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  1. They did aye, though we were already up 1 - 0. Could've been more than 4 from what I remember aswell.
  2. 4 - 0 away to Albania? Not exactly giants of international fitba but not complete minnows either, in fact must've been a similar ranking to us so to beat them 4 - 0 on their own patch in a competitive match is worth a shout.
  3. David Obua - Uganda - 58 caps Bonni Ginsberg - Israel - 68 caps Christopher Wreh - Liberia - 36 caps
  4. Went to Machu Pichuu last year, booked through a company called Llama travel which took care of all tours, transfers etc. You can tailor it to suit what you're after, think we just had a day in Lima before flying to Cusco, a few days to acclimatise to the altitude then went to the sacred valley before doing the short inca trail to Machu Picchu. Would recommend the short inca trail (a days trek, not too demanding) as you arrive early evening at the sun gate,with Machu Picchu below, which is worth the hike alone. The full inca trail takes 4 days, I think you need a guide to do any part of th
  5. If it didn't really matter, what was the point in the giveaway in the first place?
  6. Did the black cab tour a few years ago, would recommend it. There was no set route, the driver basically asked us what we were interested in seeing and tailored the tour to suit. We were dropped off at certain places and would meet up with the driver again at a pick up point a couple of streets away before heading to the next place so you're not just peering through a taxi window the whole way.
  7. I'm unsure where I'm "tarring everyone with the same brush" in my post? As I said, each to their own and I'm aware that independence isn't the be all and end all. However I think it's a fair observation to say the Labour Party were more than happy to link the Yes movement to fascism, racism, anti-Englishness etc in an effort to make voting Yes less attractive. I think Labour know that's bullshit, barring a few roasters online hurling abuse (on both sides) it certainly isn't my experience, but I would say it doesn't help any divisiveness there may be which Labour seem so keen to use a
  8. I struggle to understand the amount of independence supporters who vote Labour. They have continuously pushed the notion that voting for Scottish independence is akin to racism, facism etc. Whether it was Darlings "blood and soil nationalism" comments, Sadiq Khan's racism comments or other prominent Labour figures like John Mcternan doing similar. On top of that, Labour repeatedly use the line about division, "no to another divisive indyref" "the country is divided enough". IMHO Labour have done more than most to encourage any division by using those tactics. Given that, I'd struggle
  9. Can't see anything wrong or untrue in what Levein said. Brown gets away with more than any other player in Scotland. The more embarrassing comments came from Brendan Rodgers, suggesting Brown wasn't an aggresive player and that a 16 year old shouldn't have been picked for a game like that, then contradicting himself by saying Cochrane managed fine in the last game. Also a bit hypocritical to claim Levein is bringing the game into disrepute and should look at his own teams record, when only last season, the very same Scott Brown branded a fellow pro a cheat for diving when half of his te
  10. Ye see, yer acting friendlier already. Thats what I was aiming at, maybe a bit ambitious. At the very least hopefully one of the scrappers will post up a Rocky style training montage set to music during the build up
  11. How about Aggro at the ale-house? best I can do, sorry Anyway good stuff, reminds me on Rocky 4, when Rocky goes to foreign territory yet manages to change the attitude of the hostile locals. Can a win for Rossy Balboa lead to a new found respect between Glasgow and Aberdeen? I say, it can.
  12. Really? Assumed everything was expensive in Dubai. Will check it oot, cheers.
  13. The_Bruce


    I'll be flying to Vietnam in November with a 3 day stopover in Dubai. Our flight is to Abu Dhabi International with Etihad, with a free transfer on their bus. We arrive quite late at night and depart for Vietnam early in the morning, so was looking at accomodation near where the bus stops in Dubai to save too much hassle when we arrive/leave. My problem is, the flight itineray shows the bus going to XNB Dubai Bus Station but Etihad website says it goes to Etihad travel mall which appear to be about 20 miles apart. Its also not clear if there are other stops on the route, some sites suggest y
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