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  1. George Saint

    Russia 2018

    A bit like you then.
  2. George Saint

    If Croatia can do it, so can we.

  3. George Saint

    If Croatia can do it, so can we.

    Maybe it will be your time in Qatar. One great oil producing nation winning it in another. The script is already written.
  4. George Saint

    Russia 2018

    Fully deserved. Plus it's an award that actually means something, unlike the Golden Boot.
  5. George Saint

    Russia 2018

    Congratulations to France. I think they were worthy winners of the tournament. They beat Argentina, Uruguay, Belgium and Croatia in the knockout stages, all without needing a penalty shootout. That takes some doing. I feel a bit sorry for Croatia today, but they can be proud of what they've achieved.
  6. Shearer bugs me with his repetition when saying something. He's got to, got to, try and stop repeating words during a, during a, sentence. Now and then is understandable, but not constantly.
  7. George Saint

    Russia 2018

    Nah, I'm from the wealthy south of England so I'll be throwing oak antique chairs. They're heavier so my rate of fire will be slower, but if I connect he'll be going down for sure.
  8. George Saint

    Englands Perfect Storm

    I'm fairly confident that I've done similar and occasionally suggested that a WBA player was a "dirty northern b***tard". I feel bad now.
  9. It does, thanks. We're only Southampton, so I wasn't expecting a Neymar or a Messi. If someone is one of Scotland's best players, they're more than good enough for us. I'm happy with him and I hope he does well.
  10. I think I was still too much in shock at that stage to notice anything. Just watched it again now - if he'd passed left you would have had a four on two breakaway.
  11. I haven't really been following things at club level yet this summer. I know we've sold Tadic and we've bought someone from Celtic. Let me check his name....Stuart Armstrong. Apparently he's 26 and has played 6 times for Scotland. You must forgive my ignorance at never having heard of him before - it's just what happens when I don't regularly get to see Scotland in major tournaments anymore. Back in the 80's and 90's I could always name large chunks of your squad. 😧 Anyway, I digress. So, is Armstrong any good? £7 million seems a decent price considering what players go for nowadays. Good for a few years too. I just hope he doesn't mind not winning anything after having so much success at Celtic.
  12. George Saint

    Russia 2018

    You're right and it's hard to criticise him for that, but I just wish he'd gone to a big club and had a go for a couple of years. If it didn't work out, he could have come back, although without him we'd have probably been relegated and he wouldn't want to return anyway. There's not many players I can think of who repeatedly chose not to make a big move when it was on offer. Much more common is players who took the risk and it didn't work out for them and they dropped back down a level. But at least they will never be left wondering what if.
  13. George Saint

    Russia 2018

    You might be right, but for various reasons he never had the opportunity to prove it. I'm not saying that he necessarily needed to play for England in major tournaments in order to do that (because there have been players like George Weah who were world class but represented nations that never qualified), but I think he did at least need to go to a top English or foreign club and prove himself in the Champions League and in big domestic games. Although he's a Southampton legend, I have to be honest and say that I wish he had gone and tested himself. I know he had a good career and it was his choice what he did and I'm sure he is happy with it, but I just would have liked to have seen what he was capable of.
  14. George Saint

    Russia 2018

    If that's the best you've got, I would say that I was spot on with my initial assessment.
  15. George Saint

    Englands Perfect Storm

    I'm probably wasting my time explaining, but not all southerners are from London.