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  1. That comes off as fairly disparaging towards Shankland.
  2. I love the complete lack of reality involved in this. 🤣 If a player doesn't do a thing.. that i can't know if he does or doesnt do.. ...and then another guy reacts to the thing that may or may not have happened.. ..in a way i wont know.. ..then i'm not happy. alrighty then
  3. Ah, you're in each others DMs.. now that wee tiff in the other thread makes more sense.
  4. Fleck's done nothing to impress so far. I missed someone suggesting McTominay should be dropped, who said that?
  5. Because McGregor goes missing most games and frequently doesn't do the defensive work, resulting in goals like the one Kazakhstan scored the other day?
  6. Griffiths Fraser - McGinn - Christie Armstrong - McTominay Robertson - McKenna - Souttar - Palmer Marshall I feel Griff and Fletch are still head and shoulders above our other options, so being without them hurts. I'm tempted by Fletch given his hold up play and the three behind him being very willing to go beyong and all being good goal threats. McGinn has to play as the number 10. He's been excellent there, and it'd be utterly crazy to put him back in center mid where he's been a frequent liability in previous games. If it ain't broke.. Christie has to be in the 11 for me. Done well on the right, linked up with Palmer and capable of hitting one. Fraser is still probably our best player when he's on form. So despite his injury issues, it's really difficult to leave him out. Would probably put Burke in if he's not available, he's played his best games there imo, and Forrest still just lacks end product game after game. After so many games where the defensive mid pair are destroying our defense and making us lose goals.. whether it's McLean, Jack, McGregor or McGinn when he was playing there.. We need stability and consistency. For me McTominay and Armstrong are that. They're disciplined enough to do the defensive work. McTominay alo brings some solid passing and Armstrong has his dead balls and a willingness to break forward from deep. Both useful weapons. Robertson is a given. Palmer has made the right back shirt his own for the moment. He's got better with every game, let him keep doing that. The back two is tough. I can see an argument for Tierney in there. Findlay's done ok. Gallagher didn't sdo a lot wrong. McKenna and Bates played in the 3-2 win over them. I guess I'm still of the belief that McKenna is a solid center back, he's just lacked some match sharpness after being injured recently. Same goes for Souttar, out injured right now, but would have started the games had he been available. He should be back fit in January, so that gives him 10-11 games getting back to his best. Keeper is a tough one too. Marshall's done ok.. nothing particularly impressive for me.. none of those saves that make you gasp like Gordon and McGregor used to make. Also his distribution is a problem again. He just rushes and that can be dangerous as even his throws go wayward when he's in that mindset. Gordon's on the bench for Cetlic, and I'm half tempted to go for him as he's steady and calming, even if he's not still the top level keeper he was at his peak. McLaughlin's form has dropped off from last year being Sunderland's best player, so much so that he was left on the bench recently. Kelly had left in at least 2 goals in every game so far this season.. that's not the be all end all, but it doesnt scream "pick me". Bain I'm still not convinced by. So for me it's between Marshall and Gordon.. weirdly enough. I guess I gamble on Marshall, he doesn't feel steady tho.
  7. andyD

    Liam Palmer

    That's not a plan of attack, that's a selection choice. That did not happen _at_all_ against San Marino. I'm sorry, but it just didn't. I don't think Palmer went beyond Christie once, I think Robertson maybe had 1 overlap all game. Umm.. in so much as they had acres of space 30 yards from goal to roll it around a bit then have a long shot at goal what went wide. I'm not sure I'd call that fluency. We didn't play past anyone, no one broke from deep, we didn't really penetrate San Marino at all, be it with midfield breaking/passing, playing off the front man (which never happened even once) not with overloads in wide areas. None of this happened. It was a very, very selfish game, wide men just running in with the ball, and center mids shooting from 25 yards. There was no system in evidence that i could make out.
  8. andyD

