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  1. Well written advice. I would also be interested in your bar and restaurant recommendations.
  2. kayjay

    Russian visa

    I just selected ‘Retired’ and left all the other employment details blank. Didn’t have a problem when I went for visa in Edinburgh.
  3. On Google Maps it looks about 24kms from Rimini to San Marino town and 15kms from Rimini to the Stadium.
  4. kayjay

    Davy Bus

    If still available I would like 2 seats
  5. Anne and I are going. Thurs 24th Edinburgh - Lima via Amsterdam Wed 30th Lima - Mexico City Thurs 7th Mexico City - Edinburgh via Amsterdam
  6. Is our free date not in October after the Israel game?
  7. I wasn’t in the area near the ground but according to others on here and FB there is nothing there.
  8. I was in Lima 10 years ago. Most of the pubs were in area around Kennedy Park in Miraflores. Elsewhere it’s was hotel bars or cafes.
  9. We got our tickets a couple of weeks ago. Get in touch with the SSC on Monday morning.
  10. Have stayed in Vilnius 3 times. One of the old SFA travel guides recommended a basement (bunker) restaurant. Food was great. Full of Scottish fans. Would appreciate if anyone can remember the name.
  11. Try Wembley Motors. We were in one of their minibuses in June. Contact Details 115 St. George’s Road St. Julian’s, Malta Tel: +356 2137 4141 / +356 2137 4242 +356 2138 5454 / +356 2135 2074 Mob: +356 7937 4141 / +356 7937 4242 Email: wembleys@maltanet.net Wembley Motors on Facebook
  12. Bus will be leaving at 18:00 not 18:15.
  13. Definitely one bus. Seats available. Leave names on list behind the bar.
  14. The owner of the Scotsman Pub in St Julians will organise minibuses to/from the match. 8 Euros pp. Leaving the pub at 18:15 Sunday. Let me know if there is any interest. His pal along the road is looking for some business.
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