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  1. Also had confirmation tickets are free - just 'collect' at the gate. KO is 1430 local time.
  2. Davy, Thanks. Got the below reply from Katerina and the Cypriot FA: You will be able to buy tickets at the stadium on the match day. Please feel free to contact me for further information or/and clarifications. Best regards, Katerina Gonta Marketing Coordinator Hopefully get a few people along to support - but most likely going to support Norway 🙂
  3. Trying to squeeze a game or two in before the main event on the Saturday. Cyprus u21 v Norway u21 in Larnaca on Friday 15th AND/OR THOI in Nicosia on the Saturday. Anyone know if passports are needed for these games? Cheers.
  4. 10 of us for the 2nd division game - more local
  5. Perhaps I am getting old. First game I travelled to was Belgium in 2001. Was expressly told no club colours on tour. You support Scotland, you display Scotland. Saw Aberdeen, Hibs, QoS, Morton and Livi tops. Like e I said, maybe getting old but think club colours stay at home. Also, Lee Wallace is a grass towels? Interested to get some feedback - or perception. Cheers.
  6. Agree. These songs are old and tired. Much better songs so let's kick these out. Best song was my German nephew singing FoS - word for word - at his first Scotland game. His dad has brought him up very well. Like many threads say, roll on Poland. We need to make sure we take 3 points there with us so let's get behind the boys on the 12th.
  7. As Peter Gabriel sang, don't give up. Wales tickets got lost in the post a couple of years ago. SFA team contacted the Welsh and tickets were waiting to be collected. Shame as it turns out as the game was schidtt but the did get replacements.
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