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  1. The Irish Club in Perth, Western Australia My mate is picking me up in an Uber in 55 mins time, can't wait!
  2. Tell me about it, this is the longest days work ever I reckon!
  3. Got to say, that was an awesome series. It had everything and very much beautifully shot. It had battles, intrigue, shock, I could have watched those programs over and over again and picked up something new.
  4. Just watched Ep 7, that was brilliant! I reckon I could watch that episode another couple of times and pick up things: The Wall, the Dragon and the Night King Theon growing his balls back Euron's ploy Cersei's pact with Euron The Hound and the Mountain face off Sansa getting stronger Little Finger killed Auntie shaggin and that's just what I remember from watching it once!
  5. Myself and my missus don't watch the episode until Friday night and also download Thronecast and watch it straight after. Just watched this week's episode, we thought it was a great but picked up on an interesting comment from Kristian Nairn (Hodor) on Thronscast. He said something along the lines of "...he has seen their father - The Mad King, being evil and he doesn't want his sister to go the same way..." when talking about Jaime and Cerci. Strange comment and I reckon that actors would not know the full playout of the plot but why would he say that?
  6. Your plan sounds good, I've not been to Uluru or done a reefsleep but the rest of what you plan is recommended. if you are going to Sydney I wold recommend a night in Katoomba for the Blue Mountains. It just depends what time of the year you are thinking about going. Obviously cyclone season (Nov - Apr) could majorly affect your North Queensland trip but, really they are so few and far between that you would have to be unlucky to be affected by one. This time of year (June - November) is winter/spring and will be pretty cold for NSW, Victoria and South Australia. I wouldn't recommend it but I would also avoid the top of summer (Jan/Feb) so March/April are good times to visit. Regarding stopover, if you wanted to keep it Australian then it would have to be Western Australia or Northern Territory, both of which will give you a great Aussie experience if you wanted to try it. I live in Perth so I am biased for WA, down south you have some great wine areas like Margaret River, closer to Perth you have Swan Valley wine area and Fremantle and north you have some great beaches and gorges in the Kimberley's and area around there. NT is great for real proper Aussie experience, Kakadoo is something special and quite a bit of an Asian influence. PM me if you need more details.
  7. I think it will be interesting when Jon Snow meets Daenerys, he has Targaryen blood in him so perhaps some kind of dragon reaction or not being affected by fire or something like that cold be on the cards? I also think Theon/Yara are not done yet.....
  8. There were two Australian victims, one of them was from South Australia where the game was being played. There was no breakdown in communication, the Saudi's were fully briefed well before the game that a minutes silence would be held and what the formalities were to be but decided shortly before kick off that they would not line up at the centre circle. They have issued an apology today for any offence this may have caused.
  9. Martigues is a lovely wee town close to Marseille
  10. I saw them a few months ago, great gig but the vocal acoustics in the stadium were poor. If the venue is half decent then should be good.
  11. I think I still have a couple of hundredweight of it in the house.....
  12. I lived in Copenhagen for 5 years up to 2012, it might have changed a bit since then but some I have jotted down some tips from my time there based on advice that I have given to others on here when visiting the city: Touristy wise I would recommend the canal tour from Nyhavn, it is the best way of seeing a large part of the city in the space of an hour. Other tourist things: - Church of our Savior - Christianshavn, spiral staircase on the outside of the spire, great view - Round Tower, also a good view from the top - Christiania - hippy drugs commune - Royal Palace & Marble Church - Resistance Museum - they have the execution posts used during the Nazi occupation which is pretty eerie - Little Mermaid, the statue itself is probably the most disappointing tourist attraction I have seen but there are a number of other statues around it which make up for walking out there, especially the Gefion fountain across from the big Maersk building which is pretty impressive My favourite Pub is Charlie Scotts on Skindegade, its a jazz pub but don't worry, I dont really have much time for jazz so I stuck to the downstairs pub where most of the expats hang out. Charlie himself is from Edinburgh and is a great laugh if he is serving. Other decent pubs are: Dubliner on Amagertorv, Irish pub with music most nights. Owner is from Biggar. Charlies Bar on Pilestraede, english beer pub, great beer of tap Moose Bar, student pub, bit of a dive but cheapest bar in town McJoys Choice on Nyhavn, a mock Scottish pub but at least has Scottish staff. Expensive. Irish Rover on the main walking street, good fun, music most nights The Globe at Norreport, another Irish Pub, good food and good for sport Southern Cross on Longangstaerde, a great wee pub and worth the visit, an Aussie pub, very smoky but good pub Rosie Mcgees on Vesterbrogade, good food, the nightclub gets quite lively at the wekend but quite expensive. Fermentoren on Halmtorvet, all small local brewery beers on tap, no Carlsberg here! Avoid The Scottish Pub at all costs, it is crap and nothing Scottish about it! Nightlife wise then I would suggest any of the above, most places will be open till 5am at least and often they wont even shut. If you are walking around the streets at that time trying to find somewhere then try The Viking House, its across the road from The Irish Rover on the main walking street, an alright place but only at 5am in the morning! Food wise: -Vessuvio on the main square beside Tivoli: Italian -Mama Rosa on the main walking street: Does everthing - Peder Oxe on Grabrodretorv: Good food and also a really good bar - there is a street called Laederstrade behind the Dubliner with loads of good cafes For cheap eats, CPH is not cheap for anything but if you want cheap and cheerful then I loved the Shawarma House towards the end of the main walking street, great kebabs! I would avoid eating or drinking on Nyhavn, it is very pretty and worth a visit but everything is overpriced and average quality. When I lived there, it was common place for people to finish work and head to Nyhavn to drink six packs of beer by the waters edge if the weather was nice, out door drinking is pretty much encouraged there! On the opposite side of the square from the top of Nyhavn you will see the start of the main walking street (Stroget), it is the longest pedestrian street in Europe, head up that street and you will be heading into the main action area. The street carries on for 2-3 miles, the Dubliner is half way down. Christianshavn and Islands Brugge are also nice to walk around. Don't waste your time going to Malmo, yes it is quite quirky to take a train across the bridge to another country but it really doesn't have anything compared to Copenhagen. PM me if you want any more details as I could write loads of stuff!
  13. I have the same kind of car, the automatic gear lever returns to the upright position when you shift it between Park, Reverse, Neutral and Drive and an illuminated letter on top of the lever tells you which you have engaged. It seems that some people have been caught out when putting the car in what they think is Park but it has actually been in one of the others, as the automatic bake will not engage then the car will roll away. I personally always engage the manual parking brake as well when I get out of the car just in case.
  14. This is a tough one, so many to choose from and some of the below are picked based on good times I have had in them many years ago. Sometimes it is the mates you are out with or people you meet in there that makes it a great pub rather than the venue itself. Charlie Scott's, Copenhagen The Boat Bar, Copenhagen (now sadly closed) The Southern Cross, Copenhagen The Park Bar, Glasgow Little Creatures, Fremantle
  15. The Keg, Inverness The Clachan Bar, Stornoway Annie Miller's, Glasgow Brazenhead, Glasgow Fenians, Perth, Western Australia
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