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  1. fishcumnock

    Ayr Races

    go into Ayr first then club tickets pick your horses at start of meeting and get a good spot to view. get a breakfast in Hourstons to set you up. might be there myself. enjoy anyway.
  2. fishcumnock

    The Mighty Rangers

    as cheech marin once said im blind,im blind .(joke!)
  3. he shaved , disowned !
  4. 😓 so sad ! 73 no age at all .its only one way now for his brother.
  5. fishcumnock

    BBC Documentary about Argentina 1978

    Rapallo was good !
  6. Trumpton ? Fire brigade roll call song.
  7. When you're aff a monday and some ass likker tells the gaffer you were pissed on sunday .
  8. fishcumnock

    Wanky Phrases

    Weans in primary 7
  9. fishcumnock

    Best car for snow

    Starlet was my best snow vehicle ,hand brake parking was fun.
  10. fishcumnock

    Wanky Phrases

    Its in torpor!
  11. Aye, double time!
  12. fishcumnock

    Brendan Rodgers