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  1. NEILY1314

    First Scotland games

    😁😁 i was only 8 at the time. My pre-match drink was a bit different by the time i attended my first away game 9 and a half years later.👍🏻
  2. NEILY1314

    First Scotland games

    First home game - Argentina in 1990, McKimmie 1-0 First away game - England in 1999, Hutchison 1-0
  3. NEILY1314


    6,850 aberdeen fans. Great turnout.
  4. Good to know. If asda staff ever have a mass walkoot then ill ken to pop to the Musselburgh store for my messages.
  5. I might have believed that had he been a Liverpool supporter. I doubt any fans outwith celtic supporters associate that song with them.
  6. Huge game. Should be a great atmosphere, although i doubt the hibs fans will be able to sell out the home sections. Only managed it once since the new east stand was built.
  7. What capacity is this new stadium going to be?
  8. League titles - Draw Scottish cups - Heart of Midlothian League cups - Aberdeen Defunct european trophy - Aberdeen Larger fanbase - Heart of Midlothian
  9. [quote name="Bristolhibby" post="243747" timestamp="1448138070 It sets a precedence where we will be singing other countries anthems every other week. J Just a normal saturday for old firm fans then.
  10. Out of interest, which team had the larger following that day?
  11. Less than 8,000 there tonight. Looks like the hibs support isn't buying into the title challenge.
  12. Whats the argentina chant all about?
  13. I' m sure they must have arranged a re-union dinner for that great hibs side that won three points.
  14. Sunday will be strange for aberdeen. They cant be used to playing in a full stadium when the match doesnt involve celtic.