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  1. Brassrubber

    The Mighty Celtic...

    any terrorist songs ringing round the stadium - will no doubt be headlines tomorrow
  2. Why no discussion on the hibs fans attacks on Hearts fans Hearts goalie ,linesman - constant throwing of objects - flying tricolours wrecking the ladies toilets but concentrate on one coin hitting a conman on the jacket ?
  3. Poor show from Hearts reserves dropping 2 points to Celtic Lite hopefully no more injuries from being kicked about by their big fizicul hoofers
  4. Brassrubber

    league cup

    what did Bartley the beast get for hole fingering ? Ceptic player feigned injury like most of his team
  5. Brassrubber

    league cup

    It should be compulsory to squeeze that bellend Sutherland
  6. Brassrubber

    league cup

    Some ceptic soap dodgers in wrong end - whole terrorist song book from vast majority of their scummy support - stay classy
  7. El Classico 5 1 the big team too easy
  8. Brassrubber

    league cup

    Is that you Willie ?
  9. Brassrubber

    league cup

    Column did his job perfectly - he sensed ceptic struggling to score and stepped in with the “penalty” the booking of McLean in the 1st minute on the non existent elbow to the Swedish gimp set the tone as it was so it will always be
  10. Did Lennon celebrate the win ?
  11. Brassrubber

    Spain England

    World beaters again - aye right very fortunate result aided by a very dodgy ref
  12. Brassrubber

    Jensen Weir

    you should be on the circuit
  13. Brassrubber

    Portugal match thread

    3 goals in 3 games for Naisy eh Leigh ?
  14. Brassrubber

    Portugal match thread

    Missing Souttar
  15. Brassrubber

    SFA Official Laughing

    Was it over exuberance ?