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  1. So you think Dykes is actually quicker than Adams once they are up to full pace? Dykes isnt painfully slow but he doesnt offer anything in behind. Ive never seen any defender even remotely worried about Dykes pace. In fact I cant remember ever seeing Dykes running the channel or bursting past a defender. Whether its over 10 yards or 30. Adams worries defenders with his pace. He isnt lightning quick but defenders sit deeper when against him. I say this knowing its a computer game but more and more games are pretty accurate, the database for FM manager is used by professional clubs nowadays for example. Fifa 23 has Dykes pace at 68 and Adams at 84.
  2. Dykes is nowhere near as quick as Adams. Adams is also much more powerful when running. I like Dykes as an impact sub or even for games where teams are likely to sit deep.
  3. We simply can not play Dykes and try to play the same formation / style. He changes the dynamics of our entire team. On Wed Ukraine's defence had to sit deeper as they were worried about Adams pace in behind. That allowed loads of space for our blocks of 2 and 3 midfielders to operate in. Tonight the ROI back line could push right up. Simply defend against the knock down and as a result our midfield were stiffled. This isnt a criticism of Dykes as such. He is a limited footballer but he has shown he can do a job for us. But it has to be a job he can do. It like playing Crouch and expecting him to run the channells!!!
  4. McTomminay was a clear motm for me but McGreggor was also a top performer. What I would take from being there last night and then watching the highlights was that McGinn is still miles off. There were several times during the game, especially 1st half where the ball either just bounced off him or his passing was really poor. That being said he has the habit of popping up with important goals. Adams is a clear 1st choice starter. He didnt score but offers us so much in terms of being a danger in behind, stretching them and is good at holding the ball up etc. Dykes imo is very limited but thats not neccesarily a huge criticism. He is perfect as an impact sub when the defenders and tired and the shape of the game has been established. Imo if Dkyes starts last night then Ukraine can play much further up the pitch and all of a sudden we are penned in. Hickey was exceptional. Really solid defensively but also came into things going forward as the game went on.
  5. For some reason I get alot of fans pages coming up on my facebook. One of the rangers ones has thr comments section full of things like "points reductions". The irony!!!
  6. Not strictly sectarian by letter of the law tbf but they sing "no surrender" before send her victorious.
  7. Dont disagree with that. I dont understand the thinking behind refusing a request to do something and then not punishing when the club do it anyway. They are also ignoring the clear sectariam lyrics added to GSTQ by a large section of the Rangers support. That in no way takes away from the actions of some Celtic fans though.
  8. Freedom of speech has its limitations. Its always had its limitations and its usually those who are on the extremes in society who try to hide behind or dont understand freedom of speech. Offensive banners and songs are prohibited by Uefa. This shouldnt be difficult to understand.
  9. One thing I dont believe Clarke can be criticised for is not moving players on / introducing younger players. In fact its probably his main strength as a Scotland manager. Look at the number of guys who have came in and done a turn who arent there anymore. Look at the number of younger players who are not only in the squad but have started big matches. Guys like Turnbull and Ferguson are squad regulars now despite not always being the best options in the position. Gilmour, Patterson, Hickey, Brown, Ralston etc etc At International level you have to be very measured. Take Odonnell for example. He did a solid job for Scotland but everybody knew his time would come, however Clarke has kept him in the squad (played him when neccesary) until he was sure that the "potential" right backs were going to fulfil that potential. Now that Patterson and Hickey are playing reguarly at a high level its ok to drop ODonnell and take a risk on somebody like Ralston who many believe wont ever be first choice RB at Celtic and who very well might lose his place to Ramsey further down the line. Drop ODonnell too early and all it would have taken was for Patterson to contunie to not play (as he was last year, Hickey to not play RB (which he only really started doing late last year) or Ralston to lost his place (which happened as soon as others were fit) and suddenly we would have been in a position of going back to Odonnell and trying to somehow install confidence in him that he has the managers trust.
  10. Will there be a minutes silence before the next Scotland game and if so will it be respected?
  11. If every new group of U21s can produce 2 first team starters then the system is working well. If you look at the team recently that has been achieved with Gilmour and Patterson. And although Hickey bypassed the U21s, I would include him in that group. The problem that we have had in years gone by is that it has taken players until they are about 25/26 to break into the team / squad which then leaves a relatively short period in international terms for them to gain experience and make an impact. If you look at most successful Int teams, they have multiple players who have been regulars since they were 21 and younger.
  12. Its hardly top trumps. When comparing players surely you compare what they each bring to the table. Ie nobody mentions Burke without mentioning his pace. Im just interested what you think Taylor is better at.
  13. Its all about opinions but would be interested to hear on what basis? He has played well for the best team in a very poor league where he is very rarely tested and any mistakes are almost never punished. Do you think Taylor could star for Bologna in Italy or Brentford in the EPL? What attributes do you think he has that are better than Hickey? Pace, tackling, shooting, crossing, tactical etc?
