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  1. Seeing as Cesare Prandelli isn't on the list, I picked Slaven Bilic but my choice would be Alex Neil but reason I didn't vote him is, I don't really see him as a contender.
  2. Malky Mackay seemed to be ruled out still by SR on STV news.
  3. If SFA want a manager that has International experience and is successful then Prandelli is our man!! Very surprised Joe Jordan hasn't been strongly touted or even King Kenny Dalglish. Interesting Reading on BBC that "there are new candidates interested" according to Regan because only new name mentioned so far is GARY CALDWELL ffs!!
  4. If we don't get O'Neill then its Prandelli (foreign) or Lambert (Scots) for me ;).
  5. STV reporting that we have to pay £500k compensation before we can talk to Michael so IFA must think he will take it otherwise why would they ask us to pay the compensation before we talk to him? Anyway, I see the odds for Cesare Prandelli have gone up to 16/1 putting him 5th favourite :).
  6. According to the below Express article, Billy Davies is in the running along with MON, McLeish and Lambert. www.express.co.uk/sport/football/878764/Scotland-Northern-Ireland-Michael-O-Neill-SFA-Vacant-Job.
  7. In my humble opinion, Kieran Tierney was immense at centre half tonight so that is an option for whoever is going to be next manager . So for centre half we now have Tierney, Berra, Mulgrew, Martin and Hanley. Slightly disappointed we didn't get a look at Paul Hanlon or Liam Cooper tonight to see if either or one of them could have been added to the list of capable centre backs.
  8. Why are most against or not seriously thinking about Paul Lambert!? The guy has played in Germany with Dortmund and did well at both Livi and Norwich, the Villa job was just to big for him at that certain time.
  9. Harry Redknapp has thrown his hat in the ring . Very surprised at that especially with him desperate for the England job every time it became available, wonder if he now concedes that he'll never get it and we are his next choice. Still Casare Prandelli or Paul Lambert for me personally but would not be against Arry.
  10. Allan Mannus thinks Michael O'Neill may take a club job next and I actually agree, so its either NI for another campaign or a club job. So that's Allardyce categorically saying no and Eck, Moyes, Lambert and now O'Neill saying its club football ahead of International for their next job. So at the moment that just leaves Prandelli. I didn't say Malky Mackay because I still think he's continuing his performance director role after the friendly against Holland.
  11. Does Prandelli speak English? So far, he or Lambert are the ones I'd be happy with but we will see soon guys like Csaba Laszlo expressing an interest. Oh and Mick McCarthy manages Ipswich so that's him ruled out, anyone in a job will say no to the job ;).
  12. I read in the back page of The Scottish Sun that Stewart Regan says it could take 8 MONTHS to replace Gordon Strachan, so, do you peeps think it'll really take that long? I don't and mainly due to the fact that Regan's preference is that it should not take that long, I reckon about Christmas time we should have a manager and I also don't think it'll be Michael O'Neill. Regan said that he'll start the process next week so by start of November I expect he'll have told his board what the shortlist is, then they start interviews. My prediction is that by mid November the new manager will get appointed ;). Could be wrong though lol but I really don't see it lasting 8months :O.
  13. I don't know if anyone saw it but, in Today's Sun, ROY KEANE gets mentioned (on page 78 on far left). It also touts more unfamiliar names instead of the usual suspects. The others mentioned are: Jurgen Klinsmann, Marc Wilmots, Louis van Gaal, Vladimir Weiss (manager, not son) and Sam Allardyce. I will put another couple of names forward: Laurent Blanc and Martin Jol. Discuss lol.
  14. Shaun

    To stay or go?

    With GS not discussing/thinking about his future, how long should we give him to make his mind up? I still hope he stays but do think he may walk.
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