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  1. Good stuff, Haggis, if indeed that is YOUR real name.
  2. Oh, and before you say I typed that and didn't "say" it, I actually did say it out loud as I typed.
  3. Aye, but it's also written like that, using that spelling. That's all I said.
  4. Indeed. Unionist politicians and wanky unionist phrases seem to go hand in hand. Strong shoulders; what the separatists want; Alex Salmond would have you believe, etc etc.
  5. Cool, no worries. Back on topic, Cameron's "let's be clear about this" or "let's be absolutely clear on this", before he says anything. Basically saying he's right, every other opinion is wrong. If we have another opinion it's cos we don't understand what he does. To be honest, loads of politicians do it, but cameron says it all the bloody time.
  6. Hi, Anyone got, or know of, an agent who works with screenplays and is looking for new clients? I was thinking one of our more literary inclined TAMBers may have some contacts. DII
  7. Sure I've heard Porpiss from our southern friends. No idea how they get that pronunciation. As Huddersfield says, I don't think Northerners say that, think they're good porpoys folk, through and through.
  8. Ha-ha, yeah that's another one. I was watching Only connect recently and they had things that were supposed homonyms and they sounded totally nothing like each other as we would pronounce them. Was similar to saw and door example.
  9. Is it only sports commentators who use the phrase just about to mean just? Surely just about means almost? "He just about kept that in," means he nearly did, but it's overwhelmingly used to mean he just did. Rips my knitting but maybe I'm wrong. Just (just about) seems wrong.
  10. Is it a recent thing or have some folk always called them tor-tisses? Hardly anyone calls them tortoises now.
  11. Anyone who takes milk in tea is a weirdo. Granted that's most people. But we live in strange times. Milk? In tea? Eurgh!
  12. Fair enough, I get that. But many DO do as you suggest. I saw tweets from my home Yes group, Yes East Ayrshire, who were in attendance (or at least some of them were). This suggests that, far from uneducated Tommy hangers-on, there were very knowledgable people there who also go chapping doors as well, and who spent days and nights convincing people to vote yes during the official campaign period. But avenues to do positive work are much narrower now and I see no reason why people taking to the streets is necessarily cringe-inducing. It needn't be. I personally am a member of the SNP, respect a lot of the work of the Greens too, but find it a bit off that those who choose to support more radical groups are so easily written off. There seems to be an instant dismissal of them and denigrating them for being ignorant "Tommy-followers".
  13. Wasn't there myself but have to say I'm disappointed in the negative reaction to it. Some have been using the word "cringeworthy" to describe it. Now, I wasn't there and perhaps it was, but I think for those to describe it thus from afar is a bit off. Surely its aim is to keep the objective of independence to the forefront of people's minds and to show that we're not going anywhere and won't settle for the status quo. I personally don't understand why this, people marching in support of a continuing goal of independence for their country, can be called cringeworthy. At least these people care enough to keep the drive going and to try to maintain the momentum. This belittling of their efforts is worrying as it may suggest a dwindling in support. (May do).
  14. Jamie McLaren just scored for Brisbane roar. Aussie born but apparently played for our u19s. Get him in squad!
  15. 1. What do European (and other metric-using) countries call the 18-yard line and 6-yard line? I suppose they could just call the 18-yard box the penalty box or something, but do they use 18 yard and 6 yard in their terminology? 2. Why do Guyana, French Guiana and Surinam not play in CONMEBOL? I guess a colonial thing, where by being, until recently, colonies of Britain, France and Netherlands they were more similar to Caribbean countries and are therefore in CONCACAF for that reason. But don't know. And if that is the case, why no moves to move confederation in recent times? (I think status of French Guiana is still a French overseas territory?? but the others are independent states??)
  16. If it hasn't been mentioned yet (too lazy to read three pages' worth of comments) how about Fight The Power by Public Enemy, especially if playing in the PDC against any sex pests.
  17. Tom Joad in Grapes of Wrath. To his ma. "I'll be there..."
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