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  1. Davy, Can I please get a seat on a bus from Larnaca? I have already made payment through Paypal.
  2. Davy can I please get a seat on one of your buses to San Mari´╗┐no from Rimini´╗┐. I have already sent payment via paypal.
  3. Bingis

    Davy Bus

    Davy can you please put me down for three seats?
  4. Davy can I please get three seats. Payment has been sent.
  5. When I was there in 2007 I only took Scottish money and the exchange place that we went to tried giving me a poorer rate than the rest of my pals that had English notes so I went round the corner to an ATM and got a better rate. Never been anywhere that my bank card wasn't accepted by at least at the second or third ATM.
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