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  1. This, here, is part of the problem (a large part). A failure to condemn without partaking in a bit of whataboutery. It fuckin stinks.
  2. No, it needs calling out and condemned. This “nothing to see here” attitude is why we’re still discussing shite like this in 2021. Arseholes need to be universally seen as arseholes and not just laughed off as banter merchants. “What are they like, eh?” Too many people IN football and the media laugh it off. It’s time for all fans to condemn the shite. And it is shite.
  3. And here we go round again… the neverending head in the sand of the gun.
  4. Hope the posters above acknowledge their comments were misjudged, especially following the video evidence. It is a fact that large parts of both the Rangers and Chelsea support are vile bigoted arseholes. Continually seeing the calling out of this as being simply a dig at Rangers is just head in the sand stuff. Believe it or not, there’s decent people who really want to see an end to this stuff, regardless of what institutions this may upset. And, worse, to say it’s in any way ‘banter’ is acknowledging its existence but accepting its existence.
  5. In this, I really 100% agree with you. It depresses the hell out of me. With the stories of discarded tests on trains, my own experience of viewing discarded masks everywhere, it confirms the mankiness and inconsiderate nature of people in general. And the lack of adherence to mask wearing is even worse. It just confirms people don’t give a fuck for other people. Takes all I’ve got on the school run to not say anything to those who continually flout the regulations requested by the school.
  6. No need to be arsey, chief. I don’t like it. I’m sad now.
  7. Ok and that’s fine… Glad you’re not manager though. 🙃
  8. He's a different player. McGregor works well with Gilmour and was, arguably, our best player last night and against Serbia.
  9. We really don’t. He’s a good option but why break up Gilmour and McGregor? That’s mental. They complement each other really well.
  10. It wasn’t “just about” cleared, it was cleared! And it didn’t “hit” McGinn, it was very well hooked away by McGinn.
  11. Beemer for the O’Donnell haters. Fuck yees. 🤫
  12. We’re gonna likely get second now and a play/off. Scotland fans, judging by this thread, are a bunch of weirdos.
  13. There’s a big game on Tuesday too. He’s picked the personnel he thinks can win us this game, whilst preserving some legs for Austria too.
  14. A sensible post at last. This thread is an embarrassment and reeks of self-entitlement and delusions of grandeur. The last 40 years we’ve been pish with occasional glimpses of half-decentness. This campaign is not fucked. Still very much in the hunt for second. The team in the second half of a game just three days ago looked decent.
  15. That’s exactly what we don’t need. Did the Danes have a screamer? No, they had 11 guys comfortable on the ball, pass and move, pass and move. And with upper body strength to out muscle our wee guys when it ever got to a one-on-one. As someone said earlier, we really need to get away from the hard man, who shouts loudest, who kicks the ball hardest culture that starts in school. Get that to fuck. You can have a desire to win and and be a motivational teammate without screaming in your defensive partners face.
  16. Disagree entirely. I was watching him, thinking he always plays the correct pass. Our best player by a long way.
  17. Let’s be so Uber-hun we’ll put in huns who aren’t even Scottish and omit McGregor cos he’s a pure kafflic n that.
  18. He’s right though. This is the first time in my adult life I believe that independence won’t happen in my lifetime and it makes me sad. But I truly and very strongly believe we should be a place of refuge for all those that require it, and will never change my view on that.
  19. Thanks. I think we did but it may have just expired. Will check it out. Thanks.👍
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