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  1. This definitely on Netflix? I just searched it but nothing came up.
  2. 😁😁 i was only 8 at the time. My pre-match drink was a bit different by the time i attended my first away game 9 and a half years later.👍🏻
  3. First home game - Argentina in 1990, McKimmie 1-0 First away game - England in 1999, Hutchison 1-0
  4. Good to know. If asda staff ever have a mass walkoot then ill ken to pop to the Musselburgh store for my messages.
  5. Block 132 Row 33 for me. 45 quid tickets.
  6. I might have believed that had he been a Liverpool supporter. I doubt any fans outwith celtic supporters associate that song with them.
  7. Huge game. Should be a great atmosphere, although i doubt the hibs fans will be able to sell out the home sections. Only managed it once since the new east stand was built.
  8. League titles - Draw Scottish cups - Heart of Midlothian League cups - Aberdeen Defunct european trophy - Aberdeen Larger fanbase - Heart of Midlothian
  9. [quote name="Bristolhibby" post="243747" timestamp="1448138070 It sets a precedence where we will be singing other countries anthems every other week. J Just a normal saturday for old firm fans then.
  10. Less than 8,000 there tonight. Looks like the hibs support isn't buying into the title challenge.
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