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  1. andyD


    Well, the problem that the old firm have is that the fan base is not exactly patient. They want instant success and to an extent, so do the chairmen. Pulling resources out of winning the title this season, and putting it into maybe producing a player worth having in 10 years time is not something that is easy to get past money men. Ajax can do it because they've always done it, since before 'money in football' was really a thing. It was part of the club identity for longer than i've been alive. As for what the SFA can do.. I don't think anyone can shout from the rooftops about the great work they've done over the last 20 years. Sadly there doesn't seem to be a lot we can do to get them to change tack.
  2. Maybe don't put that slogan on a verticle scroll, eh?
  3. Couldn't bring myself to read any of Chripper's posts.
  4. I always thought your point was "Craig Gordon.. BOOOOOO!!!!"
  5. True enough.. but you can naturally expand that to "success at one club or nation does not mean you'll enjoy success at another" At which point the whole discussion becomes a bit pointless Neil Lennon's one example.. 3 consecutive titles for Celtic. Moved to Bolton and I'm not sure he won 3 consecutive games in 2 years. Mourinho's another.. One of the best managers in the world after Ferguson, and probably the most adaptable. Won the league in Portugal, Spain, Italy and England. 2 Champions Leagues, a trophy cabinet bigger than the average house and handled some of the biggest names in the world: Modric, Ronaldo, Figo, Lamard, Drogba, Zanetti, Eto'o, Ballack, Hazard, Makelele, Benzema, Essien, Marcelo. Mourinho's 'best 11' is a properly good side and he's handled a lot of massive ego's along the way. Yet, at Man Utd he couldn't do it. Couldn't win the league and ultimately being unable to handle one stroppy Frenchman consigned his tenure to failure. Still, he'll probably go to Germany, win the league and maybe another Champions League. So every appointment's a risk. Nothing is a guarantee of success. Shelley Kerr has a UEFA Pro license, and she's been successful with an international football team. In the men's game she managed at a low level, but was successful there as well. Qualified the women for their first World Cup, and while there's 2 top teams in the group, they just beat Brazil, who are a top team themselves. Her appointment as head coach of the men's side would make a lot more sense than McLeish's appointment did.
  6. How is Phil Neville an example? He's only ever managed in Women's football.
  7. Care to elaborate as to why that is?
  8. I'd say it's only slightly less likely that we'll have a midfield with no players from any of those clubs, so...
  9. If you look thru the players that Chelsea shifts out on loans, it's not their youth players. It's generally ex-youth players now in their early 20s, that they're hoping to shift for a few million. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Gilmour played no first team football in the next 2 years. So maybe in 2022.
  10. While I entirely agree about his potential, but if he's never kicked a ball for the first team of a club, then i don't think we should be putting him in the side. Following the Strachan model of calling him up just to give him a taste of the squad, or maybe to give him 5 minutes against san marino, then fair enough (this is the kind of thing strachan did with a young john mcginn iirc). But competing for the first team with no actual evidence that you can cut it at any level of club football? seems crazy to me.
  11. Cracking goal, no question. But he didn't do much else the rest of the match. Mostly a roll it about in midfield performance for him, while those around him did the hard work. Seemed absent in most defensive situations for Villa. Bannan on the other hand was superb. Made the first with a great ball over the top to find George Boyd, and pretty much won the pen with another fantastic ball to Fletcher, so the defender had to bring him down. I think McGinn's main problem is consistency over the 90 minutes. He's obviously very talented, and is capable of the spectacular. But we've seen him make repeated lapses at international level (not just one bad game), and he doesn't take good enough care of the ball at that level. Probably the most dangerous situations in international football are counters, and McGinn tends to give the opposition counters. Until he irons that out, improves his touch and his awareness then I don't think he's an international calibre player. The problem for us is, we've got a lot of 'decent' center mids. Not a lot of true international class players. For me, McTominay is one, Armstrong seems very consistent to me as well, he's often making things happen for us and rarely responsible for calamity at our end. Christie's looked good in his handful of caps, instrumental in the last two nations league games. So hopefully he can continue that and top the midfield triangle for us into the future. But behind that, there's a lot of 'ok' players. The likes of McGregor, McGinn, Bannan, Fleck.. I don't think there's a massive amount between them. You'll get great performances out of them on a good day and fairly anonymous or worse on others.
  12. For me he should be a nailed on starter for us. McTominay, Robertson, Forrest and Fraser. The rest of the side is somewhat up for grabs, some positions more than others obvs
  13. andyD


    I don't think it's hard to understand what Strachan was meaning. Unless you're of a mind to intentionally refuse to do so of course. He acknowledges that he didn't phrase it well and apologised if anyone had been hurt by what he said. It's a fair point tho overall. We all agree that racism is unacceptable and something that should be punished. But there is a wider question of what else is also unacceptable. I remember a case is Spain where a players mum had died and his opponents spent the game winding him up about it. To me that's disgusting. But in Spain it's par for the course, it seems. I wouldn't be surprised if similar things happened here, tho we seem to talk about them less. Johnson's a bad example, as he's a very unsympathetic character. If he got verbal abuse then I'm not sure anyone would be leaping to his defense, even tho in theory, he's served his punishment and therefore shouldn't be harassed for the rest of his life/career. Anyway, it was an interesting point, worthy of discussion, but poorly presented. Doesn't warrant being banned from the channel tho, that's silly.
  14. McTominay drove us forward and made better passes in the half hour he had than McGregor did in the first hour of the game. Got to side with Chripper here. Horrific a thought as that may be. Also, calm yourself.
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