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  1. Told you, should've had camera crew following him. Just need to film the journey retrospectively. Only question is... who would play Ramy? A narcissistic, fun-loving, quick to anger wee man.
  2. Yeah, I know, I get that. I just don't think it's a huge thing. What do the angry people expect, that he didn't give a monkeys when he was at his previous club? That he was just biding his time till Dundee (club of his dreams) came along? Anyway, I don't care either way. Do Dundee fans on here care?
  3. I'm not so sure. Surely it's a good thing he passionately cares about winning with his current employer?
  4. Bloomin' eck, I'm a 50-year-old man and I remember that joke from primary school.
  5. A fairly valiant defence, to be honest, argued quite convincingly. However, it is strikingly clear from your posting history, as Slasher has mentioned, that you are inarguably a hun. Guilty as charged. Own it. πŸ₯Έ
  6. Fair play to you, Ramy, for keeping a straight face as you do your staring off into the distance pose. Hope you're having a good holiday. Durhams great, lived there for three years.
  7. Can't help but feel a film crew should be following the Ramy tour. Opportunity missed. We'll just have to suffer countless selfies no doubt.
  8. It doesn't sound like "sex pest" behaviour. Inappropriate probably, but you don't know the exact background. Like it or not, colleagues have affairs, signals get misread. Nothing illegal or particularly that bad happened. And I'm quite prudish myself! You have an agenda, just admit it.
  9. You keep saying this but it's not true. Weird behaviour.
  10. Just by the by, and at risk of being called a tofu-munching weirdy green, I'd ban all "fishing" of lobster and crab. Seeing how they are treated is an eye-opener. Hope a giant lobster mutates one day and takes its revenge on disgusting humanity.
  11. It's fuckin' heartbreaking, isn't it? From c.2013-2017 I felt we were on the way to becoming a more ambitious, outward looking nation. Genuinely excited at the prospect. Don't see it in my lifetime now.
  12. Problem is, I don't see evidence of the SNP softening their stance on this. Most distance themselves from associating with the other independence parties, with some openly ridiculing and abusing them. The presence of a small number of SNP reps at the AUOB may be a step in the right direction?
  13. ...as evidenced by the direction of this very thread just a few posts down! πŸ˜„ Two nationalists and republicans calling each other names for not being nationalist or republican enough. What are we like? Own worst enemies.
  14. Fight inequality, don't meekly accept. You're so right. As for finding a suitable way of electing a president, give me an afternoon and I could think up a fair way. Let's stop lack of imagination stopping us progressing.
  15. I don't buy the "I can't think of an alternative and don't trust any politicians so what the heck let's keep the outdated, privileged, lottery of birth, toffee-nosed arseholes as our betters forever to rule over us" argument. we can do better.
  16. I'd ban tattoos on everyone (except Lyndon Dykes)
  17. I had a thing with my digital alarm clock where, if I looked and the display read 17.07 I had to give it the finger, if it was 13.14 I would do a thumbs up. I had lots of other strange touching OCD-esque stuff. I don't now. πŸ˜€ Actually, when I'm really nervous they start to reappear. Last minutes of a Scotland game, I'm up to all sorts.
  18. Then you've not really been paying attention. Up here, the issue has attached itself to either party to some extent. No idea what your Glencoe comment means.
  19. πŸ˜„ As others have said, you twist and turn yourself outside in in finding the logic to counteract any perceived slight on the SNP. As the initial point being made stated, it's completely a recent phenomenon and totally aimed at those who question the trans stuff. Never "withdrawing their labour" to protest x-rated content with excessive swearing or violence or insensitive material. Just bullying of those who have genuine concerns re women's rights, in relation to this one niche issue.
  20. But why would he go back to the same place? If anything, he's the idiot.
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