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  1. Thanks so much Nobby. I'm actually heading to London next week. Let me know what part you're in.
  2. A general sense of superiority and ownership. Well I didn't specifically say it was about being in the union. But I don't think it's a coincidence that a country that's not quite a country and is in the unusual position of being 'governed' by a neighbouring country suffers from a failure mentality. It's really not a normal position to be in in the first place. The British are well known for their psychological warfare so due to our position in relation to them (geographically, politically, socially, etc) I have no doubt that our national psyche bears the burden. An everyday example was on Friday at around 7pm I went on the BBC sport site to check our line up and there was nothing about the game. But of course, after suffering a disappointing defeat it was featured as the top story through into the next day. I do agree with you that we're in a vicious cycle though. And I think the best starting point is to question the old narrative that we're shite and our players are shite and we're losers etc etc.
  3. We weren't successful. We had better players at the time but never even made it past the group stage of any tournament, often due to calamitous results. I would suggest that it's 'lazy', and self defeating to say that we definitely have a 'serious psychological problem' but to assume that we've mainly just invented it ourselves. See above, we had great players in previous decades but still never achieved anything on a competitive level beyond qualifying for tournaments. And if we really don't give a toss about England then why are they regularly referenced on this forum, usually as some sort of bench mark of how things are done? Absolutely. Scotland is full of people who subscribe to the British establishment view. This is the biggest problem we face, one from within. And the Scottish press are barely even Scottish. And the players reading this stuff is just the tip of the iceberg. If you have a whole stadium of people who have directly, or indirectly been regularly exposed to this viewpoint, and furthermore a whole nation of people, then it's no surprise that any kind of international success is affected by it. I would imagine that every one of us, despite supporting Scotland, has at least at one point made a joke to a non-supporter about how shit we are just to conform to social convention.
  4. Well for starters they are all technically British athletes.
  5. As daft as international eligibility may be, you still only have at your disposal players with a Scottish link, whereas with club football you can buy literally any player on earth that your club can afford. So from this point of view, supporting a club team is basically just supporting a business.
  6. Yeh but at the end of the day it's all about money and what players you can afford. It's just a big business. With international football it's different because the only players you have at your disposal are the ones eligible to play for their country.
  7. They want us to say that about ourselves. I think we should always challenge that belief.
  8. Totally agree. And can never get my head around how people can loath the opposite side of their city so much.
  9. I believe that Scotland has taken the fullest force of England's psychological shaming and humiliation over the years as they have perceived Scotland as their biggest threat. That rugby match was a good example of Scotland ALMOST beating England. As was our last football match against them. I would argue that these are prime examples of us lacking belief.
  10. Couldn't agree more. I've been preaching this for some time. It's all psychological.
  11. Dogbiscuit

    New kit

    I loved the 2014/15 home strip with the silver. Also like the 94-96 tartan one (last season's effort at tartan looked a bit tourist tat though so watch out for that). And white sleeves can GTF!
  12. You're right. Will need to put 'boys' last so that it rhymes.
  13. We'll be coming, we'll be coming, we'll be coming down the road! When you hear the noise of the tartan army boys, girls, men, women, non-binary, poly & trans genders... We'll be coming down the road!
  14. To be fair, we've been subtly brainwashed into being this way for a very long time. So it's not our fault. But we need to change it.
  15. The biggest problem we have is a psychological one. You can't win anything without belief, and too many people in Scotland believe that we can't do things. Here's an interesting article: https://wingsoverscotland.com/sliding-out-doors/
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