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  1. mentalist

    New jerseys?

    No problem, the only thing I would say about buying a vintage top is that sizing seems to have gotten bigger over the years. I found an old concert t-shirt from the early 90's that I'd never worn so it definitely hadn't shrunk. I'm between L and XL, the t-shirt was XL and I was close to doing an incredible Hulk impression when I tried it on. Skin tight doesn't begin to cover it 😂
  2. mentalist

    New jerseys?

  3. What Clarke was able to do as a club manager can't be replicated at International level due to not having the time to work with the players. If a player is an International he should be able to do the basics right, without intensive coaching. That's the biggest problem for me the players, especially at the back, aren't good enough. I think Clarke in a club setting would improve them but that's not the scenario here. I'm not giving up on him yet, but saying he got average players to perform at a high level at Kilmarnock is not comparable to the job he has now.
  4. If watching this shite wasn't bad enough we also have to listen to Crocker doing his old trick of repeating the same facts over and over again.
  5. Fucking shambles at the back...again.
  6. Sky hasn't even bothered to have folk discussing the game in a studio at half-time.
  7. The light at the end of the tunnel is a train.
  8. Listen I'm not saying we should go out to lose these games but.....If we finish bottom of the group we are relegated for the next edition of the Nations League, that would put us in with the worst sides in Europe. The overall winner of that bunch would qualify for the World Cup, qualifying in the traditional way would either mean topping the group (no chance) or finishing second and getting through a play-off (pretty unlikely). If we did finish bottom this time there's still a chance to qualify for Euro 2020 by finishing 2nd in the traditional group stage, difficult but easier than having to win a play-off as well. OK losing games would drop the ranking for that group stage but so does arranging games with Holland, Mexico, Peru, Belgium and probably Portugal. Even if teams aren't going to go out and deliberately lose from the off in this new Nations League format, there will be games later on where a team cant qualify for the play-offs but could be relegated. Now whats the point in playing to win if losing gives you a better chance of qualification next time around? You might want to ask the Belgians after the World Cup about that question. And that for me is the biggest problem with this new format, maybe I'm wrong as I've not seen anyone else pick up on it, but when you open the doors of qualification to the shittiest teams don't be surprised if there's a bad smell in the air.
  9. I'm coming to the conclusion that if you chapped on 11 random doors, the occupants would be favourites to play a Scottish team in Europe at this time of year. And BTW if it turned out they were all blokes I'd bet my house on it.
  10. £6.50 from that nice Mr Ashley's shop.
  11. Until I see them first hand I'm reserving judgement on whether to buy but first impressions are.... Home top, not mad keen on the white sleeves but it's the plain panel up the sides that spoils it for me, would have preferred the lines/tartan design to go right round. Liking return to white shorts but prefer red socks. Also does the long sleeved top have white sleeves all the way down or does it revert back to blue? Away top, nothing against pink but like many have said looks like a training top, too plain for my liking.
  12. Get it out before Christmas and there's maybe a slight chance that some kids might find it under the tree. It would make a change from seeing hunders of wee Messis and Ronaldos running about.
  13. mentalist


    I got scunnered when I saw how the words on the big screen had almost no relation to the ones I'd been singing for the last decade.
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