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  1. Aye, but that's simply not true. There's two Ronaldos. I'm not even sure to which you are referring. 🤠
  2. You weren’t very respectful of the death of Michael Collins or what he achieved during his life. In fact, you basically said he lied and was part of a worldwide conspiracy. 🤔
  3. Guarantee BBC panels will still feature them, probably at expense of any Greens.
  4. Works both ways. I remember walking away from Rugby Park after the Aberdeen cup tie a couple seasons ago and some Aberdeen jaikies proclaiming “get it right up you weegie bastards” Hmm. 🤔
  5. Of course it is! Your generalisation is misinforming people. Anyway, the independence movement has the potential to rip itself apart. I’ll be back when NS gets the ball rolling. I’m genuinely fucked off with the way some are portraying those who put a tick in a box for something they believed in. The arseholes who keep going on about Salmond vanity projects are doing themselves no favours. It’s actually rather insulting to those who believe in what they stand for, as if we were taken in. Once the spirit of ‘14 is back, so will I.
  6. Sorry, not having being called mad. I voted the way I believe. There can’t be regret in that. I voted SNP in Eastwood constituency in the early ‘90s. Was I mad then? Not a snowball’s chance of a seat. Maybe I love a lost cause. Like the guy from the NE (whose name I can’t remember) I think Salmond would have been an asset and a different Indy voice across the country could have helped us.
  7. I don't know what that is, but apparently I've been smoking it. Find that quite insulting. I liked their manifesto (well, the bullet points).
  8. Yeah, cheers. I'm quite disappointed. But number one priority for me is pro-Indy majority. I woke up on Thursday undecided about my list vote. I was aware Alba were unlikely to get enough in south Scotland but decided to go with what I believe in. I believe in a more urgent push for independence. I also believe we need a strong independence alternative to the SNP. Didn't quite take to the SSP in the past and wasn't drawn in by RISE, but hoped ALBA could break through. Oh well, hopefully an Indy majority. And Nicola's initial statements are encouraging, determined to push on with legislation and Johnson will have to go to court to stop. Hopefully all systems go in the not-too-distant future. Onwards and upwards.
  9. The list votes haven’t been counted. How do we know Alba haven’t got any seats? How come there’s so many Ruth Davidsons around here? How the fuck do you know?!
  10. It really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, Ramy. Don't get yourself worked up. I know we're all football fans here and, to a point, I understand your impatience. But come on, big (wee) fella, enjoy your life. Don't stress about it all. Take your dug a walk. Chat to your family. Watch one of your 17 Henrik DVDs. Just don't focus on your team's lack of manager (or rise to DandyDunn).
  11. Someone did it tonight facing a Neymar free kick. Folk here itching to comment but then remember everyone claims to not watch the Champions league!
  12. How do you no know the difference between spelling and grammar?
  13. Have a tick. Well argued. Saves me cos I can’t be arsed.
  14. But that’s surely too high a bar for anyone to live up to. I myself am not perfect and have made mistakes. Are you gonna stop talking to me?
  15. It wasn't a grammatical error, it was a spelling mistake.
  16. “FIFA will need to bab each player” makes sense?
  17. I’m not sure he’s MSP material, but why is he a wank?
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