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  1. Does anyone know about dates etc for renewal of membership. As we have 3 home games to play now starting in September. Thanks
  2. Don't know if it's the case with you but I had problems with website when using a ipad ..phoned sfa was told to use a lap top or computer and payment went through first time. .....I'm not really into computers so don't know why
  3. Hi guys heard end of brodcast on radio about big Eck trying to persuade a English based player to play for us but didn't catch his name .anyone know any details
  4. If Gordon decides to go what about giving big Sam a go ,I know he has baggage but we don't have a massive list to choose from
  5. Hi I will have if poss will come collect if need to I'm in Lancashire but not problemĀ 

  6. Do you stay Johnstone area to make thing simple
  7. Have just got two comp tickets so I now have two Scotland end tickets (together) for sale , I stay in Johnstone area if you want them before Friday or will try to meet before game
  8. Hi guys a group of us have got tickets ,spread out a bit ,different sections.(including couple teenagers) has any one been to Wembley before ,can you meet up again after going through turnstile ,like hampden,and can we do the usual at away games and meet up again and sit anywere Thanks
  9. Don't think i have been so disappointed,so many poor performances, on such a important night,have been to 90% of home games since mid 80s and at least a couple of dozen brilliant away trips including France 98, sitting on seven points with supporters club don't think any of the young guys will see a big tournament,, take one look at the teams in third place in other groups ,,,think that's me finished, including the money I'm out of pocket for faro
  10. Tickets bought this morning, couldn't have been easier,alongside previously bought tickets for Poland and Germany have to say well done sfa on there website
  11. Eric black for me , has done a good job as assistant to a lot of clubs ,well thought of in game,and obviously a mate of gordons
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