Wales 14,992 , I`m not sure how many Wales took but based on this they were anticipating over 2,500 http://www.fsf.org.uk/blog/view/cyprus-vs-wales-euro-2016-qualifier interesting comments in the blog about the stadium seats needing to be repaired as they get smashed up at domestic club matches. Based on Cyprus most recent home attendances of Belgium 10,000 Norway 3,000 Slovenia 1,000 Greece 7,222 I am going to forecast that our match will have a maximum attendance of 12,000 which of course = many empty seats. However we will initially receive an allocation of 2,000 which will sell out quickly then the SSC/SFA will announce a further allocation of 2,000. Also noted that the Cypriot FA sell tickets in other areas of the ground to ex-pats
  9. Davy, thanks for your local advice, we`ve just booked Jet2 from Stansted and 4 nights in Larnaca, let us know where you`ll be for a well deserved pint for all the work you put in to making things happen
  10. `Looking forward to going to the game` Wonder how many points he`s got.......?
  11. She is registered at her address for voting and her business address is there She pays council tax at full rate on her place Her son lives at her place and pays her a contribution toward running costs, I suppose you could say rent
  12. Got divorced a few years ago, children were all at uni etc so I contacted the council and got myself a 25% discount on council tax as I was home alone. I've now got a bidey-in, she has her own flat, in the same council tax area, and pays council tax on this at full rate. Should I tell my council of my change in circumstances ? and if so will I go back up to paying the full whack ?
  13. Probably a combination of all of the above. The current rating system needs overhauling as it is based on topline ie turnover, so say I put in Sky / BT which would increase my turnover as I'd attract sports trade, I'd need to shift quite a bit of beer etc to cover the £12k a year it would cost me, my staff costs would also increase so though my bottom line would increase I'd probably lose most of it as my business rates would increase
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