  14. Not saying he should be. Only that imo in the event of Robertson not playing that Hickey should be next in line?
  15. During the commentary, it was pointed out how Ajax bring through and play youngsters regardless of age, often as direct replacements for the star player who has just been sold. Whoever the "football pundit commentator" then says that the Old Firm have the pressure of must win games etc etc. Why is it never highlighted that teams like Ajax also need to win pretty much every week aswell.
  16. Should Taylor be ahead of Hickey at left back assuming Patterson starts at right back? Imo Hickey has played at a higher level, currently plays at a higher level and pretty much every single one of his attributes is higher than Taylor. Added that in the event of there being no clear "winner" id always opt for the player with more potential. Again Hickey is that player hands down.
  17. Forest dont play the back 3 the same way we do though. He is much more of a defender for Forest. I think Hickey could play the position but my only fear is that he still favours his left foot, albeit very good on his right. Thats why im surprised that he ia playing RB for Brentford. No doubt a very imprrssive young player though. The debate is much more complicated than many on here make out. Its not just a case of 4 or 5, or wingers / diamond etc. Its about having the players to play these systems and every system or style of play has a possible benefit but also an inherent weakness.
  18. I totally get where you are coming from however Rangers have 2 possible starters in McLaughlin and Wright*. Celtic have 2 likely starters in McGreggor and Taylor. If it was any of the English teams we would be delightled for 2 Scots to be playing Champions League football. Its only disappointing as we would hope with the old firm being Scottish teams there would be more however 2 is better than nothing. Put it another way. This week we could have 4 Scottish players playing in the Champions League who played in Europa last season. Thats an improvement and a benefit to the national team. *I think Wright is rotten and shouldnt be anywhere near Scotland team.
  19. I posted after the Ukraine game that whatever system we use that it needs to suit the players on the pitch. By that I mean that the reason we play back 3 is because of what Tierney brings to the LCB role and what McTomminay brings to RCB. To an extent we can play the same way with either Souttar or Hendry playing RCB however we dont currently have a replacement for Tierney. We try and showhorn in McKenna or Cooper in LCB when they dont offer any of the attributes Tierney does. I suggested at the time that we either need to find somebody who plays the same (but perhaps might not be as good a player as McKenna / Cooper), such as Kingsley at Hearts or we need to scrap the back 3 when Tierneys not available.
  20. A big problem with 4 at the back for us was that our CBs arent good enough on the ball and therefore everything ended up going long. Doesnt matter how many ballplayers you have in midfield if they either dont get the ball (like Ukraine at home) or if they need to come and collect it from the CBs. One of the main reasons why we look more comfortable as a team playing 3 CBs is that 2 of them arent really CBs and are very comfortable on the ball and offer different things. Tierney breaks out of defence and overlaps Robertson. Something teams really struggle to setup against. McTomminay breaks out of defence but more central, allowing space for Patterson to stay wide but also McTomminay is brilliant at the "shaping to spray a pass wide right but then firing it hard and low through the centre, normally to either Gilmour or McGinn. Again teams find it difficult to setup against as they cant play narrow due to Patterson but cant play wide due to leaving pockets of space where McGinn and Gilmour operate. Another good thing with the 3 is the 3rd CB could just be an old school defender. Ball winner etc. Thats why "limited" defenders have looked so good there. Play the same players, ie Gallacher, Halkett, Considine in a back 4 at International level and we are back to being a laughing stock.
  21. Tuchel just made a point about the weakness of the bench in responce to a question about needing new signings before the deadline. If Gilmour isnt demanding a move 1st thing tomorrow then something wrong with him.
  22. I actually dont think it is. Its clear he isnt rated by Tuchel. He is only on the bench because Chelsea have injuries and suspensions. Id rather he was well out in the cold to force a move rather than getting false hope or being kept around for emergencies.
  23. I believe you are thinking of the 1st goal where Kyogo is in an offside position when the initial ball is played through (not to him) but then he gets himself back onside for the next pass. This isnt offside however the 3rd goal he is ahead of the ball when the pass is cut to him so therefore offside. The 4th is blatant. Jota is a good 2 yards ahead of the ball when its played. Go have a look at the goals again on Sportscene.
  24. Im not sure what would be involved in turning the refs pro as its not as simple as just giving them a wage. Are refs in England given a contract length etc? Ie if you become a full time ref and then dont perform well then you cant just be sacked but equally I cant see many people giving up a secure career to be a full time ref if its on a 1 year rolling contract. The standard of refs should be something that the other clubs take a stance on. Will be interesting what happens when VAR comes in because decisions like Sands would either have to be overturned at the time to a sending off or their will be real questions asked. Would the 10 other clubs take a stance though? I cant see it to be honest.
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