    Liam Palmer

    Can you explain to me what it was then? Because the closest thing i saw was "give it to the wingers and hope they beat their men 1v1 and make something happen", which is a garbage tactic and utterly unusable against any other team.
  9. andyD

    Liam Palmer

    Yep, will give Clarke some credit for that. Something that was absent from our play against San Marino was any kind of coherent plan of attack. So it was nice to see that in this match, against an opposition who we thought was also likely to be on the back foot a lot, we had a plan, executed it and benefited from it.
  10. About the goal.. I'm not sure there's a lot wrong with the pass from Gallagher, other than it probably shouldn't have gone to Palmer in the first place. Kazakhstan stepped up as the ball was in-flight, so Palmer suddenly has a guy in his face and has to play it immediately. He tries to poke it inside to Christie, but again the Kazakh player has stepped up and Christie's not moved, so it's an easy interception. So kinda 3 errors already by this point. Jack steps up and across to cover the player behind Palmer, who Palmer is getting back to cover anyway, leaving a massive gap for Kazakhstan to roll the ball thru to Shchetkin. Jack then does his customary slow jog recovery, making zero effort to put pressure on the ball carrier at all. McGregor leaves his man to try and pressure the ball when he shouldn't. His man is the only guy that Shchetkin can pass to.. so Mcgregor leaves his man and gets himself lost in no mans land where he can affect absolutely nothing. McGregor just needs to stay with his man, and let Jack and Gallagher pressure the isolated ball carrier. McKenna backs off too much, giving too much room for the shot, especially given he has support from Taylor and Gallagher on each side. Zaynutdinov is not going to burst past him because of those two supporting players, so it's safe to close. In the end it's a fantastic shot. Errors by 6 players contributing to it. But I mainly lay the blame at the door of the two center mids, as usual. I can understand why Jack stepped across, tho he should trust Palmer to get back and block the more dangerous pass himself. He should also make the effort to recover once Shchetkin has the ball, something Jack really never does. He seems to very easily decide that he's out of the game and can't affect anything so why should he bother trying. That's disappointing to see (repeatedly) and will cost us over and over until he changes. McGregor is just a foolish, headless chicken in that moment. No defensive awareness or understanding of "what must happen next". If he tracks his man, Shchetkin has no pass and he's isolated, closed down and we win the ball back. Literally the only way something happens is if McGregor abandons his defensive duty to chase the ball for no reason, giving Shchetkin a man to pass to. Gallagher's pass isn't the right choice. Palmer's under pressure and shouldn't be given the ball. Palmer doesn't get the ball away to Christie perfectly and Christie doesn't come to it to help. These are things that will happen in a game. Your defensive mids are there to make sure that nothing comes of it when it does. And both of ours basically downed tools in this moment. It's not good enough.
  11. andyD

    Liam Palmer

    2nd game with Christie ahead of him and i thought they linked up well and Palmer looked more confident knowing what to expect from the players around him. Well done, Liam. Was that the first time that Clarke's picked the same team as any of his previous games?
  12. andyD


    I would stand to reason if that's the way football worked. But it's not. 3 for a win, 1 for a draw.. You are where you are at the end on merit. Chuffed that we lost.. good grief.
  13. andyD


    Are you on the right forum? You might want to google KAMB.
  14. andyD


    As i remember McLeish also insisted we stay on uk time for some bizarre reason. When the entire team is awful, I'm inclined to give the players a pass. When that happens it's down to the manager. He's not got them in condition to play physically, nor mentally.
  15. Feels a bit like clutching at straws to me. "we didn't know dropping points would hurt our chances" eeehh.. Sure there's a chance that it being a play-off will focus peoples minds more.. but then.. Kazakhstan was the opening game of this campaign.. that should focus minds too and we all know how that went. It's also something that wont be unique to us. Whoever our opponents are will raise their game too, so.. it feels like something that will make little difference, if any. I suppose the main take away from my list was.. we've not the best record of beating 'below average' sides, no?
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