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    Indy Ref 2

    This is what I have experienced. My posts on Facebook and discussions just piss people off. My family/friends seem just uninterested, and makes me feel like one of those on the street handing out the Communist propaganda. Most folk just get on with life and just put up with it oblivious to what has been going on. Most folk thought the SNP walking out was all about SNP. They only worry or get upset when it personally affects them. I haven't managed to convince or experience a single person who has changed their mind, and say "enough is enough". It seems to just be politically aware peeps antagonising each other about any weakness they see from any party not of their support. Project fear is still in Psyche, until the referendum is on the table again, no one seems interested, even when show all the lies - people have short memories. UK media does not help with the spin/untruths/not giving the full picture in context. A classic was Dad in his 70's telling "well yer wee pal Nicky has been wiped out over here, she's lost all her MP's and she won't be in Westminster next year!" 🤣 "Dad, when did 35 become a smaller number than 13 FFS ? or less than 7 ?? They lost's seats through tactical voting, and people like you diluting things by wasting votes on a wasted party" It's a sair fecht.

    Completed Bucket List

    1. Parachute Jump from static line for my 30th birthday - never ever ever again. 2. Not such a big thing now, but growing up in the 70's, eventually got to Disneyland in Florida with my young lass (aged 8 ) in 1994. Truly became the inner child, and quite emotional at times as Mum & Dad had the dream of taking me and my sister when we were bairns but they never ever had the money. (Pontins/Butlins/Blackpool/Scaborough holds some great memories though) 3. Toured every major city in Europe before turning 30. Did Copenhagan on a spur of the moment, booking a Ryanair/Easyjet flight with just a toothbrush in my top pocket, leaving Friday night and returned on back to Scotland on Sunday. The taxi from airport to downtown Copenhagen was more expensive than the flight - the early days of cheap carriers. 4. Jacked in job at 40 and went backpacking with the wife for 18 months in South East Asia (and daughter and her man joined us for a 6 month spell) - bucket list was Angkor Wat, Cambodia, Bagan, Burma (Myanmar) including Death Railway, and Borabodur, Indonesia. Made lots of friends from all age groups with different life experiences - including a Finnish Bank Robber. Amazed at the amount of English/Scots ex pats who traveled and found their Utopia, including a fantastic bloke in in his mid 50's from Leith who has been travelling and working in Thai/Vietnamese/Cambodian bars to live/subsist for over 30 years. 5. Walked Sydney Harbour Bridge and had a pint at the Rocks. 6. Had a Singapore Sling in Raffles Hotel, Singapore. 7. Attended an Executive Box (prawn Sandwich brigade) at Old Trafford with Paddy Crerand as host while Man U wasted AS Roma and Ronaldo doing keepy ups on the park, while beating 4 players in a perfect assist. 8. Top of Eiffel Tower an Lunch/Beers/Wine in Mont Martre 9. Auschwich 10. Brandenburg Gate and Zoo Station (quite underwhelming, just wondered what the fuss was about mainly because of Bowie/U2) The next 10 involve Latin America - and still to be done.
  3. I would concur with this up until the last paragraph, in particular "I'd start to look into unlawful dismissal on the grounds of discrimination if I were you (assuming your employment has ended); maybe constructive dismissal if not. A solicitor's letter will bring them to talk to you about references, etc. I'd imagine & maybe more, especially if you find you're struggling to get work at any point." Each case is different and without knowing the nature of the job, I would suggest avoiding this kind of advice without knowing the full position - the reason for saying this, is it can raise and set unrealistic expectations, cause a lot of unnecessary stress/anxiety, and a negative result can be actually more damaging in the long run. People go through a range of emotions when this kind of thing happens - it is more common than we think - and nothing to be ashamed of/embarrassed about. Even if you had been in the the job for 23 months, Probation periods usually do not extend beyond 6 months, and if 2/3rd of the way through, suggests 4 months to me, and with the info provided, Constructive Dismissal does not apply here and for Unfair Dismissal on or after 6 April 2012 - the qualifying period is normally 2 years. That would mean your only avenue is discrimination. The firm has used "We have decided to terminate your employment as you cannot meet the requirements of the position" - if you cannot meet the inherent requirements of the position then this cannot fall under DDA Act. Reasonable adjustments under DDA would not apply as using this "inherent requirements of the position" even if challenged would fall flat provided they could demonstrate this. Offering to work part-time etc would not necessarily be unreasonable to refuse depending on the circumstances or nature of the job. The OP obviously has to get your own professional advice, however a few points to consider from my own experience. 1. You claim the work was drying up initially in your post. Why was this ? Was the company experiencing a bit of a lull or is it possible you were being sidelined ? Be honest with yourself. 2.What was their initial reason for letting you know you were not up to their expectation (do you really feel this is related to your medical situation), or on balance, have they been fair and reasonable, ie. you feel they have followed a process of listening/reviewing/and discussing - even if it's not the result you wanted ? 3. It appears you played a card after they have given you the bad news, and that put's them in a position to ensure they have done their due diligence to avoid a potential claim for discrimination - they don't actually have to give you a reason or go into much detail in dismissal during a probation period even although this would be seen as good practice (and beneficial to them if this went legal/tribunal.) Before making a decision, you are under no obligation to divulge to them your medical situation, but given what you have said above, this can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety with little likelihood of success. eg. Reinstatement (Would you want to get back anyway ?) or if it's for money, be prepared for a lengthy process, and you will be expected to demonstrate you have tried applying for jobs to mitigate all losses. It is fairly obvious (and I say this sympathetically) that they really feel you do not fit what they are looking for, you may look back in time and realise this has been a blessing is disguise. No employer/person wants to bury anyone for not making their grade/expectation/cultural fit - so with a bit of discussion you can walk out with a statement of service from this employer and explain to a a future employer you have this as they don't offer references. You can then work on positive strategies for the next interview/prospective employer. Hope this helps, keep the chin up, and good luck which ever way you go. Reasons for you last job so quickly ? Google is your friend.

