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  1. John Curtice was on there saying polls show most people would vote to remain now.
  2. He ate a dodgy fish supper and it was running doon the back of his leg.
  3. Andy Robertson is a guy who genuinely loves playing for Scotland and "gets" what it means to us. He is no shirker.
  4. Still enjoying the Central Station documentary. Good stuff. The auld boy and his grandson who were both big railways enthusiasts were lovely Fucking hell they don't half get some right moaning, bastards, usually middle aged women hounding the staff trying to do their best. Up the railway workies !! That tour guide was talking utter bollocks on the other nights episode when he described bodies being brought back straight from the battlefields of WW1 to the improvised mortuary Central Station. That never happened at all. The only bodies carried onto the platforms at Central would those of men who died on the hospital train from Southern England to Glasgow and who would be taken to the mortuary. And the next of kin were certainly never told to get rid of the body and that it was "their problem now", the army or navy would still be legally bound to look after the corpse and see to it's burial. I bet he'll flog that long ago debunked story about the "Newton Mearns businessman who lost all his money in the 1929 crash, murdered his wife in the Central Station basement and was hanged in Barlinnie." They looked into this ages ago and found not a shred of evidence this ever happened. That was a good moan that.
  5. When we get a new manager I think he should send a letter or an e-mail to the thirty or so players he does provisionally intend to use for an eighteen month time-frame. The content being short and simple "Do you wish to continue being selected for the Scotland national football team ?" If the answer to that from some players is "nah" "I'd rather focus on my club career for the next six months but after that I'll be available" "yes, but can I please be excused from friendly matches/any game on a plastic pitch/games that involves a flight of more than four hours/games where it's very cold/games where it's too hot" Then fuck 'em, they don't care. Prissy wee cunts
  6. Aye. Davie Provan was well known for his political views even when he played with Celtic. Murdo MacLeod, a very good player for all his clubs and his country and a genuinely nice bloke, but also a die hard Tory supporter I'm afraid.
  7. RenfrewBlue and me agree on something for once !! shockerooney
  8. Face it. If McLeish does go it will be Malky Mackay who gets appointed and he will pick the same players and use the same fucking non-tactics and non-strategy as McLeish. Go foreign. There's a big world out there.
  9. "How dare you ! The money spent on our new leather backed chairs and consignment of Famous Grouse makes the running of the Scottish national football team and stadium run much more smoothly. Our tailor made SFA crested ties and blazers don't come out of thin air you know. Back in your box now you bloody peasant."
  10. Can't see there being a big demand for tickets now for the home games at Hampden even if a new manager is appointed. Perhaps it would be for the best to hold the remaining home games at Easter Rd, Tynecastle and Pittodrie ?
  11. That's exactly it. Too many Scottish managers and coaches are stuck in their cosy wee bubble and don't want to change, even though their ideas are decades totally out of date. I know of current managers whose training is still laps round the track, press ups, sit ups - no ball work at all. Many too are not bothered by players eating burgers and take aways, smoking and drinking. And people are fine with this ?
  12. The SFA should not be employing a man in his state. They should relieve him of his duties but also get him the help he needs. We should not be employing a charity case in McFadden also.
  13. They were incredible ! He was supposed tow write about football but they ended up usually going off on the political and social rants of Alf MacGarnet ! Provan and Murdo MacLeod still make the occasional after dinner speech at constituency Conservative Party events.
  14. Provan loves it when we lose. He dreams of a GB team.
  15. To those of us whose work depends a lot on the EU and who have much loved European friends and neighbours who are considering leaving the country after Brexit, we are glad that the FM has put her head above the parapet Quite a lot of us (particularly younger voters) believe in Scotland but also to believe in Europe too. Oh and Jim Sillars should come to a meeting of young SNP activists and try and flog his stupid pro-Brexit ideas. Yesterday's man.
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