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  1. Lots of press linking Turnbull with Sheffield Wednesday over the last 24 hours. Would rather see him go there than Celtic, as every game's a challenge and he's likely to be a starter. Wednesday did well under Bruce the last few months of the season, so are probably dark horses for promotion. Would be great to have another young Scottish midfielder going up to the big league. Only problem with the story is i didn't think the club had anything like 3m to throw around.. but maybe at 19 they figure Turnbull's enough of an investment to be work finding the money from somewhere.
  2. I get the idea of playing deep, looking to shut Belgium out. Essentially playing for the draw and hoping for some Faddy-esque magic to produce a win. But if that was the plan.. then why Russell? He's a wide forward if anything and certainly wasn't managing his man as well as he should have while he was playing out wide. Playing Shinnie in front of Taylor and McGregor on the right would make more sense. or put Palmer on at right mid, as he's played there a fair bit at club level and has much better defensive instincts than Russell, while still being able to put a cross in. Fraser came on, worked harder and looked more energetic than Russell did.
  3. He and the ball were going in very different directions, I don't think he could really have got close. McLean on the other hand just stops and starts appealing for it being a goal kick when he could have got there and pressured Hazard.
  4. Didn't see you reply to him as well.
  5. https://www.uefa.com/MultimediaFiles/Download/Regulations/uefaorg/Regulations/02/54/36/05/2543605_DOWNLOAD.pdf 52.02In case of repeated cautions:a. in the qualifying competition, a player is suspended for the next competition match after three cautions in three different matches, as well as after the fifth and any subsequent caution; So yeah, the article was wrong, no worries.
  6. andyD

    2-0 tonight

    Did he make a good save? He made saves that if anyone had let in we'd be saying it was embarrassing.. But I'm not sure h made any actual good saves. And he spilt a few which seemed straight down his throat. Combined with repeatedly punting it out of play.. Soo.. glad to be rid of Gordon. Jeez.. THAT guy.
  7. Didn't not his distribution to be particularly bad. Marshall stood out on that front. Mostly we tried to play out from the back, tho there were a few hoofs to nowhere, but that's not surprising given the pressure we were under and it's also sometimes the best thing to do.. get rid.. avoid the current risk and give us a moment to reorganise.
  8. Thought he'd only had 2 bookings? It's 3 for a suspension, isn't it?
  9. andyD

