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  1. Aye. Nov 2013. 1-0 Scotland. Broon.
  2. C’mon I know it’s short notice. But to follow the current trend how good would it be if we held a minute’s silence at Hampden tomorrow for England’s relegation. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Anyone but Liam ‘History Lesson’ McLeod. He does ma nut in!😖😖😖
  4. E-mailed Wonky Sheep last week about Armenia. They say although they’re still looking in to it the quotes they’ve had for a charter were extortionate. Wouldn’t be very confident that this will be an option unfortunately.
  5. Cos I like a pint and a bit of sunshine. That ok?
  6. 🥃🤚🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿. All welcome lads.
  7. 5 of us going to Tenerife to watch it over there. Anyone else?
  8. Looking for 8 seats from Paphos if possible Davy?
  9. Just as well. Don’t want that baldy heid of urs burnt auld son😡😡
  10. Would be nice if the elite in the North Stand sung now and again.
  11. And Andy Robertson was released by Celtic and played with Queens Park. Is he good enough?
  12. Caravan Wars. O’Donnell is quality week in week out for us. Great to see him finally get some credit. Believe me this boy is the real deal.
  13. The boy at right-back who’se actually a pretty good right-back but plays for Killie so can’t be that good a right-back is actually...quite a good right-back.
  14. Believe me, Stephen O’Donnell is an absolutely top, top right-back. Forget about playing wingers and left-backs there and u’ll be pleasently surprised.
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