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  1. Clicked submit too early. So, as I was trying to say....that video clearly has audible a good number of people singing exactly what Gazza sung. Are you telling me, Parklife, that had those fans been singing about "pakis", that a far greater fuss wouldn't have been made about it? The fact is that this kind of stuff is ingrained in the Rangers v Celtic rivalry. I could go on YouTube and find numerous videos of inappropriate things being sung. Here's one from Celtic fans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9wkjcHahdU I would argue that mocking the death of other human beings is far far worse than singing a fairly lame song about "f*ck the pope and the ira". I'm not saying it's right and that in an ideal world it wouldn't be preferable that nobody ever sang an insulting or unkind song about anyone else, but just that in the grand scheme of things, I don't think what Gascoigne did is a big deal - especially, as I have repeatedly said, given when and where it occurred. It would have been different if he'd stood outside a catholic church and done it, because that would have been deliberately provocative. Context is important in these things. People say things on here about being glad that Thatcher is deid, etc. Other times like faircity above you'll see a post with 'cunt this, cunt that'. Would that person speak like that in public? I doubt it. These sorts of things would always have happened. The only difference now is that someone is always there to film it and post online. I'm more worried by people that I genuinely think are full of hatred and prejudice, rather than those that just occasionally get carried away and say or do something silly. I put Gascoigne in the latter category. He's not the brightest, he's not the most mentally stable, and he's always been the sort who would do something without thinking and in order to please others and be seen as the clown. That's how I look at his behaviour on that occasion.
  2. You've deliberately chosen a more extreme example that doesn't really work in the same way. You know as well as I do that there is much more tolerance towards the Rangers v Celtic stuff than there ever would be to people singing something like what you describe. It took me two minutes to find this video:
  3. If that's all it takes to make Willie Thorne a cunt, you've set the bar incredibly low. Presumably if Rangers or Celtic fans sing anything bad in the stadium, anyone who doesn't immediately leave in protest, is also a cunt, yes? Same goes for in the pub or anywhere else. For the record, I don't find it amusing. I just think when it's a private event aimed at fans of Rangers, and you get something like that happen, I'm not going to get my knickers in a twist about it. I think there are much worse songs sung by football fans, and sung in much more inappropriate places.
  4. Potentially he could, yes. But if someone really had a serious intent to hurt a police officer, the chances are that they could do so without that officer ever having the opportunity to defend themselves. I just googled it and 21 police officers in the US were shot and killed in the first 17 weeks of 2018. As far as I can tell, zero UK police officers were shot and killed during that same period. When you read the explanations of how they were killed, a lot of those police officers were shot seemingly without having a chance to respond. I'm not saying that police in the US or Canada shouldn't be armed - I think they should be, because you are allowing your citizens to be armed. That's the difference with the UK. People here aren't carrying guns on mass, so the police don't need to either. It's just a different culture.
  5. I meant more the main/regular cast (which would include Babs and Jim), but I take your point. Some good names in that list.
  6. Comedy series (Garth Marenghi's Darkplace) made in 2003, which "lampoons 1980s television drama". The clip is from the Scotch Mist episode.
  7. I know that there are sometimes legitimate reasons why people don't feel able to make the allegation at the time, but it does frustrate me a bit when allegations are made years after the event. If something has affected you that much, I think you'd ideally want it to be dealt with right away. Not to mention that you might be saving someone else from going through the same thing, if the person responsible is brought to justice or at least has their actions highlighted. It's also depressing that it's almost impossible to ever know whether someone actually did it, or whether it's a false accusation. Sad world.
  8. Loved the Carry On films. I don't remember Liz Fraser so well - Joan Sims was awesome though. Not many of them left now.
  9. Time for the old classic Darkplace clip again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8wIgQB9GIA You really want to come back to that, Big Ramy?
  10. He might get off, but his reputation will rightly take a hit. I hope it does anyway. I certainly think less of him because of this. That lawyer is an ass, too. The reason for having speed limits is for everyone's safety. Or at least it should be. If Beckham had hit someone due to him not being able to stop in time because of his speed, would that person be less injured because someone later failed to send some paperwork on time!?! To actually have the nerve to admit that you were speeding, but contest it on a technicality, is pretty damn shameful in my opinion. Almost everyone has exceeded the speed limit from time to time, so I'm not making Beckham out to be a monster. I just think that, as he's not got any excuse for why he was speeding, he should take it on the chin.
  11. Belgium are a fantastic team, and it was only a friendly. I wouldn't dwell on it too much. They can do that to most teams. And as someone said elsewhere, at least Scotland will only lose to Belgium once in 2018. Some teams have done worse than that. You'll beat Albania on Monday, or whenever it is.
  12. I don't have time to follow women's club football (other than the FA cup final), but I always watch the England women's team when I can. I saw them at St Mary's earlier this year (not their best match, unfortunately), and I watched them on TV when they beat Wales in the away match the other Friday. I'm always very impressed with how they play - I think it's really enjoyable to watch. I'll definitely be following the world cup next year.
  13. I find it hard not to show some appreciation when someone does something that's top class. I watched the Scotland v England 2-2 game down the pub and my friend and I both gave a couple of claps and said "that's brilliant" when your player scored that second free kick, having already done it a few minutes earlier. That said, I was more relaxed about that game because I never really expected us not to qualify. I'm sure I wouldn't be so generous if it was in a world cup finals knockout game.
  14. Seems a bit of a storm in a teacup to me. Are people really that offended by it? Everyone knows that some Rangers fans sing nasty songs about the Pope, just as some Celtic fans sing pro-IRA songs. I imagine that this event was always likely to attract and be aimed at football fans, and most likely Rangers fans, given Gazza played for them. Does any Rangers fan bash ever pass by without someone adding a few nasty words to one song or another? I doubt it. I doubt that Gazza could care less about the Pope either way, but such is the nature of these things, it's easy to get swept along with the occasion. Willy Thorne was next to him and laughing and smiling during the song - are people also now going to paint him as a bigot because he didn't storm off in protest? I would have thought people here, being football fans, wouldn't be so sensitive.
  15. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ It genuinely never occurred to me to check the credits and stuff. I can't remember ever wanting to find a tune before like that, so I had no idea how to go about it. I shall endeavour to remember the whole credit checking technique in future. I apologise for wasting your time doing something that I could have done. I did also clarify that the Deacon Blue suggestion was only a chance thought. Many, many thanks for your efforts and for helping me find it. ๐Ÿ‘ By way of an apology, I'm granting you your independence. Be free, my tartan children. You'll just need to get it verified by the British government in a referendum. Please everyone remember to tick the Yes box this time. We donโ€™t want any more slip ups!
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