    2-0 tonight

    3-0. Happy with that. Most important thing is that Gordon wasn't in goals! Instead, we have that fella who just kicks it into touch from goal kicks. Top notch!
  10. The Russians are still massive favourites to finish 2nd. They're scored 15, we've scored 4. They've conceded 3, we've conceded 7. They can trade wins with us and lose no sleep. While we both beat Cyprus by 1 goal at home.. we had an even split of possession, they had 65-35 Cyprus had more shots on target than us, but only managed 1 to Russia's 5 . There's no way to paint it that makes us favourites with a home win against Russia. They've looked super consistent, so you have to assume they'll take maximum points from the other sides below them, but lose to Belgium. That would leave them on 18, with the two games against us yet to be figured in. We've struggled against Cyprus and lost to the Khazaks, but even if we take 9 points from them and San Marino, we're on 15. Simply put, a win and a draw against Russia is not enough. We need to win home and away.
  11. No. No it doesn't.
  12. Well.. first thing for me was the starting line up. Kind of bewildering that both Fraser and Forrest were absent, given that our best hope was going to be catching them on the counter.. yet we left our pacey wide men on the bench. I like Clarke and want him to do well, but this was a very strange decision, no two ways about it. No surprise that our best opportunity came when Fraser, Forrest and Burke all broke at pace (and McKenna!?) and involved all three of them. Marshall - What you'd expect from him. Horrible distribution and made the saves you'd expect him to make. Did spill a few I think he should have held, but not at fault for any of the goals. O'Donnell - Looked a bit overly frightened of Hazard for the first hour or so. A bit too far away from him, which mean he got left for dead a couple of times. Overall did ok tho. Mulgrew - Did well enough. Don't remember anything particularly poor from him. Did ok. McKenna - Couldn't really handle Lukaku. For me this the difference between playing in the Scottish Prem and the English Prem. In the English Prem you play against these type of players most weeks, where as for McKenna it's a bit of a shock and a culture change to meet someone with the strength and ability of Lukaku. Hopefully a good learning exercise for him. Taylor - A good debut. Offered forwards a couple of times, but mostly stuck to his defensive task and did reasonably well at it. Didn't look like a young Killie player making his debut at all. Did get the ball thrown at him in a couple of situations he wont have been grateful for tho. McLean - Difficult one. Did some great things, some great tackles and interceptions. But also lacked awareness, letting Hazard and De Bruyne slip into the gap behind him, instead of dropping onto them. And was busy appealing for the corner when he was the closest man to close down Hazard for the opener. Also seemed overly intent on playing out of trouble every single time, meaning he put a few people in crappy situations (notably Taylor twice) by giving them the ball on the edge of our box under heavy pressure. So, a very mixed bag for me. McTominay - Worked hard, hassled, kept the ball reasonably well. Not the finished article yet, and can't have any complaints about his booking. McGregor - Seemed to just be tasked with defending in front of Taylor to start with and did ok at that. But didn't really contribute anything else, even when he moved centrally. Certainly not his best game. Armstrong - Looked lively until his early exit. Linked up well a couple of times, was a shame to lose him. Russell - Very anonymous. Seemed lax defensively when he was wide, then disappeared completely when moved into the 2nd striker role. Really don't see what he brings to the starting line up at the moment. Burke - Did well. Ran a lot, put himself about, won headers. Had very little support from McGregor and Russell, especially when Russell moved centrally, I'm not sure they even linked up once. Good at getting back in shape as well, was the first line of defense. Fraser - Lively, conscientious, why he didn't start is beyond me. Forrest - An improvement on Russell on the right, and his pace did make a difference. Not sure why he didn't just try and side foot it in instead of taking a touch, but oh well. 1st goal was poor and preventable. Everyone (most notably McLean) switched off and just gave Hazard all the time he wanted. 2nd goal was offside. 3rd goal was probably just tiredness. McGregor should have tracked De Bruyne. McLean should have got out to him quicker. Overall, the starting line up felt like we hamstrung ourselves a bit. Our best weapons were on the bench, and we all know it. Didn't really answer any selection questions for me either. Marshall still doesn't feel like the guy we should be playing as he has very obvious flaws. But I think his handling is better than Bain's and do you throw in Kelly against Russia? Seems risky. Taylor did well, but is still probably 4th choice in his position. O'Donnell was good enough. McKenna's as good as we have. McLean was hit and miss, but in extremes. He's similar to McGinn in this respect (tho different midfield role ofc). Some great, some awful. At the moment I'm feeling like I want someone who is just reliable in the middle of the park as the slip-ups tend to lose goals. It's so obvious who the wide men should be that it's painful to think that Clarke needed this game to work it out. But oh well.. Burke did ok up front. Hard working and probably perfect for this type of fixture, or if we're defending a lead. Worthy member of the squad. A tough game to have so early in Clarke's reign.. and a very questionable lineup. But we were disciplined, worked hard. There are good things to take from the game, we certainly weren't embarrassed and there was no sign of a collapse. I guess the worry going into Russia is we've seen very little in terms of attacking intent so far.. I wouldn't want to be playing backs to the wall and hoping to counter against the Russians, but I guess if it gets a result that's what matters.
  13. I think this is a good part of what he offers. Where I think decent defenders will take one look at Brophy and figure that they can keep him in their pocket all day long, very few look at Burke with his attributes and will be confident of handling him. While his end product might be a little questionable, he's scary and will draw players to cover him. That opens space for others and Forrest and Fraser should be able to exploit that.
  14. This is the thing that makes me worry that Fraser will be stuck at Bournemouth. Hazard's a 130-150 million player. Fraser's 2nd in assists, one behind him for a much worse club. His value's got to be at least 40 million in that market, and I don't see anyone actually paying that for him. The only upside is that is contract is up next summer. but it does mean he's unlikely to get his big move this window.
  15. Aye, part of me thought to put Marshall in just because it doesn't matter if Marshall takes 5 goals. He is what he is, and he's well used to it at Hull having picked it out the net 60 times this season for them. But, I don't rate Bain and I want us to take something from the game, even if it's just a good performance from a keeper. I'd put faith in Kelly. If he ships goals, that's fine as we all expect that to happen anyway. But he might make some solid saves and that'll give him confidence. Obviously it depends on the type of guy Kelly is, and I don't know enough about him as a person to say whether it's a good idea or not. But playing Marshall or Bain seems like a waste of time to me.
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