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  1. andyD

    Berra Out for 6 Months

    I don't think Berra was in line to start anyway.. so not the biggest problem we could have. McKenna getting injured was a bigger deal, but hopefully he'll be back fit by the time the games come around. Mulgrew, McKenna, Hendry, Hanley and Tierney if needed. Lindsey's in League One now, but opened with 2 clean sheets at least. Not see the games, but Bates has played both for Hamburg. And Devlin hasn't done himself any harm with his performances against Burnley. So we don't have lots of experience, but we're starting to have a decent number of bodies that might be capable, and that's a better place to be than we were a couple of years ago relying on Greer with no prospects on the horizon.
  2. andyD


    football's all about opinions.
  3. andyD


    My memory of it is that it bounces off the defenders ass and lands at Phillips' feet. Is that not what happened?
  4. andyD

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Just watched the extended highlights of Villa vs Wigan.. and credit where it's due.. McGinn looked man of the match to me. Lots of energy, closing people down.. but mostly his deliveries were superb. Got the assist for the first goal, but then put in 2-3 more balls which really should have been tucked away with essentially free headers. Had a decent crack himself from 25 yards. Hope he can keep that level up. Pretty sure the Villa fans are already in love which him tho.
  5. andyD

    John Fleck

    For the Nations League games, I think we need to either got 2 up top, or 2 offensive midfielders behind the striker. We are the best of the 3 teams and if we sit off and play cagey then we're setting ourselves up to fail. Rhodes got a goal at the weekend, so i'd be hoping he carries that on. Fletch looked decent, but isn't sharp and spurned 3 good changes. That he's getting on the end of things does suggest that with another game or two he could be finding the net regularly as well. We could soon have 3 regular scorers in the championships in Rhodes, Fletch and McBurnie all challenging for Griffs spot. The midfield 3 should be offensively weighted either way. McTominay makes sense, he's got ability, does the job well, is tidy on the ball and he doesn't tend to make mistakes. McGregor is probably our most dynamic attacking mid right now, so again it just makes sense to have him involved. And the 3rd spot needs to be an all-rounder who can do both jobs.. So that's were Armstrong and Cairney come into it. We go with whichever one is in better form. I'm leaning towards wanting a 352 at the moment.. Griffiths - McBurnie/Rhodes Robertson - Armstrong - McTominay - McGregor - Fraser Tierney - McKenna/Mulgrew - Hendry Gordon
  6. andyD


    Personally I don't think he was particularly amazing in that game. He did ok and got really lucky for the goal. But at the end of the day it's one half decent performance against what was a very poor side. Against anyone better than us, Phillips has looked pretty lost and done very little. Admittedly, Albania and Israel are much lower ranked than us.. so it's possible he could do a job against them.. but tbh.. we should really be playing 2 up and putting both of those sides to the sword. They are really pretty poor teams, and if we end up playing Phillips as a lone striker against them then we're just setting ourselves up for failure.
  7. andyD

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Sadly not alone. Rangers - Murphy, Jack and McGregor will get regular games. McCrorie's might get a peek but that's about it. Celtic - Still has 5 Scots.. but Griff is down to 3rd choice. Allan, Bain, Christie, Johnstone and Morgan all loot like rotting. Hearts - Souttar and Morrison the only Scots under 31 to be in the 14 that played their opener. Killie is suddenly a retirement home. Average age over 30 at the weekend, wasnt it? 3 Scots in the 11 for Motherwell. Hibs and Aberdeen are giving some young Scots an opportunity at least. Doesn't feel like the league is doing as much as it might in terms of helping young players get thru. I guess a positive is that we've probably got more Scots in the English Premier League than we've had for a good while.
  8. I'm getting to the point where I'm just assuming you're daft or trolling.
  9. andyD

    Scottish player transfers

    If anything Villa are weaker than last season. Snodgrass was massive for them and hasn't been replaced. Grabban scored a lot of goals for them in the 2nd half of the season, and he's now at Forest. Their first choice keeper was on loan from West Brom and he's obviously not back at West Brom. Onomah played quite a lot, he's gone. And John Terry played more games than not and he's gone without being replaced. If I was a Villa fan I'd be expecting midtable, praying to scrape into the playoffs if they're really lucky. They have no money to speak of any more and if they're not already hit by FFP, they are very likely to be. That leaves McGinn in the Championship for the forseeable future. The problem is that atm he wouldn't get in the side.. and even if Grealish goes.. is he really better than both Bjarnason and Gardner? Feels like Villa may have signed him for a couple of years down the line, when Grealihs is gone and Whelan and Bjarnason are past their best. Hopefully McGinn will surprise me and be in the starting 11 come xmas.
  10. andyD

    Scottish player transfers

    Not actually happened yet has it? So i wouldn't get too down about it. From his point of view, i can see why it appeals. He'd probably get a decent pay rise and he's joining a club that's very likely to bounce back to the Championship this season and has the potential to push on. Would be bad news for Donald Love tho. He looked like he might actually get a run as a 1st choice right back for once.. this would crush that and leave him in limbo going into his 24th birthday. From playing in the Europa League for Man Utd to not getting a game in League One.. eesh.
  11. Yes, because all keepers make mistakes. I thought we'd established that you just wren't paying attention to anyone but Gordon, so saw everything that didn't work for him and waved it as a reason to drop him. Failing to notice that McGregor was having a similar number of 'mares down at Hull. Now you're praising McGregor for his defense meaning he had nothing to do.. while blaming Gordon for being hung out to dry by his defense. It's just silly.
  12. andyD

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    I'm guessing he picked Bobby Reid in attacking mid? They just shelled out 10m on him, so i can understand that.. Neither Reid nor Paterson have played at Premiership level, so will be interesting to see who comes out the winner in that fight. I good for Paterson to have someone pushing him. You've got to imagine that both will get an opportunity, so it's up to Callum to make the most of it.
  13. andyD

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    I'm on board with you on that one. O'Donnell isn't perfect, but he showed enough going forward and didn't do much wrong at the back in those two games. I'd have him in the squad going forward as a right back option, along side Paterson. Paterson's future is going to be curious. If he plays the coming season as a central midfielder in the premier league.. then.. how long can we keep using him at right back? he'll slowly become Jack.. a center mid who used to be a right back. That could pose us problems in a year or two.
  14. andyD

    Berty Hally RIP

    RIP Bertie.
  15. andyD

    Scottish Players in Action 18/19

    Sounds a bit like he's using Gerrard's praise of Jack in central midfield to justify playing him at right back against Holland. That's about as much sense as you'll get out of Malky tho it seems. Why he feels the need to now justify playing Jack at right back is a mystery.. no one cares.