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  1. I thought Costa Rica looked pretty decent when they beat us in March, and considering that a lot of our players are Championship level... It's hard to imagine Panama are up to much, but they did qualify ahead of the USA.
  2. If you mean it's not a valid comparison because Panama and Costa Rica are two of the worst teams going to the World Cup, then fair enough. If not, then I'm not sure what you're point is.
  3. Stupid comment. Saudi Arabia have got nothing to do with it. USA aren't going to the world cup, and none of the England players play in the Championship. Both leagues have a similar number of foreign International World-Cup-standard players
  4. According to the squad lists on wikipedia , as things stand, there are 22 MLS players going to the world cup (including 2 Peru players last night), and 23 Championship players going. I would take that to mean the standard in both leagues is roughly the same.
  5. davew

    David Bates

    I think he might have gambled that Hamburg were going down. Hamburg are a bigger club than Rangers IMO, and the Bundesliga is a huge step up from the SPFL. He wouldn't have got a game. He surely will now, and at a standard similar to what he's used to. If things go well, in one years time, he'll have settled in to life in a different country, learned some German, established himself in the team, and be ready for a crack at the Bundesliga.
  6. davew

    David Bates

    I just had a quick look at the world cup squad lists. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_FIFA_World_Cup_squads There are 5.5 Bundesliga 2 players going, and 6.5 SPFL players going (the half is Jamie Maclaren). Backs up my own opinion that, despite having a very professional setup, the standard of football in the Bundesliga 2 is not a higher level.
  7. Obviously his form has improved or he wouldn't be getting player of the month awards, I'm just saying it normally takes a 25 year old a bit more than a few months of good form to force his way into the Scotland squad.
  8. I have no problem with us having at look at him, but it's not the club he plays for that's working against him, so much as the fact that he couldn't hold down his place in an English 4th tier team last season.
  9. davew

    David Bates

    Hamburg need 13 points from 5 games to be safe. 10 points from 5 games might be enough for the play-off. The problem is, they've won only 1 game all season away from home and they have 3 away games still to play. The way I see it, they're maybe capable of winning 1 away game and 2 home games. Hamburg are 99.99% relegated already. But that's not a bad thing for David Bates. He'll get game time, and Bundesliga II is a fairly high standard, and a very competitive league.
  10. It's hard to tell how high the standard is, but I reckon it's a higher standard than the Championship. It seems Danny Wilson hasn't made much of an impact though. Sam Nicholson has scored a goal already, but also not a big impact so far.
  11. Seems Johnny Russell has made a good start in the MLS. Scored his second goal last night and picked up MOTM.
  12. You can find them on whoscored under player statistics -> detailed -> category saves Apparently Archer has made 13 saves from shots within the 6 yard box this season which is the 2nd best in the league. So, it seems he has good reactions. Total saves #3 Angus Gunn 122 #6 Jordan Archer 112 #9 Alan McGregor 104
  13. Experimenting with right backs is probably something we need to do. Not sure right back would suit Fletcher though. I think we could try Fraser, Forrest, Phillips, or even McArthur.
  14. I don't see much reason for optimism either. Playing Matt Phillips up front was depressing. 3-5-2 is horrible and doesn't suit us at all. Pretty much agree. Except, you've missed out the core of the current Celtic team. Having 6 players playing together at Champions league level is a big plus.
  15. I agree with all of the above. Paterson is big, strong, athletic, good in the air, scores goals, and creates chances. But he isn't a good enough defender to play in defence, and he isn't good enough technically to play in midfield. Unless McLeish is desperate to fit him in due to his goal threat, it's hard to see him getting many starts for Scotland.
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