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  1. He’s probably knackered given he’s played 69 games this season.
  2. I would say we need 6 from 6 against Russia after the Kazakhstan debacle. They won’t drop points to anyone else other than Belgium.
  3. Strange comment when it was Robertson that lost his man for the goal. Both McKenna and Mulgrew were fairly solid.
  4. Really?? I thought McGinn was largely anonymous..... again.
  5. Can’t judge Moyes on his spell at Man U given how they have fallen and guys like Van Gaal and Jose have t exactly done well. Same with Sunderland who are and have been an absolute basket case of a club for a long time.
  6. Absolutely horrific.
  7. Baz


    Let’s be honest here, we can’t blame the SFA for everything. A huge proportion of the blame lies with the clubs. We hold our own at u16-u18 but it goes to shit by 21’s. It’s not the SFA that’s coaching these players it’s the clubs. Rangers & Celtic should be embarrassed, probably more so Rangers given their previous financial woes by the lack of homegrown talent currently in their first team. The path from promising youth to first team in Scotland is blocked by foreign journeymen and league 1/2 rejects. Players at 17/18 need to be involved with the first team to aid their development but how often do we see that? We need to introduce a way to stop this happening. The old foreigner rule was frustrating but when you look at the demise of the national team and club football in Scotland since it’s been gone their is def an argument for something to be brought in.
  8. He’s also rank rotten as a manger 😂
  9. Baz

    Strength in depth

    He was very much an opportunistic signing. He became available and MCCall moved quickly to sign him, don’t imagine we had the budget to offer him the same terms over 2years or that he would’ve taken the risk of signing on for more than a season since we were widely tipped to be relegation fodder.
  10. It’s not just 2 slack passes though. It may only be 2 that have cost goals but he gives the ball away time and time again. granted he’s good in the tackle. honestly think he’s one of the most overrated players in this crop.
  11. Baz

    Strength in depth

    Ross Doohan at Ayr, top of he championship on loan from Celtic. Signed a new long term deal with Celtic this year. He has a load of clean sheets this year and played for the U21’s at Toulon over the summer. Better prospect than Mcrorie.
  12. Nobody. McGinn has been a waste of a jersey so far for us.
  13. Baz

    Christian Panucci

    Yip. Bertie was the gaffer too.
  14. I know, I just couldn’t be arsed scrolling back up through all the other posts to find the original post about the lack of Scottish right backs.
  15. We should be calling up Liam Smith from the U21’s.
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