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  1. Who though? The current generation is weaker in probably every department compared to the one that has preceded it. So not only are they weaker, but they still lack the same technical skills that many other nations posses. Some decent players may come through, but will they really spearhead them to a major trophy? I very much doubt it. Italy/Netherlands are on their way back, throw in the customary big nations and a French side who look like the next dominant nation and you've got an England team who are well below in the pecking order. Well done to England for reaching the Semi-Finals of a World Cup, easy draw or not for most nations it is a dream to get there and fair play to the fans, they got behind the boys for once. However the OP is probably right, this was the perfect storm which England really should've captalize on and they've blown it. Some people seem convinced that this is the dawning of a new era for England, but for me I think it will just be same old story and nothing more.
  2. Well I suppose this is a case of statistics can tell one story, but whilst I prefer the ELO rankings to the Fifa ones, they are still flawed. When I say 'world-class' nations I mean the likes of Brazil, Argentina, France... all the traditional heavyweight international teams. Even when these nations have average teams like Italy in 2012, England still cannot beat them. This current generation may have more of an identity and style of play, but they would've been mullered by France or any other 'world class' nation.
  3. That pretty much sums it up for me, Croatia were so far ahead of them technically that it was laughable. England really needed to capatalize on that slow start Croatia made. Once Croatia got into their groove it seemed to be a matter of when not if they'd win. Having said that, if Colombia actually decided to play football for the full 90 rather than wrestle England for three quarters of the match, then England would never have been in a Semi-Final.
  4. I completely agree, but I think that might also be changing slightly in regards to them beating the lesser teams. This current generation is a weaker team than the one that has just passed, so even mid-tier international sides now fancy their chances against England. It took last min goals for them to beat us and Solvakia, whilst Iceland knocked them out. I dare say the golden generation would've beaten Croatia last night as they seemed to have no problems beating 'lesser sides' however such is the decline in quality especially in midfield and defence, I expect to see England beaten by more of the 'lesser sides' in future tournaments. I certainly don't see this tournament as the start of anything special.
  5. I also like to remind England fans that the last time they beat a world class nation in a competitive game was Argentina in World Cup 2002. They didn't change that fact at this World Cup, though the way the draw worked out it wouldn't have been till France in the final anyway.
  6. England are a Quarter-Final team at best and with the standard of decline compared to squads in years gone by it is now 50 - 50 in matches against the mid-tier international side. I aint worried about an England team that is getting better, they've got worst but they got a very fortunate run. Italy have a real good squad emerging which is ironic considering they didn't qualify, Netherlands will get their act together again i'm sure. Then Germany and the Argies will come good again. England have benefitted from these teams declining. Credit to them and Southgate however for a great achievement and creating a coherent, solid style of play, even if it was anti-football. A Semi-Final in a World Cup is brilliant. It was always however going to be the same old story of first decent side to play them would beat them, that really should've been Colombia but some reason they were more interested in wrestling them for the first 70 mins. Thank you Croatia and good luck!
  7. Happy with Gordon now, but I always wonder how things would've turned out had we gone for Lagerback instead of Levein back in late 2009. He is a top coach at international level. But yeah good luck to Iceland, 300k population and better than most teams in Europe at the moment.
  8. Well tbh if we do beat Georgia the Germany game is just really a chance to pit ourselves against the very best and see how we do, obviously I would love Scotland to beat them, but realistically we are going to lose no matter how much recovery time we have. Beating Georgia has to be number one priority, Germany is just a free shot against the world champions.
  9. I'd rather not have to wait till the last few mins before the job is done! Though coming back with three points would be grand.
  10. Don't think Scotland and N Ireland can be either
  11. Got a feeling Poland at Hampden will end up like the Czech home game in 2011, something dodgy will go there way. However difference being this time providing we don't lose is that Poland will still have a tough game against Ireland to come.
  12. Change that to 2008, 2007 was a good year! Though it didn't end how we would've liked.
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