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  1. Dodgy ref . Check opponents sent off . Check Half time injury time goal . Check penalty - check only need Broon acting the dick and Lenny spitfiring round Hampden then falling over after being struck by a flying sweetie wrapper for the full Ceptic Bingo
  2. So Mcginns no super after aw who’d have thunk and McKenna and Shinnie not international class
  3. Scottish football needs investigated money’s changing hands with officialdom
  4. Vile secretarian singing from Ceptic scum and Lennon hopefully will be hauled up for entering field of play HMFC deserved to take something from that but hey ho bent referee Rentokil hosing down the Roseburn stand now HHGH
  5. Can never criticise a man for trying to better himself
  6. Hibs gave presentations in Eire recently promoting their Irish roots - really not helping are they and of course they are responsible for inventing celtic after all
  7. Im sure James Kelly MSP will raise the secretarianism and coin throwing at parliament as he did with the Lennon coin throwing incident
  8. Mods remove Mighty from title of thread it’s just a riddy
  9. Get the plastic pitches oot If clubs want to keep them demote them from next season Boyd just needs the plastic to support his weight
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