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  1. I am planning to go to Paris for Argentina game with my daughter. Would be good to know what part of the ground Scotland fans are in (those that bought tickets through SFA, so I can buy tickets as close as possible.
  2. My 16yr old daughter wants to go and I would love to take her (it's during her exams so could be tricky) That said my 20yr old son wants to go too. As said earlier, having the chance to support Scotland at a tournament is what it's all about. Though there may be a fraction of the TA there, it should still be an experience.
  3. Leaked on Footy Headlines
  4. Leaks tend to come on Footyheadlines.com and they seem to time them for effect. They've had Wales, Northern Ireland, Russia, Argentina, Sweden and Germany all leaked from Adidas in the last few days so I would expect Scotland to appear soon.
  5. Northern Ireland's leaked now too. An update on their 82 kit. As adidas are doing versions of iconic kits, we could get a 78 style collar or perhaps an 86 with shadow hoops.
  6. So what? Don't watch it and don't bother looking at a thread about it. Some of us, who have daughters, or even just know a woman or two, appreciate the effort, talent and achievement that has got the Scottish women to a place the men have failed to get for 20 years. And yes, the players in general are not as athletic as the men but hey ho that's how it is., get feckin over it. Have you been watching the Paralympians this week and shouting that they are not as fast as Usain Bolt or Mo Farah.
  7. RC Lens show us what an Umbro Jags strip might look like.
  8. New Albion Rovers shirt. A cracker in my opinion.
  9. Away from the Story of the Blues, Dunfermline have released their new strip - a tribute to their cup winning team of 68.
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