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  1. Brassrubber

    Europa league qualifiers

    Hubz are shit likesy
  2. Brassrubber

    Russia 2018

    They don’t like it up em Pike
  3. Brassrubber

    Russia 2018

    If croatia play in their chequered strips they will win - simples ingurland are the worst team by far of the 4 left their defence is shyte
  4. Brassrubber

    Russia 2018

    Lots of swedes out here in Spain gutted for them - the Morris dancers were outnumbered and particularly perturbed by the Scottish holidaymakers singing we fhekin hate England France and Belgium are too good for their anti football
  5. Brassrubber

    Russia 2018

    It’s comin home πŸ˜•
  6. Brassrubber

    Russia 2018

    Their defence will let them down sooner or later they will have hibsed it after getting all confident
  7. Will be good to see Armstrong move up a level
  8. Brassrubber


    On the bright side the brigadoon brigade got to wear their feathers in 2 new stadiums
  9. Brassrubber

    Ticket Collection

    Hopefully it was handy for the sfa staff though 😎
  10. Brassrubber

    Squad for Mexico and Peru

    Wee fat louey πŸ˜‚ stop already The games up the pole
  11. Ceptic the most dishonest team in world football
  12. Nobody Hibsed it better Allan should be off - Hubz over fyzicul and diving as usual - poor hubz crowd - seville calculator will be borrowed for the attendance
  13. Disgusting terrorist songs all game today from ceptic - strange people who were born in one country but wish they had been born in another . Thank feck Brown has retired from international football - absolute bellend.
  14. Brassrubber

    Celtic vs Sevco

    Plug was offside when he shot whether it crossed the line or not justice was done