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  1. Sherriffatman

    WHeres the scotland fans

    That would be any, not and.
  2. Sherriffatman

    WHeres the scotland fans

    Been out for a couple of hours and haven’t found and TA Bars. Where’s the party?
  3. Sherriffatman


    EMail was To confirm allocation for Hungary is not being increased, Hungarian FA have refused the request. Not ideal.
  4. Sherriffatman


    They are sending out an email after 4 today. If you’ve not changed the settings you won’t it. Should be with us soon. Interested to hear what they say,
  5. Given it appears at this stage there will be a lot of fans with no tickets, does anyone know where we can congregate in the city centre to watch the game? Hopefully we will get extra tickets and this won’t be required but good to be prepared just incase. 👍
  6. Sherriffatman


    Booked Edin-Brussels-Budapest on Monday, back wed Bud-Berlin-Glasgow , £150 all in. Staying Heritage Home Appartments, £50 each for 2 nights. How much for a beer there? haven’t had time to look yet.
  7. Sherriffatman

    Gordon Strachan's Interview

    In Gord we trust.
  8. Sherriffatman

    Favourite Scotland song

    As above. What's your favourite scotland song. Either actual recorded song or song sung at games. Always loved Cameron's Scorland for me, '82 classic, we can follow the road with a Highway Code, a piece box and a flask . Brilliant. Big trip to Mexico is also played a lot on my walk to the station. Anyone that says Del Amitri , just delete your account .
  9. Sherriffatman

    Kids clothing?

    What kinda thing you looking for on the t shirts. Might know a man that can help???
  10. Sherriffatman

    Trying To Be Upbeat....

    My mrs sent me a Text today. To be fair I was already up for it . But made me even more so. - I'm right fired up for this tomorrow! I can't wait! We're going to need to play a blinder and shock everyone. Bang in the goals, come out on top and have everyone feeling the pride. I'm singing flower of Scotland at the top of my lungs. I'm proud to be someone who wanted this nation to stand on its own two feet, regardless of the challenges we would have faced. I wanted a better country for my daughter and her peers. I wanted a better country for the future generations. A socialist country for us all to be proud of. No one being left behind. I am proud to have stood up and been counted. Mon the 45!!!!!!!