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  1. fishcumnock

    league cup

    2 tickets needed dons side with a view , wont sell me if no previous account held , aye sales are slow right enough . sell to people that want to go . blaming it on rangers fans will try and get tickets among dons seating . aye right ,fuck all to do with subscriptions eh ?
  2. fishcumnock

    league cup

    are afc tickets just for sale from membership outlets or can they be bought from club ?
  3. fishcumnock

    Ayr Races

    go into Ayr first then club tickets pick your horses at start of meeting and get a good spot to view. get a breakfast in Hourstons to set you up. might be there myself. enjoy anyway.
  4. fishcumnock

    The Mighty Rangers

    as cheech marin once said im blind,im blind .(joke!)
  5. he shaved , disowned !
  6. 😓 so sad ! 73 no age at all .its only one way now for his brother.
  7. fishcumnock

    BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    Rapallo was good !
  8. Trumpton ? Fire brigade roll call song.
  9. When you're aff a monday and some ass likker tells the gaffer you were pissed on sunday .
  10. fishcumnock

    Wanky Phrases

    Weans in primary 7
  11. fishcumnock

    Best car for snow

    Starlet was my best snow vehicle ,hand brake parking was fun.
  12. fishcumnock

    Wanky Phrases

    Its in torpor!