    6 Nations - Who’s going?

    It's a real pity that Scotland failed so dismally in Wales - was always going to be hard especially with the amount of pressure on Scotland being the "Dark Horse" and not to be underestimated. Any other given time, Wales would have seen this as a walkover, and may have got caught out. The game was a shocker, but does not represent where Scotland are in terms of World Rugby. Wales seriously rattled us in the first half, read our game, and we had no comeback or alternative strategy - the game was Boys against Men. Sad to watch, Scotland have proved they are better than this. We are punching above our weight in this arena. I was confident from the start of the 2nd half that Scotland had this against France, they just seemed to be spoiling for it, and as the clock ticked, I could see the control and just felt relaxed, this was our game. France appeared tired, disjointed and rattled. I reckoned we would beat England, but without taking points off Wales in the first game, this going to be a very close. I always thought Ireland would be the toughest game for us.

    6 Nations - Who’s going?

    Would you like to add some salt to that ? We were never going to win all games, 3 doable and 4 possible. Wales will be in for shock very quickly, It all counts on an Ireland win for us assuming we can tale Italy and the home games. Both top seeds are capable of losing points.

    6 Nations - Who’s going?

    Lucky white heather, lucky white heather anyone ? :-)

    6 Nations - Who’s going?

    $750 on Scotland @ 10/1 $234 on Ireland @ 3/1 $20 on Wales @ 15/1 $5 on France @ 15/1 $1 on Italy @ 500/1 Who is missing ? Betting Slip sent to my English Mate who thinks England already have their name engraved on the trophy hahahaha. ABE. $1000 bucks, with chance of Ireland stealing it and getting my money back (almost) but think Scotland have a decent chance this year. Worth a flutter. If Scotland can take Wales away in the first game - then game on. Toughest game for us will be Ireland in my view. 2 tough opponents at Home, and Ireland away. I know I am delusional btw. Albu Gu Brath.

    Strachan's gone

    Gareth Bale plays for Wales. I don't know who the manager is or anyone else in the team. I just know Wales suddenly became a team from nowhere and shot up the world rankings. Iceland intrigues me. I sometimes think just like Georgia a good few years ago, it's all about belief, youthful exuberance and less over thinking/strategy. A decent striker, a team that can work together/read the play and defend, a decent goalie, then its game on. How exhausting/pissed of to we get when playing a defensive game ? Regardless of the team, we all just want to see a team ready to give it laldie. Probably the closest we have ever been, just lacked winner/killer attitude.
  9. Heinz Salad Cream is being discontinued.

    2017 movie thread

    I want my life back, and so does the wife. Absolute garbage.

    3 weeks in Australia

    Great Ocean Road as far as Warrnambool - that's whole day slow driving just 1 way just so you know, but can be split stopping off halfway, never met anyone yet blown away with this but each to their own. It's a novelty on the way out but tiresome on the way back. Yarra Ranges/Dandenongs to the east of Mel is a great drive with lots of quaint little villages/townships in the Bush (very scenic, high altitude and an hour from CBD). Melbourne has it all really, Funky Fitzroy at night, St. Kilda and the Mornington Peninsula, Roof Top Bars, CBD buzz, Chinatown, Greek Quarter, Italian Area on Lygon Street, Shows, gigs, and check the Crown Casino for variety caberet acts (always good fun,seated with tables and bar), Botanical Gardens and museums - all very compact and accessible on the inner tram network. The rest sounds like a busy plan but what any tourist would want to see in Oz. Sydney for Opera House, Bridge, The Rocks, maybe Coogee and Bondi (but thats all in Sydney for me I'm afraid). Cheap flights via Skyscanners is the easy option for Jetstar, Tiger etc. Book early for best deals. Accomodation/Hotels will be the big pocket burner, but try Trivago.com or Bookng.com - I know Melbourne well so happy to help

    2017 Gig Thread

    ^ This. I vowed never to go back to a open air Stadium Gig again - this was over 20 years ago. The sound is crap, too many pissed up louts (women were always worse), squeezed in like cattle with some BIG tall ####er in front of you. Guys pissing where they stand, and the worst ever, the pints of warm piss being chucked forwards. The worst I saw, and this was just the straw that broke the camels back, was some chick squatting at the front of the Main Stage at T in the Park, about of a third of the way back, but in front of the mixing desk in full view of everyone, for what everyone thought was a cheeky piss, but dropped a big massive brown curler. I'd seen it near the men's cubicles a couple of years previously - but this had to be the absolute worse. She even got up, pulled up her kecks, looked around to see what she had left behind, grimaced, shrugged and then staggered into the crowd to get away from what she had left behind her. Reckon she was in her late 30's early 40's, arse like a plumbers toolbag, I like getting tanked up a little before a gig, it's part of the deal as long as you can hold your drink and not be upsetting others and being happy and friendly to others.

    Guns 'n' Roses

    Oh Dear, the kids from School of Rock have grown up and Jack Black in on lead - love all the mobile phones in the air - selfish FUNTS. Dad Rock, and wanky guitar...cannae beat it Ach well, each to their own.
  14. I think this is part of it, but not the whole story. btw - My Dad controls the weather in Scotland.