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  1. Been out for a couple of hours and haven’t found and TA Bars. Where’s the party?
  2. EMail was To confirm allocation for Hungary is not being increased, Hungarian FA have refused the request. Not ideal.
  3. They are sending out an email after 4 today. If you’ve not changed the settings you won’t it. Should be with us soon. Interested to hear what they say,
  4. Given it appears at this stage there will be a lot of fans with no tickets, does anyone know where we can congregate in the city centre to watch the game? Hopefully we will get extra tickets and this won’t be required but good to be prepared just incase. 👍
  5. Booked Edin-Brussels-Budapest on Monday, back wed Bud-Berlin-Glasgow , £150 all in. Staying Heritage Home Appartments, £50 each for 2 nights. How much for a beer there? haven’t had time to look yet.
  6. It's not too bad, always take the sleeper, love sitting at a real table and chairs on a train with a few drinks. To be fair you need a drink if your a light sleeper. Also ensures a cracking sleep on Friday night on way back home.
  7. Any TA on this train Thursday night? We will be in the buffet car for probs most of the journey , decent bottles at decent prices. Stay up as late as possible to annoy the guy if you are on it.
  8. Euston Tap is one of my favourite boozers, tiny , 15 craft ales and beers on tap, reasonably priced, reasonably welcoming for kilt clad wanderers, 2 seconds from Euston station. Other great beer pubs - craft beer company, a few places across the city, about 25 hand pulled pumps with amazing beer, from £3 - £10 a pint, - brilliant. Draft house, close to the tower, sells unpasteurised pilsner urquell,. (Tankovna), tremendous. Always found London to be slightly cheaper than Glasgow to drinkdecnet beer. If you think it's expensive you either hover go out or only drink in yer Hoose. Can't wait for the 11th.
  9. Sleeper from Glasgow on Thursday night, few beers in the buffet car , kip, wander round London 6.30 -9 , in for a few beers, lunch, beers , game, sleeper back on Friday night. Perfect.
  10. Last 2 seats together in 44, row 7. Last two seats together in that section. 7 other single seats available. Must be all TA in these sections now. Can't wait.
  11. alrighty, afraid your a couple of hours too late for this now, we changed plans today, getting last flight Monday night for£15 and staying at the airport , works out same price all in and gives me a few more hours beer time. Sorry mate.
  12. Me and the Mrs driving from Gourock to Stanstead to catch the 8.30 flight to Bratislava, got 2 spare seats in car down and back (heading back wed night 7.30ish from Stanstead) to split diesel and parking costs. £20 return . £10 each way. Leaving about 10 ish on the Monday night. Only conditions are you will have to listen to crappy music* and possibly a maximum of 2 archers episodes (keep the Mrs happy) *the music will be brilliant by the way. Drop me a line if interested. Can pick up on way if on route.
  13. As above. What's your favourite scotland song. Either actual recorded song or song sung at games. Always loved Cameron's Scorland for me, '82 classic, we can follow the road with a Highway Code, a piece box and a flask . Brilliant. Big trip to Mexico is also played a lot on my walk to the station. Anyone that says Del Amitri , just delete your account .
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