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    John fleck

    Collapsed whilst playing for Sheffield Utd tonight…
  2. I meant other players as well you know. No one likes a smart urse.
  3. Obviously Norwich have had a horrific start to the season but from what I have seen Hanley appears to be at fault in every goal they have conceded…amongst others. But he always seems to lumbering after someone,out jumped or out of position some way. Absolute donkey.
  4. Crowd be more like 25000
  5. It what it is...ordinarily you would have got a ticket and there still would have been tickets selling for £600 quid. We were always only getting 16% of the capacity in terms of the SSC.
  6. I purchased 1 ticket for each of the 3 matches. I had a pre existing uefa profile but when I purchased these tickets I logged in using my Apple Pay Id. I never received a confirmation but found the tickets on the portal. It appears I have 2 separate uefa profiles. However the 2nd isn’t linked to an actual email but rather a made up apple private id. Does anyone think I will have issue getting the tickets for real when they are sent out? I contacted uefa but it doesn’t seem like I can link the 2 accounts....
  7. That’s a shame. There are lots of Scottish athletes that compete under the Union Jack at the Olympic Games for example.Andy Murray played Davis cup.Didn’t mean I never supported them.
  8. It is the British and Irish lions. The pinnacle for many a home nations player and whom many a passionate Irishman has represented with his heart and soul. It’s just a shame everyone has to apply football mentality to everything...
  9. It’s like being asked to vote on which part of your anatomy you would like cut off with a hack saw....
  10. Nothing to do with his ability.i certainly don’t think he is Zidane.But he does have a presence and like it or not we have been worse without him.He had more of a winners mentality. That’s the same with people who slate Barry Ferguson when in reality he was our last truly decent midfielder.
  11. At this current time none of them are irreplaceable.From the current period it seems as tho Scott Brown is the only player who is irreplaceable as since he retired out midfield has been honking.
  12. I don’t think there is one more.There used to be Highland TA but that hasn’t been on the go for a while.There was Diego’s but again not heard anything about them for a number years either. Top Joe’s from Thurso used to pick up in Inverness but haven’t heard of them running buses inany more. Supporting Scotland isn’t what it used to be.The fact they have been crap for so long and the week of football taking in the account logistics of getting to a game, getting a day off work etc has killed it for a lot of people.Just now anyway...
  13. I gave my Russia ticket away in the end.But in all honesty the home point system is the most stupid idea the Ssc have come up with. How can you be threatened with being thrown out the supporters club for harvesting an away point, yet receive absolutely no punishment what so ever for doing it with a home ticket? nonsense.
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