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  1. Ill answer it for you, No Racism is never acceptable regardless of the number of people involved. The England away support has a number of morons just as i suspect Scotland does although Ill give you ours are far greater in number. I
  2. Not totally sure how "the English" have tried to be morally superior. The reaction to nazi salutes and monkey chanting is justified imho. I didnt see any english fans doing nazi salutes last night. If there are photos, videos etc of English fans behaving like that last night share it with Piers i'm fairly certain he'll condemn it. Last night the Black English players were victims of racism of that there is no doubt
  3. I never said the snp would be divided. The country could well be though, unless it’s a thumping majority for yes. Like I said my old man is thinking of voting Tory ! Strange times !!
  4. For the avoidance of doubt, I'm not proposing any scenario other than a yes independence vote potentially being overuled. Which is a plausible scenario given the shite fest that the leave EU vote has become. I suspect in the event of a yes vote referendum a very similar scenario will play out . The outrage from yes voters would be palpable and rightly so. So why should people who voted leave feel any different ? Parliament was a bear pit on Tuesday and I'm certain Johnson has rightly called her death a tragedy when it happened, but sorry he didn't bring it up in that debate. Jo Cox's constituency voted leave by quite a margin so why is what he said so wrong ? They are all as bad as one another. Using this as a stick to beat him is just the pot having a go at the kettle.
  5. You would think so wouldn't you . I must've imagined Labour playing party politics as half of them wanted to leave and the other half didnt. For the record I voted remain, to say however that's is just the Tories who have made it difficult to leave is laughable. Currently the labour position is, 1. Win a general election when they think they have a chance (not yet though πŸ˜‰ ), 2. Go to Brussels and negotiate a super duper leave deal. 3. come back and Labour MPs campaign for which one takes their fancy, 4. Let the electorate decide in another vote. We had the vote, remain lost. When my old man who has been a trade unionist labour supporter all his life, is talking about voting tory you know the world is a fecked up place !!
  6. Both sides have said some choice things, for labour to claim the moral high ground is a bit rich πŸ˜‰ People are pissed at MPs because they are all a bunch of self serving twats . They are getting abuse because they have not delivered on what people voted for. Picture this board three years after a majority have voted for independence and MPs are now trying to revoke the result of the referendum !!!
  7. I would disagree, Corbyn and McDonnell are much scarier. And who Brought Jo Cox's name into the debate it wasn't the tories. I watched the whole debate. It was labour complaining that the use of "Surrender Bill" meant they were getting death threats. Our democracy is not under threat from the tories. Perhaps the labour party and SNP should go for a general election and stop this raping of our democarcy !!
  8. Work in Stratford so close to the city πŸ˜‰
  9. Next time your in London drop me a message and I’ll buy you a beer explain how we don’t own you and don’t feel in any way superior to you. That is except for your football team πŸ˜‰
  10. I don't doubt your intentions Scotty just your interpretation of the bible. I lost my nephew this year. He was 31 with a 7 month old baby girl. Now he wasn't what you would call religious in any way shape or form but was full of life and in the main a good person. His last act on this planet was to be an organ donor and so far we are up to six lives that he has saved/changed with various organs including a small child. Now according to your belief structure, hes gone to hell (and im genuinely not having a pop here) I just cant see it or believe that to be the case. His last act was to save others (it certainly inspired me to sign the donor register) after a relatively short but good life. If that does send you to hell all my friends and family will be there anyway !!!
  11. All help gratefully received πŸ˜‰ and the best to you and yours
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