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  1. So to conclude England are dangerous from set plays and the penalty spot. Well organised and a bit stuffy. Difficult to break down. Lacking creativity in the middle of the park and up front in opem play. A bit like burnley in the premier league. Not really a team likely to make it to another semi final.
  2. oops. that was a bit c#ntish of me
  3. Neville Neville (the dad) us the biggest cunt. if ever there was a case for compulsary sterilisation on the nhs.....
  4. Never been short of world class c#nts though. The current team have lingard, sterling, ali, kane, and Ashley Young. Recent c#nts have included Hart, Rooney, Terry, Gerrard, Phil Jones. The all time list of c#nts has Lineker, Shilton, Seaman, Shearer, beckam , gary neville, phil neville, scholes and jamie redknapp. A special mention for clive tydsley as well. ........Well played croatia.
  5. gusmac

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    I think he'll do a better job than strachan. we scored a fair few goals from set pieces in the 2007 campaign and if he can bring this back then who knows.....a decent start and some momentum is imperative. Hope he fuck8ng has a great run at it.........still not renewing with ssc.
  6. gusmac

    Thanks Gordon

  7. gusmac

    Thanks Gordon

    Is this guy thanking strachan for losing 2-1 to germany?
  8. gusmac

    Next Scotland Manager ?

    Frankie Boyle in tandem with kevin bridges please. The last three have been comedians.......
  9. gusmac

    Strachan's gone

    The omission of griffiths from the starting 11 in those first 4 games ....given his form and goals record....its just fking bananas.
  10. gusmac

    Match thread

    The first four games killed us. The team are unbeaten in 2017 and have missed out on a play off place by goal difference. Had this been Strachans first campaign he'd be staying. But its not....I can't see the Sfa giving him the shove. I think its 50-50 at the moment. He might be sick of it and pack it in.....or not. If he wants to continue he'll point out the positives and they'll give him another 2 years. But a lot of his stalwarts are coming to the end....brown, fletcher, morrison and he might think the next crop coming through aren't any better.
  11. gusmac

    Match thread

    theyve been terrible 2nd half...need a miracle.....or 2 quick freekicks on the edge of their box
  12. gusmac


    credit to strachan and the team for taking it to the last game after a terrible start to the campaign. im not his biggest fan but both subs had a big impact and were instrumental for the goal. I've been very pessimistic about our chances......but here we go again. Winning is a great habit.....could we get n. ireland if we make the playoffs?
  13. gusmac

    To stay or go?

    I think its very likely he'll be gone after the next two games. cannot see 6 points from this group. especially with the injuries. If it does happen and we get to a playoff the sfa will be on their knees sucking him off.
  14. gusmac

    Tonight not a must win

    pretty sure England lost to croatia in 2007 at home that stopped them qualifying. mclaren was manager.