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  1. Is this why they had the teams base in England, I've heard if it was in Scotland the whole squad would have to isolate.
  2. Went in about half an hour before entry time (meant to be 1pm - 1.30pm) no problem. People weren't following the seating plan, which stewards didn't seem to bother about. The steward at our bit kept telling people to wear masks but was mostly ignored. TBH I felt a bit sorry for her as it was a thankless task. There was a couple of announcements about wearing masks in the second half and people did seem to comply more than before. Also I kept both tickets on one phone and it wasn't an issue, 1st person scans at turnstile hands over phone either before going through or after through the gaps in
  3. And to think the amount of times Charlie Adam used to shoot from the halfway line for Scotland.....
  4. Crocker spends the first fifteen minutes of a game reading out facts, his commentary after that consists of saying player names and repeating the same facts. There is less repetition while playing a game of FIFA. I hate watching ANY game that he is involved in, not because he's English, it's because he's shite.
  5. Has Crock of Shit said "Scotland always do things the hard way" yet? Cos if he hasn't I guarantee the bastard will soon.
  6. I can't guarantee this will work but it does for me with Sky go which also blocks casting to a TV. Download the app on your laptop and stick in an HDMI cable to your TV.
  7. I thought spectators weren't allowed in Hampden tonight, I saw 5 of them wearing Scotland jerseys in the box about a second before Israel scored.
  8. No problem, the only thing I would say about buying a vintage top is that sizing seems to have gotten bigger over the years. I found an old concert t-shirt from the early 90's that I'd never worn so it definitely hadn't shrunk. I'm between L and XL, the t-shirt was XL and I was close to doing an incredible Hulk impression when I tried it on. Skin tight doesn't begin to cover it 😂
  9. https://www.prodirectsoccer.com/p/score-draw-retro-scotland-1996-european-championship-shirt-navy-white-mens-replica-shirts-189623/?gclid=CjwKCAiAwZTuBRAYEiwAcr67OYztShTJ-DsDDJGpz4rlG4IQsn5orzLKJ-V4VeldS_eJiLk7dhUTUxoC4D8QAvD_BwE
  10. What Clarke was able to do as a club manager can't be replicated at International level due to not having the time to work with the players. If a player is an International he should be able to do the basics right, without intensive coaching. That's the biggest problem for me the players, especially at the back, aren't good enough. I think Clarke in a club setting would improve them but that's not the scenario here. I'm not giving up on him yet, but saying he got average players to perform at a high level at Kilmarnock is not comparable to the job he has now.
  11. If watching this shite wasn't bad enough we also have to listen to Crocker doing his old trick of repeating the same facts over and over again.
  12. Sky hasn't even bothered to have folk discussing the game in a studio at half-time.
  13. The light at the end of the tunnel is a train.
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