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  1. It is great to finally have a winning run, but those results mask poor performances with abysmal ball retention. The Czechs bossed possession and should have won comfortably.
  2. Yes I totally agree. McGregor looks jaded. Armstrong can run at them.
  3. An overall great performance, but a nail biter after they scored their second. When trying to manage the game it seemed lunacy to bring off Armstrong and put on Phillips. I have no idea what Phillips brings to the squad.
  4. A few weeks ago I suggested Paterson as a far better striker option than Naismith... And I was ridiculed... I will concede Naismith is playing quite well at club level, but at best is a #10 and never a striker... McLeish has to be looking at Paterson up front... His last 2 Cardiff goals were both opportunistic strikes on the deck... But he is great in the air which is dead handy not only in attack, but also defense... Scotland are far too suspect to set pieces at the back, and Paterson could certainly help sort that out...
  5. In the circumstances the team more or less picks itself. At least Armstrong is back. But why persist with Naismith? He is not the future. Ryan Christie is worth a run.
  6. That is a bit harsh on Russell. O'Donnell is a good player, but maybe not quite international class. Naismith is rubbish.
  7. Since McLeish said he wants to take the game to them, both Forrest and Armstrong should be playing. As a long-time die hard Scotland supporter I hope Naismith plays well, but he is never a striker.
  8. Callum Paterson up front is a far better option than Naismith. Paterson is a physical presence excellent in the air at both ends of the pitch.
  9. Based on past performances Phillips inclusion is a joke. If anything he is a wide man, but definitely not a striker. For his size he is hopeless in the air, and when presented with a chance on the ground has a habit of blazing wildly over the bar. His "movement" when the opposition have possession is pathetic, ambling about merely going through the motions. Griffiths and McBurnie will always work their socks off (in McBurney's case literally!) to pressure opposing defenders. As a prior poster mentioned Phillips must be fantastic in training for Strachan, Mackay and now McLeish to be deploying
  10. McLeish was correct to lament first half lack of pressing, plus inability to pick up the runner for their goal. However he failed to take responsibility for former by fielding a defensive line-up with 3 central defenders protected by 2 holding midfielders which handed the midfield possession to Costa Rica. In speculating the team, most fans picked either McTominay or MacDonald in a holding role, but virtually nobody picked both! Ritchie and Cairney spent most of their time chasing, and I felt especially sorry for latter as he did not get the opportunity to show his skill in attack. McBurnie wa
  11. Opinions vary as to preferred line-up, though it is unanimous nobody wants Phillips who was pathetic in prior appearances. It was disappointing to see him even in the squad, and if Eck wants to get the Tartan Army onside he cannot afford a passenger. Costa Rica are a good settled side with many caps, and Scotland has to play at a high tempo to unsettle them. In spite of lack of playing time I would like to see Armstrong for his strong running. Also Cairney has to start. Apart from that anyone but Phillips!
  12. When the SFA interview the next Scottish manager candidate, the first question should be, "Will you select Matt Phillips?" If the answer is not a categorical "No", the interview should immediately terminate. In response to the poster above who thinks Phillips worked hard against Netherlands, I watched him off the ball and he put absolutely no pressure on their defence, as opposed to Griffiths who presses hard from the front. Phillips is absolutely useless.
  13. Philips should NEVER again be anywhere near a Scotland squad, regardless of the manager. He cannot control the ball. He cannot head the ball. He does absolutely no work, puts no pressure on the defence.
  14. It was great to win and keep the dream alive, but I agree we are winning in spite of Strachan and not because of him. Without the influence of Brown and strong running of Armstrong the midfield is one dimensional and static . In the first half we had an extra man, but still Griffiths was isolated. For me McGregor and McGinn should have started. I could not see the point of taking off Forrest when we needed width, and he is more dangerous late when the game stretches. Then he brings Tierney off and brings on Anya who is far less of a threat than Forrest. Fletcher, Bannon, Phillips, Anya and Mac
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